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<ul><li><p>AdvantageA Publication of Chinooks Edge School Division No. 73</p><p>The Chinooks EdgeSpring - 2016</p><p>Chinooks Edge School Division No. 73 Phone 403-227-7070 www.cesd73.ca</p><p>Helping Hands Dozens of student models from Olds High, Olds Koinonia, Sundre High, Didsbury High and Bowden Grandview volunteered at a Gowns for Grads Gala, ensuring every graduate has access to formal wear this season. They were assisted by a team of volunteers who supported make-up, hairstyles, and buttoning all those fancy dresses.</p><p>Climbing the wall Paige Fox, a Grade 1 student at cole Olds Elementary School, joins activities in the school gym.</p><p>Team Central Alberta Every student heading to the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Montreal this May is from Chinooks Edge!</p><p>Special visit Students from Spruce View School traveled to a retirement home in Innisfail to share songs and stories.</p></li><li><p>Chinooks Edge School Division No. 73 Phone 403-227-7070 www.cesd73.ca</p><p>The Chinooks Edge Advantage - Page 2</p><p>Ensuring the future of quality learning for studentsChinooks Edge was very proud to receive honourable mention from the Premiers Award for School Board Innovation and Excellence, for our Aspiring Leaders program. This unique initiative, being led by Chinooks Edge, is designed to increase instructional leadership skills in schools and to support teachers who are interested in becoming a school-based administrator. It has created a new level of collaboration and commitment in Central Alberta, as more school divisions become involved. By sharing resources, each of these school divisions are developing the skills and aptitude of a number of professionals to ensure there will be a large number of people ready to lead schools when the current teams of administrators begin moving into retirement in the coming years.We are digging down as deeply as possible to provide authentic learning for our divisions leaders. Nothing is more important to our students and staff than ensuring there are strong, skilled leaders guiding the quality learning environments in our schools and classrooms now and into the future. We are pleased to honour our staff by providing this unique, high-level professional development opportunity, which has quickly increased the skill level in our division and enhanced student achievement in the process. It is providing an impressive portfolio of professionals, who are ready to step into leading roles and continue providing the quality learning our students and families have come to expect of us in Chinooks Edge!</p><p>Colleen Butler Kurt SacherBoard Chair Superintendent</p><p>The Board of Education joined students, families, neighbours and partners at the official opening of Gasoline Alley Career High School in February. This school has been serving Chinooks Edge students with its flexible approach to learning for over 20 years, mostly from its popular location in central Red Deer. There is steadfast leadership from everyone at this school, and the staff have worked tirelessly to ensure the beautiful new site also feels warm and familiar to students, said Superintendent Kurt Sacher. This staff has been together for many years and they brought their years of educational expertise to this project every step of the way. We couldnt be more grateful for their efforts they have set this school up to be a cultural and academic force for students for years to come.</p><p>Gasoline Alley Career High marks new beginning in its long history</p><p>Leadership Conferencecole Innisfail Middle School and Spruce View School joined forces to host a provincial leadership conference for students in Grades 7-9. Over 50 students from the two schools were part of an organizing committee that worked for nearly two years, in preparation for hosting over 300 guests from throughout Alberta. The Alberta Association of Students Councils and Advisors (AASCA) Junior High Leadership Conference schedule was packed with inspirational speakers and small-group work sessions, where participants learned about activities and projects they can take back to their own schools.</p><p>Trustee Holly Bilton, Board Chair Colleen Butler, Principal Daryl Brown, Trustee Sherry Cooper, and Superintendent Kurt Sacher celebrated the official opening.</p></li><li><p>Chinooks Edge School Division No. 73 Phone 403-227-7070 www.cesd73.ca</p><p>The Chinooks Edge Advantage - Page 3</p><p>Recipe foR SucceSS!Blending the right ingredients lands a Sundre High student in United Nations discussions </p><p>When Lions Clubs International went searching for a strong young leader to join their influential roundtable discussions at United Nations Headquarters in New York in March, they discovered Kate Jackson.