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<ol><li> 1. Citizens Technical Advisory Committee Meeting July 22, 2015 Financial Management No.: 433627-1-22-01 Efficient Transportation Decision Making No.: 9892 SR 90/SW 8th Street at SR 973/SW 87th Avenue Project Development and Environment Study </li><li> 2. Goals of a PD&amp;E Study Develop and evaluate engineering and environmentally feasible alternative solutions that meet the need determined in the Planning Phase Evaluate potential impacts to the social, natural, and physical environments and determine ways to avoid or minimize impacts Inform and involve the public in the development of the project alternatives Process is mandated by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and state law. Represents a combined effort by technical professionals who analyze information and document the best alternative for a communitys transportation needs. 2 </li><li> 3. Regional Roadway Network Project Location SR 826 / Palmetto Expressway interchange Floridas Turnpike Interchange SR 90 is a major east- west roadway that connects to: Floridas Turnpike SR 826 / Palmetto Expressway Other East/West roadways: SR 836/ Dolphin Expressway Flagler Street Coral Way 3 SR 836/Dolphin Expressway Flagler Street </li><li> 4. Project Location Map SW 87th Avenue Intersection SR 90 Roadway also called: SW 8th Street US 41 Tamiami Trail Study Focus at SR 973 / SW 87th Ave. Study Area is from SW 92nd Ave. to SW 82nd Ave. 4 </li><li> 5. Purpose &amp; Need Statement PURPOSE Improve traffic operations Improve safety by reducing vehicle conflicts Enhance regional mobility and connectivity to the expressway network Improve freight mobility and access Enhance emergency evacuation and response times NEED Failing Traffic Level of Service (LOS F) in year 2040 20 Year Growth in Traffic Volumes and Employment High number of car crashes and crash rate Enhance east-west access to Floridas Turnpike and SR 826 5 </li><li> 6. Project Delivery Process ProjectDelivery Planning P.D.&amp; E. Final Design Construction 6 </li><li> 7. Planning Phase Components Completed in Planning Phase 1. Evaluate Existing and Future Traffic Conditions 2. Establish the Purpose and Need of the Project 3. Develop Concepts to meet Traffic Need 4. Screen Concepts for Viable Solutions 5. Select Concept for Detailed Analysis in PD&amp;E Phase 7 </li><li> 8. Planning Phase Documents Miami-Dade MPO conducted the Miami-Dade County Grade Separation Study, (July 2005) Countywide study to reduce congestion FDOT conducted the SW 8th Street and SW 87th Ave. Intersection Improvements Concept and Feasibility Study, (February 2012) Evaluation and screening of several concepts Both planning studies concluded: An overpass improvement at the intersection of SW 8th Street and SW 87 Ave should be evaluated further Future Year Level of Service will fail without improvements 8 </li><li> 9. Project Development &amp; Environment Public Involvement P. D. &amp; E. Public Involvement Engineering Analysis Environmental Analysis 9 </li><li> 10. PD&amp;E Phase PD&amp;E Phase Components to Complete 1. Conduct Agency Review via ETDM 2. In Depth Analysis of Existing and Future Conditions 3. Further Development of Planning Concept 4. Evaluate Effects to the Community &amp; Environment A. No Build Condition or Do Nothing B. Build Concept 5. Obtain Public Input 6. Select Preferred Concept for Design Phase 10 </li><li> 11. LOS What is Level of Service? Level of Service (LOS) A standard measurement, based on vehicle delay and speed, which reflects the relative ease of traffic flow on a scale of A to F LOS A: free-flow traffic LOS F: highly congested traffic conditions 11 A B C D E F Optimal Below Standard Acceptable </li><li> 12. Congestion Without Improvement Existing Condition Year 2015 LOS = E Future No Build Condition Year 2040 LOS = F 12 E F = Movement operates below LOS D </li><li> 13. Existing and Future Traffic Conditions at SW 8th Street and SW 87th Avenue 13 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 2015 Existing Geometry 2040 No Build 60.9 Seconds Delay per Vehicle 175.1 Seconds Delay per Vehicle Delay SecondsperVehicle LOS E LOS F </li><li> 14. Length of Traffic Congestion Year 2040 14 Length of Traffic Congestion 950 ft 1100 ft 950 ft 2775 ft No Build Condition </li><li> 15. 