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Spring 2012 portfolio of the most influencial projects.


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    I. Recreational Center II. Usable screen

    III. Retail store

  • Recreational Center

    Recreational center

    Th e concept of thisproject was to best utilize the view of the area around site.

  • Recreational center



    Exercise room

    Office Office



    Exercise room

    Exercise room

    Exercise room

  • Recreational Center

  • Recreational center

  • Usable Screen

  • Usable screen

    Usable screen Th e concept of this project was to the make a us-able screen where we have a separation of spaces. with the anaysis of the space we had toplace these usuable screens to to defi ne the space as well as not take away from the usuable fl oor area.

  • Retail space

  • Retail space

    Developing a retail spaceSince our retail space is a jewelry store for the world renowned Tif-fany & Co. line, we analyzed how light aff ected the desirabilty of precious stones, mainly diamonds. What makes them sparkle, and how light plays a role in how they are displayed.

    Our main concept is how to best utilize light to not only draw people to our retail space, but also capture the science behind the relationship of light and a gem stone, and trans-late that to our space.

  • DIANA RODRIQUES 1220 Sutter ave Apt 2G Brooklyn, NY 11208 Phone: 7186009626 E-mail: dlrodriques@gmail.com ________________________________________OBJECTIVE

    To secure a position with a well established organization with a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship in the fi eld of Architecture. ________________________________________WORK EXPERIENCEProject Manager October 2010 Present Rizzo Group | New York City, NY Architectural and Design Services

    Th is job specializes in all aspects of NYC Department of Building fi ling processes, obtaining building permits for projects, and ensuring clients buildings are code compliant. I have experience in curing building violations, securing Certifi cate of Occupancies, and coordinating sign-off s.

    Project Support April 2008 September 2010Code Green Solutions | New York City, NY Architectural and Design Services

    Th e daily duties are computing mathematical formulas, updating LEED online to help buildings, some with over a million sq ft , gain their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifi cation, update energy star portfolio manager with electrical, water and steam usage for building pursuing an energy star label, research of sustainable materials building that can use to make their buildings and/or offi ces more sustainable, and read-ing and understanding fl oor plans and elevations drawings. Knowledge of LEED CI & EB-OM Certifi cation, Energy Star portfolio manager, LEED online material input, knowledge of Auto CAD 2011, Profi cient in typing, Microsoft Offi ce Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Word,

    21W Carpentry and Masonry Specialist April 2004 June 2008United State Army Corp of Engineers | Engineering Services

    Th e job of Carpentry and Masonry specialist entails the understanding of blueprints and using that knowledge to construct the needs of the architect. In addition, in the army one must be willing to do what ever is necessary to complete a job while multitasking and being under stress. ________________________________________EDUCATION

    New York City College of Technology | Major: Architectural Technology

    Queens Vocational & Technical High School Major: Computer technology

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