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  • News Update Spring 2015

    Ringsend & Irishtown, Ballsbridge-Dodder, Terenure, Rathgar & Dartry, Rathmines, Pearse Street & Inner City, Sandymount, Milltown, Harolds Cross, Ranelagh, Portobello, Donnybrook

    LucindaCREIGHTON T.D.Dublin bay South

    RENUA Ireland


    on March 13th, REnua ireland was launched. the party believes the irish people deserve a genuine choice at the next election- a choice between the failed model of party politics which served up the economic collapse and a new option which prioritises ethics in public life and a strong commitment to the domestic irish economy. REnua ireland is founded on four key principles.

    Buildinganeconomyforentrepreneursacross the social, private and public sectors

    Makethepublicsectorpublic Givingpoliticsbacktothepeople Measuring government with a clear

    social target

    lucinda and her colleagues have invited irish citizens the length and breadth of ireland to get involved by going to renuaireland.com.

    lucinda has long advocated the provision of relief to hard pressed parents who are struggling to meet the rising costs of childcare in Dublin. Measures taken in recent budgets, such as Joan burtons cut to maternity benefits, have increased the obstacles facing parents, and in particular mothers, who wish to maintain their careers while growing their families.therefore, it comes as no surprise that addressing childcare costs was one of the key priorities set by REnua ireland when the party was launched in March. lucinda, along with all of the partys representatives, is absolutely determined to tackle this enormous challenge for families. the party has committed to:

    Changematernitycareprovisionsso thatmaternityleave can be deemed parental leave. For families with a stay-at-home mother, this means the working partner can avail of the full amount of parental leave as a right.

    Introduce a tax relief for childcare costs. Crcheoperators will have the opportunity to opt into this scheme. opting into the scheme will mean that the tax relief is shared on a 20% service provider, 80% service user basis.

    Service providers and service users will have toregister for the scheme and this registration process will include filing of accounts by the service provider and other key documents (health & safety reports etc.). Sharing the tax relief provides a fixed increase to service providers on the basis that they cannot raise prices to swallow the benefit being provided to working parents.

    Committothedevelopmentandroll-outofcommunitycrche facilities with charges that are determinedby parental means, as part of a long term national childcare strategy (funded by the new lPt).

    For more details please contact lucinda.creighton@oireachtas.ie or 01-6183527.

  • Lucinda recently attended the launch of the Woman Gaelic Players Association


    St. Marys national School are to receive

    sixteen extra classrooms, in addition to

    the refurbishment of the existing school

    on belmont avenue. the Department

    of Education has reached agreement

    with the Dominican Sisters, subject to

    planning permission, for the acquisition

    of a three acre site on the Muckross

    Park lands, where the new classrooms

    will be built. the target date for the

    completion of the new building is 2018.

    Lucinda and RENUA Ireland Commit to a Fair Property Taxthe current model of local Property tax fails key tests of fairness - it discriminates against city dwellers, where asmallpropertyinanestateinDublinorCorkmaybecharged significantly more than a large house in a town a short distance from the city limits. the tax also fails to incentivise efficiency. The tax model chosen by this Government ignoresthe recommendation of the 2009 Commission fortaxation to introduce a site value tax and it ignores the currentGovernmentsownProgrammeforGovernmentcommitment. it is not a fair tax, on any level. REnua ireland proposes to create a direct link between local service and the lPt. our proposal is designed to end the unjust penalities that are imposed by the lPt, particularly in urban areas.InGovernment,RENUAIrelandwill

    Replace the current local property taxwith a newlocal property tax with two components, a zoned land charge and a site value charge;

    Createadirectlinkbetweenfundinglocalauthorityservices, zoning decisions and property taxes;


    Createalocalpropertytaxwithazonedlandchargethat funds local government calculated by reference to the square metre charge for zoned land in that area and the cost of funding the local authority (after rates and special grants have been deducted);

