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  • Brochure 49Easter & Spring

    Display & Prop SolutionsDisplay & Prop Solutions Easter & SpringEaster & Spring

  • Easter & Spring 2PASTEL COLOURED EGGSFantastic eggs in a range of pretty pastel coloursand sizes. Giant 30 x 20cm, Big 17 x 11cm and lifesize 4.5 x 6.5cm. Mix them up for a great display.White, brown and chocolate ones are also availablein all 3 sizes.

    12 Mixed smallBig yellowBig blueBig pinkBig greenGiant yellowGiant blueGiant pinkGiant green

    Code: 1+DEK22622 4.95DOT16573 3.95DOT16574 3.95DOT16575 3.95DOT16576 3.95DOT16566 16.95DOT16567 16.95DOT16568 16.95DOT16569 16.95

    WHITE, BROWN & CHOCOLATE EGGSMassive brown, white and chocolate eggs. Giant 30x 20cm, Big 17 x 11cm and the small chocolate eggs4.5 x 6.5cm supplied in a pack of twelve.

    12 Small choc eggsBig white eggBig brown eggBig choc eggGiant white eggGiant brown eggGiant choc egg

    Code: 1+DEK22624 4.95DOT16572 3.95DOT16577 3.95DOT16578 3.95DOT16565 16.95DOT16570 16.95DOT16571 16.95

    WHITE EGGSPack of 12 white eggs of mixed sizes.Eight measuring 7 x 5cm,Four measuring 5.5 x 4cm.

    Code: 1+DEK689064 9.00

    BROWN EGGSPack of 12 brown eggs of mixed sizes.Eight measuring 7 x 5cm,Four measuring 5.5 x 4cm.

    Code: 1+DEK689065 9.00

    BOX 6 BROWN EGGSSix realistic looking brown eggs, made from plasticand supplied in a cardboard egg box.

    HENS EGGSBrown or white Hens Eggs, sold in packs of twelve.4.5 x 6.5 cm


    Code: 1+DOT16548 4.95DOT16547 4.95

    Code: 1+DOT16542 3.57

    BIRD'S EGGSPack of 30 little birds eggs, could pass as quail's.3.5 x 2.5cm.

    Code: 1+DEK689062 6.30

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  • Easter & Spring

    www.props4shows.co.uk e-mail: sales@terralec.com Tel: 01702 547571


    COCKERALRealistic looking cockeral, with lovely glossy feathers.Height 40cm.

    Code: 1+DEK681856 23.50

    HENAdd several of these hens to your spring or easterdisplay to create a realistic scene. Don't forget toinclude one of our fine cockerals too. Height 30cm.

    Code: 1+DEK681857 15.90

    YELLOW CHICKLittle yellow chick, supplied in various poses. Agreat eye catcher and an essential addition to yourspring or easter display. Height 8cm.

    Code: 1+DEK681842 2.35

    FLUFFY CHICKSuper cute fluffy chick - a bit on the ugly side, butahhh! Height 6cm.

    Code: 1+DEK681841 1.65

    LIGHTWEIGHTPLASTIC EGGSShiny eggs, made from drawnplastic. Two halves are supplied,so a 3D egg can be made, or the 2halves can be used separately,mounted on a wall, for example.Height 50cm.


    Code: 1+ABP51456 29.50ABP51457 29.50ABP51458 29.50ABP51459 29.50PALE GREEN EGGS

    Pack of 12 mottled pale green eggs, supplied in a box witha little bit of hay to enhance your display. Six eggs are 5 x4cm and six are 4 x 3cm.

    Code: 1+DEK681862 5.75

    WHITE & BROWN EGGSPack of 9 mottled white or brown eggs, supplied ina box with a little bit of hay to enhance yourdisplay. The eggs measure 5 x 4cm.


    Code: 1+DEK681863 4.75DEK681869 4.75

    BIRDS NESTA very realistic birds nest with eggs. Why not use itwith some of our birds to form part of a naturaldisplay. It measures approximately 5cm high by12cm diameter. The three eggs are 3 x 4cm.

    Code: 1+DEK681864 4.90

  • Easter & Spring 4

    CHOCOLATE BUNNYWonderful Giant fake milk chocolate easter bunny.Looks good enough to eat! Height 120cmweight 4.5kg.

    Code: 1+ABP44240 189.00

    GIANT YELLOW CHICKWonderful giant fluffy chick. A brilliant andeye-catching display piece. Height 58cm.

    Code: 1+DEK681843 59.00

    GIANT WHITE CHICKWonderful giant fluffy chick. A brilliant andeye-catching display piece. Height 58cm.

