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Tricks of the trade #2: squat on the loo

Tricks of the trade #2:squat on the loo Part of the How to do yoga when you dont have time to do yoga series


Okay, I know that toilet topics are not that glamorous but

if youre going to open your hips and do your insides a favour then the squat is the answer!

The squat (or malasana ~ garland pose) is great for all sorts of things:

Opens hipsHelps minor back pain and sciaticaHelps strip fat from the mid-sectionStrengthens the internal bodyEnergizes the body

Many people in the world use toilets that look like this.

The squat is a natural position in our human development.

but something happens to us along the way.

And we end up with attitudes like this

and bodies that feel like this.

So squatting may open your hips and mind but look whats happening internally.

Squatting is actually better for your insides!

So this may look glamorousbut he who sits upon this is going to end up with all sorts of problems!

Squat.(be happy) Squat.(be flexible) Squat.(be healthy)

For more in this series see www.newnessdance.org.uk

Contraindications: knee issuesBe confident in your squat before attempting this. It may be useful to practice your squat against a wall or with blocks or books under your heels first.There are many companies that manufacture special foot stools to help facilitate a squat position at the loo. See: http://www.squattypotty.co.uk or http://www.lillipad.co.nz or you can make your own!

More in this series of How to do yoga when you dont have time to do yoga coming soon! www.newnessdance.org.uk