    Empower citizens to take charge of their local liability, which may include facilitating consolidation oftheadministrativefunctionsofCouncilsto lowerresidential tax liabilities in parts of ireland;

    Developaplanthatphases in a zoned land charge over a period of time to allow adjustment and preparation for the migration from the current charge to this aspect of the future proposed charge;

    Directlocalauthoritiestopublish their accounts in a coherent format so that the citizens they serve can easily understand what they are paying for;

    Developa social cohesion fund from a site value charge (the second component of the local property tax). the fund will be used to develop social infrastructure across ireland, such as community childcare facilities and community nursing homes. this will (for instance) lower the long term cost of childcare and increase the availability for community care facilities across the country.

    For more details on our lPt proposals please see www.renuaireland.com

    SandymountSandymount and Poolbeg Peninsula Coastcare Group has recently formedand are seeking local volunteers for beach clean-ups in the coming months. they meet on the first Saturday of every month, please like their Facebook page for updates on monthly meeting times and locations facebook.com/sandymountbeachcleanup

    Lucinda with students representing John Scottus

    School at the young scientists primary exhibition

    Rathmines and PortobelloCanalphonic is anexcitingnew festivalwhich will take place in the Rathmines and Portobello areas on the 9th and 10th of May.

    it will take place on Friday and Saturday evening from 5 9.30pm. bands will play on a barge at Portobello harbour, followed by a wide range of gigs and club nights of differing sizes and genres in 14 venues throughout the area. all event information is available on www.canalaphonic.com

    on Saturday, to coincide with the arrival of barges participating in the inland Waterways association of irelands Dublin Rally, there will be a boutique market at Portobello harbour from 12 to 4pm, along with barge trips and family fun activities.

    Check out the official Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/canalaphonic

    Milltowna local committee has st

    arted a campaign

    to address the lack of available school

    places in Milltown. in many instances

    children living on the same road are

    going to a number of different schools

    often travelling significant distances to do

    so. there is need for better community

    cohesion. if you are interested in joining

    the campaign for a local school or access

    to additional school places please contact


  • Lucinda Creighton TD

    Harolds Crossh a r o l d s C r o s sFestival will take place from May 7 t h - 1 0 t h 2015 with an array of

    community, musical, historic, artistic and family activities taking place across four packed days. if you wish to learn more or volunteer log on to www.haroldscross.org

    lucinda has been working with Dublin City Council to alleviate the problemof illegal dumping at Harolds Crossbridge, following representations from local business and will continue to follow up with the council for a longer term solution to this matter.


    Ringsend and Irishtown Riccys Yotuh Caf has just opened onthe irishtown Road and is a fantastic achievement by staff and volunteers of the Ringsend and IrishtownCommunityCentre.Tofindoutmorecontactthemon01-6604789.

    Ringsend irishtown is a group of local business owners and community activists who have come together to promote local eateries, bars and businesses. they are looking to host a photo exhibition of interesting humorous and historical photographs and need your help; if you would like to get involved contact them at ringsendit@gmail.com

    Pearse St and Inner CityParent and Toddler Group takesplace every tuesday morning from 10.45am-11.45am at Pearse St. library, please contact 01 6744888 the Dublin Dockworkers Preservation Society was set up three years ago with an appeal for old photographs. to date they have amassed a collection of 3500 old photographs with a hope of securing state funding for a future museum on the history of the Dublin Docklands. if you wish to contact or join the group please email declan120kincora@gmail.com

    Terenure the terenure Village Market has moved to its exciting new venue in bushy Park every Saturday from 11am-4pm, with 40 stalls

    made up of hot food, artisan produce and crafts.

    the hugely successful Portionwise initiative for local schoolchildren will take place again this year, to promote healthy eating and physical activity in primary schoolchildren. all of the local schools are taking part, and a family community walk is due to take place in terenure on Sunday 26th april, which sounds like great healthy fun! Watch out for updates on portionwise.net

    Ballsbridge-DodderFlooding relief works continue to be carried out in ballsbridge. Recent o