    Code: 1+DEK681844 59.00

    www.props4shows.co.uk e-mail: sales@terralec.com Tel: 01702 547571

    PAPER ROSESStunning larger than life roses, made from crepepaper. The flower head measures 18cm high by8cm diameter and the overall length of the floweris 60cm.


    Code: 1+DEK681865 3.80DEK681866 3.80DEK681867 3.80

    CARROT PLAITManufactured frompolystyrene and paper.This carrot hangermeasures 50cm in lengthand is complete with 6carrots which vary from 8-20cm in length.

    Code: 1+DEK682028 5.93

    EGG AND CHICK GARLANDThis egg and chick garland would look good hanging aspart of an easter display, or the items could be groupedtogether on the ground, or even separated. A great lowcost item. The garland is 93cm long and the height of theegg with the chick is 14cm. The other 3 eggs are 10cm.

    Code: 1+DEK681840 5.95

  • Easter & Spring

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    PINK BLOSSOM HEADSPretty pink blossom heads, ideal for scattering. 5cmDiameter, supplied in packs of 24.

    Code: 1+ABG51660 4.65

    BLOSSOM TREEPretty pink blossom tree, supplied in a pot, asshown. An instant display for spring. Height 74cm.

    Code: 1+DEK682950 34.64

    BLOSSOM BRANCHBlossom branch adorned with lotsof pretty white flowers. Length95cm.

    Code: 1+DEK688435 4.90

    BLOSSOM BRANCHBlossom branch adornedwith lots of pretty pinkflowers. Length 95cm.

    Code: 1+DEK688436 4.90

    SPRING FLOWERSA lovely selection of pretty spring flowers to livenup your display. A really cost effective way to addsome cheerful colours, either grouped in a vase, oras part of a ground display. Height 25cm.

    Crocus whiteCrocus violetCosmea pink

    Code: 1+DEK688438 2.44DEK688439 2.44DEK688445 2.44




    BLOSSOM HANGERA decorative artificialblossom hanger measuring74cm in length.

    Code: 1+DEK682951 16.30

    PEACH BLOSSOMBRANCHPink peach blossombranch. Length 90cm. Usewith some of the loosepeach blossom heads fora pretty display.

    Code: 1+ABG51674 5.90

  • Easter & Spring 6

    LARGE CREPE FLOWERSDecorative paper flowers made from wire and crepepaper. They are double sided, which means that theycan be suspended in mid-air and will look the samefrom both sides. Particularly useful when used inshop displays. Available in two sizes.

    Blue 50cmBlue 40cmOrange 50cmOrange 40cmWhite 50cmWhite 40cmYellow 50cmYellow 40cm

    Code: 1+DEK681837 7.80DEK681838 4.95DEK681819 7.80DEK681820 4.95DEK681831 7.80DEK681832 4.95DEK681825 7.80DEK681826 4.95

    DAFFODIL NETAn attractive daffodil net, ideal for displaybackdrops and bright scenery. This netmeasures 100 x 100 cm and is complete with32 blooms measuring between 8-10cm each.

    Code: 1+DEK682307 13.95

    MULTI-HEADDAFFODILMulti-headed yellowDaffodil. Length 72cm

    Code: 1+ABG48697 2.49

    SNAKE GRASSBUNDLESnake Grass Bundle Yellow70cm weighs approx300gr.

    Code: 1+ABG45182 10.80

    DAFFODIL CURTAINStrings of cheerful daffodil heads are attached toa metal rod to create a short curtain effect. Therod has eyelets at the ends to aid fixing.Dimensions: 90 x 85cm.

    Code: 1+ABG48702 24.95

    PALM LEAF BUNDLEPalm Leaf Bundle Green made from natural fibreslength 110cm - weight 150gr

    Code: 1+ABG45187 9.80

    www.props4shows.co.uk e-mail: sales@terralec.com Tel: 01702 547571

    LARGE CREPE FLOWERSPretty pink flowers made from wire and twotones of pink crepe paper. These are single sidedflowers, so will work well against a wall, or as partof a window display. Available in 3 sizes.

    Pink 50cmPink 40cmPink 30cm

    Code: 1+DEK681810 10.72DEK681811 7.29DEK681812 4.51

  • Easter & Spring 7

    TWIG BALLClosely twisted twig balls ideal for display purposes.A range of colours and sizes are available, whichlook great when mixed and matched. 25cm & 15cm

    Green 25cmYellow 15cmYellow 25cmOrange 15cmOrange 25cm

    Code: 1+DEK685427 16.90DEK685452 4.38DEK685428 16.90DEK685451 4.38DEK685429 16.90

    WOOD WOOLThis is a great product for enhancingdisplays. Made from natural wood fibre.Supplied in a variety of colours.