</p><p>The unassuming Grade 12 student at Sundre High School would be the last person to broadcast her own accomplishments, so teacher and Sundre High Leo Club advisor Ryan Beck did it for her: she is an actress and singer, a highly academic student, an athlete who competes at the provincial level. Shes a founding member of the Sundre High Leo Club which formed when she began at the school for Grade 9. She is the schools Students Union President and representative on the division-wide Students Matter Committee, which works directly with the Superintendent and Central Office staff. But what caught the </p><p>eye of Lions Clubs International was how Kate and the Sundre High Leo Club supports women and girls.</p><p>Leo Katie will represent the voice of Leos around the world and express the opinions and ideas of her young generation, reads the notification from Emily Burnett, Leo Club Program Manager (Leo Club is the youth division of Lions Clubs International). We admire Leo Katies leadership qualities that have not only supported a thriving Leo Club, but also fostered an environment where young women and men feel empowered and inspired to serve.</p><p>Kate lent her voice to the United Nations discussions which took place on March 12, during Lions Day with the U.N.. The esteemed event involved 700 Lions Clubs International members, U.N. diplomats and other key international representatives to discuss various challenges facing the global community and help strengthen commitment to serving those in need. The Lions collaboration with the U.N. began in 1945 and the organization has held a key consultative role ever since. The lofty United Nations effort is itemized in a long document called Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Kate and the other delegates worked toward Goal 5 on the broad agenda: to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.</p><p>I think young voices are important at these discussions, because these are things that are really going to affect us in a big way in the coming years, said Kate. Young people will soon be making big decisions and having an impact in implementing all these societal changes, like gender equality. In some societies, girls drop out of school because they have family roles or even because the school facility doesnt have a bathroom for the girls. All I see is the huge loss of potential. Its a big task, but I think slowly and gradually we can make a change. Mr. Beck and the Leo Club have been indispensable and the school has always empowered me through these opportunities.</p><p>I understand you have already made many valuable contributions to your school and community, including providing care packages to womens shelters, organizing counter-bullying programs at school and becoming involved in gender identity and gender equality issues. I truly believe women have the power to change the world, and achieving so many goals through hard work and perseverance is something of which you should be incredibly proud, especially at your age. I wish you great success as you speak at the United Nations. It is an honour to be the only young Canadian invited to make a presentation and represent youth on this critical issue. Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta.</p><p>The entire school couldnt be more proud of Kate. She is an amazing young lady who inspires all of us and drives us to be better people because of who she is. Sometimes I wonder who is teaching whom, because Ive truly learned a lot from her. She spoke with confidence and conviction at the event, and her passion brought tears to many peoples eyes. She had a line-up of people wanting to talk to her afterwards, and offers for speaking engagements from across North America and as far afield as India. There is no end to her impact. Ryan Beck, Teacher and Sundre High Leo Club Advisor.</p><p>To read the full media release, visit www.cesd73.caFor details on the United Nations 2030 Agenda, visit:</p><p>https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/post2015/transformingourworld</p><p>Katie Jo Jackson was photographed with Sundre High Principal Scott Saunders, teacher and Leo Club Advisor Ryan Beck and Superintendent Kurt Sacher, before she headed to New York to present to the United Nations.</p></li><li><p>Chinooks Edge School Division No. 73 Phone 403-227-7070 www.cesd73.ca</p><p>The Chinooks Edge Advantage - Page 4</p><p>Achievements</p><p>International development Olds High School received a coveted Canadian Fairtrade Award, created to ensure fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries, for their priority to use Fairtrade products while hosting the Alberta Provincial Student Leadership Conference last spring.</p><p>Digital footprint Jaime Scott, a Grade 3 student at cole Steffie Woima Elementary School in Sylvan Lake, won second place in a national Telus Wise Footprint Challenge. Students between the ages of 6-18 were invited to create a comic strip designed to teach youth how to keep their digital footprint clean. One thousand entries were received from across Canada, and Jaime was one of three students shortlisted as a finalist. Her comic, My Music Drama, demonstrated the importance of copyright. She won a plaque and $500, as well as $2,000 to support digital literacy at her school. She was photographed with Principal Angela Eadie-Gyori, as a representative from Telus made the presentation.