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The world of self-service BI just keeps getting better. From self-service analysis with PowerPivot to self-service reporting with Microsoft Power View. This session will discuss the new BI Semantic Model concept, show you how to build models with PowerPivot and Analysis Services, and then go over using the new browser based reporting tool Power View to provide highly interactive reporting solutions. There is fun to be had by all and who knew that analyzing data could be so fun, come and find out more and see how it all works and what to expect with the upcoming release of SQL Server.


<ul><li> 1. Power ViewBringing your Data to Life! Dan EnglishPrincipal Business Intelligence ConsultantSuperior Consulting Services, LLC denglish@teamscs.com</li></ul> <p> 2. Speaker BackgroundDan Englishhttp://denglishbi.wordpress.com@denglishbi Microsoft SQL Server MVP Microsoft BI User Group MNLeadership Team Member Blog / Vimeo Screencasts / Twitter Published Author 3. SCS Background Founded in 1997, SCS is a technical consulting firmfocused exclusively on Microsoft technologies toprovide custom solutions Headquartered in Burnsville, MN Microsoft Gold Partner since 2006 Microsoft Managed Partner Provide solutions in the areas of Business Intelligence,Reporting, Application Development, Networking,SharePoint, and Special Projects Industry recognized authorities via books, speakingengagements, and direct assistance to Microsoft 4. Session Outline What is the BI Semantic Model PowerPivot &amp; Tabular SSAS Demo What is Power View (Crescent) Demo Whats coming in SQL 2012 SP1 &amp; Excel 2013 Questions 5. Quick Audience Poll How many are currently using Analysis Services? How many have Office 2010 deployed? How many have used PowerPivot? In production? With SharePoint? Anyone using SQL Server 2012 yet? How many have not seen a Power View demo? 6. BI Semantic Model 7. BI Semantic Model One Model for all End User Experiences Client ToolsAnalytics, Reports, Scorecards,Dashboards, Custom AppsBI Semantic ModelPersonal BITeam BIOrganizational BI PowerPivot for Excel PowerPivot for SharePoint Analysis Services Data SourcesDatabases, LOB Applications, OData Feeds,Spreadsheets, Text Files Flexibility RichnessScalability 8. BI Semantic Model: ArchitectureThird-party Reporting SharePointExcel PowerPivotapplications ServicesInsights Databases LOB Applications Files OData Feeds Cloud Services 9. IW and Pro Model Design ToolsInformation Workers BI Developers Feels like Feels like Visual ExcelStudioIts a projectOptimizedOne file, for BI ProsRapid (business case,Save toresponse to budget, dates)SharePointLarge databusinessTeams building BI volumesproblemssolutions Solutions live DeploymentOptimized forfor weeks or Source Control, scripts, versionsExcel power user months TFS PowerPivot for ExcelBI Development StudioPersonal BI Team BI Organizational BI 10. PowerPivot &amp;Tabular SSAS 11. What is PowerPivot?PowerPivot for Excel is a freedownload that significantly expandsthe data analysis capabilities of Excel.Excel 2010 (32-bit or 64-bit) isrequired to install PowerPivot forExcel.PowerPivot supports files up to2GB in size. The 64-bit version ofPowerPivot enables you to workwith up to 4GB of data in memory,and the 32-bit version enables youto work with up to 2GB of data inmemory (500 to 700MB files) 12. What can it do?MicrosoftMicrosoft AnalysisText FilesSQL Azure ServicesIW ToolRelationshipsMicrosoft ExcelMeasuresDAXODBC / PivotChartsAgileReportingOLEDB Teradata ServicesMicrosoft Team BISQL Server DataSlicersCalculated BarsATOM Columns PersonaldatafeedsMicrosoftBI PDWOracleMicrosoftAzure Microsoft Access PowerPivot DataMarket Self-Sybaseservice SparklinesPivotTables IBM DB2 Informix 13. Whats new in PowerPivot (v2)? 14. Whats Tabular Analysis Services? 15. DemoPOWERPIVOT &amp; TABULAR SSAS 16. Power View(Project Crescent) 17. What is Power View? Power Viewis aninteractive data explorationand visual presentationexperience. 18. Power ViewHighly Visual Design ExperienceInteractive, web-based authoring, and sharing of informationFamiliar Microsoft Office design patternsPowerful data layout with banding, callout, and small multiples visualizations Rich metadata-driven interactivity Fully integrated with PowerPivot and Tabular SSAS Drive greater insight through smart and powerful querying Zero configuration highlighting and filtering Animated trending and comparisonsPresentation-ready at all times Interactive Presentation turns pervasive information into persuasiveinformation Deliver and collaborate through SharePoint Full screen presentation mode for interactive boardroom session andability to export to interactive PowerPoint slidedeck 19. Report DesignerReport Builder Power ViewEmbedded Operational Self-Service 20. DemoPOWER VIEW 21. Power View Demo Screenshot 22. Whats coming next in SQL 2012 SP1 &amp; Excel 2013? Power View in Excel 2013! New Chart Types Pie Charts Maps KPI support Hierarchy support Drill up/down More style and theme options Backgrounds and images Hyperlinks And more 23. QUESTIONS 24. THANK YOU!INFO@TEAMSCS.COM</p>