    YellowGreenNaturalDark blue

    Code: 1+ABP36222 2.45ABP36223 2.45ABP36224 2.45ABP36225 2.45

    SCATTER FLOWERSPretty artificial flower heads in orange. Ideal forscattering amongst your displays or using in vasesetc. Each flower head measures 4cm in diameter.Approx: 60 per pack.

    Code: 1+DEK685608 7.90

    BUTTERFLIESA range of pretty orange butterflies manufacturedfrom nylon and wire.A matching 2m garland is also available whichcontains 6 butterflies, each 18 x 14cm in size.

    65 x 45cm36 x 28cm11 x 9cmGarland 2 metre

    Code: 1+DEK683701 8.36DEK683702 5.71DEK683703 1.89DEK683704 15.97

    TWIG PANELA decorative twig panel manufactured from dyedwooden branches. Finished in bright yellows andoranges, these panels look great for commercialdisplays 50 x 50cm.

    Code: 1+DEK684329 18.89

    GIANT COSMOSGiant cosmos flower, consisting of 2blooms both 35cm diameter, and 1 bud.Height 130cm.


    Code: 1+DEK682218 34.90DEK682219 34.90

    A picture showingsome of the itemson this page - toget an idea ofrelative size.The flower standused here is:DEK60010 14.95

    www.props4shows.co.uk e-mail: sales@terralec.com Tel: 01702 547571

  • Easter & Spring 8

    BROWN RABBITSRealistic light brown rabbits with white tippednoses and feet. 27 x 14 x 14cm and 17 x 9 x 9cm.


    Code: 1+DEK681861 9.90DEK681860 4.95

    WHITE RABBITSWhite rabbits in attractive sitting poses. Naturalfibre coat and very realistic.21 x 9 x 25cm and 17 x 7 x 14cm.


    Code: 1+DEK681846 9.69DEK681847 5.25

    STANDING HAREThis attractive standing hare is manufactured frompolystyrene and natural materials.25 x 30 x 40 cm

    Code: 1+DEK682932 49.00

    RABBITWe couldn't resist this little rabbit. Add him to yourdisplays for a bit of fun. He's sure to catcheveryone's attention. Height 20cm.

    Code: 1+DEK683321 4.53

    LAMBResting lamb made from soft natural fibres,with flexible ears. 22cm wide x 54cm long x36cm height.

    Code: 1+DEK681848 58.90

    LAMBLamb in standing postion,60 x 25 x 48cm High.

    Code: 1+DEK681849 67.60

    www.props4shows.co.uk e-mail: sales@terralec.com Tel: 01702 547571

    GERBERASPack of 12 pretty gerberas in a choice of colours.Mix the packs together for a variety of colour.Length 54cm, diameter of flower 10cm.

    WhiteYellowOrangeD PinkL Pink

    Code: 1+DEK688450 8.95DEK688451 8.95DEK688452 8.95DEK688454 8.95DEK688455 8.95

    PINK RABBITJust how cute is this? You could use him in manydisplays, such as Valentines, Mother's Day, Springetc. Or just buy him for someone you know wholoves All Things Pink! Height 20cm.

    Code: 1+DEK683324 4.53

    LAYING HAREThis laying hare looks great as part of any wildlifedisplay. Manufactured from natural materials andpolystyrene.39 x 25 x 20 cm.

    Code: 1+DEK682933 49.00

    PLUSH FROGLovely detailed frog, made from plush material.Ideal for pond and woodland displays. 22 x 20cm.

    Code: 1+ABP53611 8.84

  • Easter & Spring 9

    GRASSHOPPERA decorative grasshopper made from ruffled paperand styrofoam.L:20cmW:9cm H:11cm

    Code: 1+DEK682049 4.70

    BUTTERFLIESA range of pretty green butterflies manufacturedfrom nylon and wire.A matching 2m garland is also available whichcontains 6 butterflies, each 18 x 14cm in size.

    65 x 45cm36 x 28cm11 x 9cmGarland 2 metre

    Code: 1+DEK683705 8.36DEK683706 5.71DEK683707 1.89DEK683708 15.97

    CATERPILLARA lovely decorative caterpillar manufactured fromstyrofoam and decorative paper.L: 25cmW:6cm H: 7cm

    Code: 1+DEK682047 3.95

    BEEA bright little bumble bee manufactured fromStyrofoam and gauze with small wings. Ideal forspring and summer displays.Measures 9 x 15 cm

    Code: 1+DEK20950 3.99

    BUTTERFLIESBeautifully detailed butterflies made from plasticisedpaper, with a wire and clip fixed to the underside, so itcan be simply clipped onto your display. The wings haveinternal wires, enabling them to be positioned, as desired.Wingspan 8cm. Sold in packs of 6.