</p><p>Family institution Chinooks Edge acknowledged the strong family tradition of custodians, who have served schools in Didsbury for many years. Darrel Howden has been the custodian at Ross Ford Elementary School for 26 years, after having worked in the school divisions Facilities Department for 12 years before that. His brother Wayne has been with Chinooks Edge for 20 years, first as a custodian at Cremona before moving to Westglen Middle School several years ago. And long before either swept into Chinooks Edge, their father Roy had been the custodian at Ross Ford for 27 years.</p><p>First School Banner Students and staff at Penhold Crossing Secondary School celebrated the first-ever athletic banner the school has achieved in its short history, thanks to the Junior High cross-country running team.</p><p>Excellence in Leadership Award Carolyn Massel, Principal of Westglen School in Didsbury, was honoured by the HEROES organization for inspiring others and for building strong relationships with students, teachers and parents. Students from cole Fox Run School in Sylvan Lake were also honoured at the event for demonstrating qualities of confidence, character and integrity and inspiring others to do the same!</p></li><li><p>Chinooks Edge School Division No. 73 Phone 403-227-7070 www.cesd73.ca</p><p>The Chinooks Edge Advantage - Page 5</p><p>Global citizensAs part of a CTF Citizenship project, Grade 5-8 students from Elnora </p><p>School have been busy hosting fundraising events to support the Alberta Childrens Hospital in Calgary. While in the city to drop off their donation, they also visited the Drop-In Centre to learn about </p><p>the efforts underway to care for homeless people.</p><p>Connected CommunityThe Olds Connected Community Committee teamed Olds High School student mentors with seniors in the community, so that seniors could learn more about computer use and capabilities. Student volunteer Rachelle Fullerton-Lee is enjoying her connection with Jack and Dorothy Beswetherick!</p><p>Bunnies bring lifes lessons into the classroomTwo fluffy bunnies are packing important lessons when they visit Grade 4 </p><p>classes at cole John Wilson Elementary School in Innisfail every week. They are at the centre of a 10 week program called Naturally Nurtured that teaches skills to support childrens physical and mental health and </p><p>well-being. Because the bunnies are so sensitive, students quickly learn to be caring, calming and respectful with every interaction. Then they </p><p>come to apply those same techniques when dealing with others and when taking care of themselves.</p><p>Sharing love of literacyGrade 9 students from cole Innisfail High School are reading buddies with Grade 2 students at cole John Wilson Elementary School.</p><p>Students Matter!Dr. Lissa Steele, Associate Superintendent of Learning Services, leads a fun activity at a Students Matter Committee meeting at Division Office. The group meets three times each year, to share ideas directly with the Board of Education and Central Office staff.</p><p>Meaningful learningthrough collaboration</p></li><li><p>Chinooks Edge School Division No. 73 Phone 403-227-7070 www.cesd73.ca</p><p>The Chinooks Edge Advantage - Page 6</p><p>Indigenous Education in Chinooks EdgeCollaborators - A new FNMI Steering Committee has been working to cultivate a renewed focus on First Nations, Mtis and Inuit teachings throughout the division. The result is a vibrant, newly expanded FNMI section on the division website which contains resources, curriculum links, messages and activities taking place in schools.</p><p>Great Achievement Dr. Barb Mulholland presented her doctoral research at a College of Alberta School Superintendents/Alberta Education annual learning conference in Edmonton. Her thesis, Building Collaborative Capacity: A Case Study, will be published by the University of Calgary.</p><p>Sacred Teachings - One of the many resources available through the website is a series of kits that share Seven Sacred Teachings through stories, artifacts and suggestions for activities. Schools have already been signing out the kits, to bring FNMI teachings to life for all students. Jane Atkins (Chinooks Edge FNMI Coordinator) joined Elder Pauline Beagan to bless the new kits.</p><p>Celebration Mtis dancing was a hit at the school assembly, when cole Deer Meadow School held a ceremonial blessing for the schools new FNMI artwork.</p><p>Provincial Dual Credit SymposiumOver 70 of Albertas education leaders came together at the Community Learning Campus in Olds to carve out the best dual credit opportunities for this provinces students. Two provincial Dual Credit Steering Committee co-chairs were at the day-long event, along with industry leaders, post-secondary and Kindergarten-Grade 12 representatives. The feedback that was generated was reported directly to the Ministers through the Provincial Dual Credit Steering Committee, in an effort to make every possible dual credit opportunity available to students. Dual Credit programming provides the opportunity for students to earn credits at both the high school and c...</p></li></ul>