5-Year Crash History At the intersection SR 90 at SW 87 Ave/ SR 973 145 crashes in 5 years (years 2004-2008)* 299 crashes in 5 years (years 2009-2013) Safety Ratio 1.943* Acceptable ratio is 1.0 or lower Intersection is High Crash Location 1 mile segment (SW 92nd to SW 82nd Ave.) 560 crashes in 5 years (years 2004-2008)* 3 Fatalities occurred in 5 years* *Reference: ETDM Summary Report, 2/9/2015 Reference EDTM 9892 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 SR 90 at SR 973 Intersection SR 90 From SW 92nd Ave to SW 82nd Ave Segment NumberofCrashes Rear-End Crashes 5 Year Crash Data 57% 42%145 Total 560 Total </li><li> 16. SW 8th St/ SW 87thAve Existing Deficiencies Sidewalk continuity Accessibility on north side of intersection 16 Existing Sidewalk Existing Sidewalk Missing Sidewalk </li><li> 17. Bicycle Facilities SR 90/ SW 8th Street has 4-ft striped bike lanes SR 973/SW 87th Ave has no existing or planned bike lanes 17 </li><li> 18. Build Concept Cross-Section Design speed 45 mph 11-ft travel lanes 2 At-grade lanes in each direction 2 Overpass lanes in each direction 7-ft Buffered bike lane Designated U-Turns 18 </li><li> 19. 19 East-West Overpass Concept </li><li> 20. View Underneath the Overpass 20 Provides: At-grade Traffic Lanes to Access Businesses, Turn Lanes, Bike Lanes, and Pedestrian Crosswalks </li><li> 21. Transit Features Serving MDT Routes 8 and 87 Typical stop has a post, a bench and a trash receptacle 21 </li><li> 22. Roadway Network Circulation (West Side) 22 Arrival Route Departure Route </li><li> 23. Roadway Network Circulation (East Side) 23 Arrival Route Departure Route </li><li> 24. Benefits of Build Concept Alleviates traffic congestion at intersection Removes thru east/west traffic from intersection and frees up amount of green time that can be used for other traffic Decreased delay (time waiting at intersection) No change to travel time to access businesses on south side of SR 90/ SW 8th Street Provides 7-ft buffered bike lanes- increases safety for bicycles Adds missing crosswalk on north leg of intersection 24 </li><li> 25. ETDM Agency Screening Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) Conducted by Federal, State and Local Agencies ETDM Website: ETDM Summary Report Published February 2015 LEGEND N/A Not Applicable 0 None 1 Enhanced 2 Minimal 3 Moderate 4 Substantial 5 Potential Dispute or Resolution Dispute No ETAT Consensus No ETAT Reviews 4 25 </li><li> 26. Evaluate Canal Bridge at SW 87 Avenue Existing Bridge over the C-4 Canal on SW 87th Avenue Four lane divided roadway with median Natural Gas Line may require adjustments 26 </li><li> 27. Environmental Evaluation Areas Contamination Potentially contaminated sites will be evaluated Water Quality Surface water impacts will be minimized through special planning, preparation permitting and design procedures with special considerations made for: The C-4 Canal which is listed as an impaired water body The Biscayne Sole Source Aquifer Wetlands and Protected Species Evaluate an minimize impacts to wetlands and protected species 27 </li><li> 28. Environmental Evaluation Areas Noise An impact study will be conducted along the project corridor to evaluate existing and future noise levels Cultural, Historic &amp; Archaeological Resources: An inventory and assessment of resources will be evaluated for National Registrar of Historic Places (NRHP) eligibility Tamiami Canal and Tamiami Trail Historic Structures Coordination with the Division of Historic Resources 28 </li><li> 29. Agency Public Involvement Coordination Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Association (MPO) Miami Dade Public Works (MDPW) Miami Dade Transit (MDT) Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Florida Division of Historical Resources South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) 29 </li><li> 30. Community Public Involvement Many Opportunities For Public Comments Coordination With Local Communities Public Advisory Group 3 Public Meetings Kickoff Meeting: Held April, 16, 2015 Public Workshop: September 23, 2015 Public Hearing: January 2016 Website 30 </li><li> 31. 31 </li><li> 32. Funding STIP Funds Preliminary Engineering: $1,650,000 Right of Way: Unfunded Construction: Unfunded 32 </li><li> 33. Contact Us To submit comments or for more information regarding the SR 90 PD&amp;E Study please contact: Visit the Project Website 33 Maria Perdomo, PE Project Manager Florida Department of Transportation - District Six Adam Leigh Cann Building 1000 NW 111th Avenue, Room 6251 Miami, Florida 33172 Phone: 305.640.7186 Fax: 305.640.7558 Email: Bill Evans, PE, ACIP Project Manager Stanley Consultants, Inc. 8333 N.W. 53rd Street, Suite 450 Miami, FL 33166 Phone: 786.762.4115 Alt. Phone: 561-584-8708 Email: Margarita Delgado, Public Information Specialist MRD Consulting 2655 Le Jeune Road, Suite 533 Coral Gables, FL 33134 Phone: 305.774.7110 Email: </li><li> 34. Thank You 34 </li></ol>


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