    Code: 1+DEK684851 8.95DEK684852 8.95DEK684853 8.95DEK684854 8.95DEK684855 8.95DEK684856 8.95DEK684857 8.95

    30cm BUTTERFLIESLarge detailed butterflies made from plasticisedpaper. The wings have internal wires, enablingthem to be positioned, as desired and there is anylon string attached to the upper side, to aidhanging. Wingspan 30cm.


    Code: 1+DEK684864 7.81DEK684865 7.81DEK684866 7.81

    www.props4shows.co.uk e-mail: sales@terralec.com Tel: 01702 547571

    LADYBIRDSClearly detailed bright red ladybirds, cleverly made frompaper. Length 19cm or 12cm


    Code: 1+DEK6818585.45DEK6818593.95

  • Easter & Spring

    www.props4shows.co.uk e-mail: sales@terralec.com Tel: 01702 547571


    SUNLarge 45cm smiley sun manufactured from formedplastic. Mount onto a flat surface to instantlybrighten up any display.

    Code: 1+DEK25720 14.25

    Grass MatNatural style circular grass mat ideal for scenerydisplays. 40cm Diameter by 3cm High

    Code: 1+DEK682053 7.85

    NEST IN GRASSThis is a highly detailed and realistic looking displayitem. The nest, which is made from natural twigs,is nestled amongst artificial grass and twigs. Thewhole assembly is fixed in a shallow weighted potwhich gives it stability, but can easily be hidden byartificial grass or leaves. It is supplied with a pack offake bird's eggs, which can be placed in the nest asshown.The height to the top of the grass is 25cm and theoverall diameter is approximately 35cm, with thenest having a diameter of 20cm.

    Code: 1+OK64908016 29.00

    GRASS SQUARE WITH WHITEANEMONESGrass Square with White Anemones will look goodin any window display. 25cm X 25cm

    Code: 1+ABG44678 4.48

    GRASS TILEWITH YELLOW ANEMONESGrass tile made of synthetic material interspersedwith artificial silk yellow anemones. Grass andflowers can be removed and rearranged within thetile. Ideal for creating the illusion of summer time.

    Code: 1+ABG44683 4.48

    DEKO SQUARESSet of three modern decorative cubes, ideal fordisplaying products etc. Each square has a metalpunched plate on two sides.41 x 41 x 20 cm,36 x 36 x 20 cm, 31 x 31 x 20 cm

    Code: 1+DEK60842 75.00

    DAFFODIL PANELSynthetic Grass Plate with Daffodiles and Grass.24cm x 24cm

    Code: 1+ABG48451 7.25

    TULIP PANELSynthetic Grass Plate with Tulips and Grass. 24cm x24cm

    Code: 1+ABG48449 7.25

    GRASS SQUARELarge grass square, with long blades of grass. Idealfor covering larger areas, as 4 squares will makeone square metre. Size of square is 50 x 50cm, andthe grass blades measure 10cm long.

    Code: 1+DEK688801 11.75

  • Easter & Spring 11

    CHOCOLATE BARSThese look incredibly real. Pack of 4 milk or darkchocolate bars. 9.5 x 6 x 1cm

    Milk chocolateDark chocolate

    Code: 1+DOT60147 4.95DOT60148 4.95

    DISPLAY FABRICSA selection of fabrics to set the scene or help with decoration. There are just a fewexamples here from our large range. Fabric is sold by the linear metre, roll width isapproximatly 150cm. Minimum order quantity 2 metres.



    www.props4shows.co.uk e-mail: sales@terralec.com Tel: 01702 547571

    DISPLAY ORGANZALight weight, sheer display organza in a wonderfulchoice of colours. Supplied in pre-cut piecesmeasuring 150cm wide by 3 metres long.

    Lime greenOrangeYellow

    Code: 1+SCNDO-LMG 5.95SCNDO-OR 5.95SCNDO-YW 5.95

    FRUITA selection of exotic fruit from our extensiverealistic range, shown here in a silver dish.Scatter flowers are also included as part ofthe display.

    MangoPomegranatePeachStar fruitApricot Pk2Pk of flowersSilver dish

    Code: 1+DEK689001 3.37DEK689002 2.40DEK689004 2.25DEK689048 2.25DOT01025 6.49DEK685608 7.90Z2015064 22.95

    ORION BALL WITH EGGSHere is the 20cm clear plastic Orion ball showncontaining 36 plastic eggs - just an example of theway this versatile display aid can be us...