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Spread Option Offense Manual(Utopia ID: SweaterVest09 / PSN ID: blueponcho)

Spread Option Offense Manual 1

ContentsIntroduction- Personnel

(Page 3)

Formations - Base Formations (Pages 5-9) Defensive Fronts- 4-3 Front (Page 11) - 3-4 Front (Page 12) - 3-3-5 Front (Page 13) - 4-2-5 Front (Page 14) - 5-2 Front (Page 15) - 4-4 Front (Page 16) - 46 Bear Front (Page 17) - Nickel Front (Page 18) - Dime Front (Page 19) - Quarters Front (Page 20)

Defensive Coverages- Cover 0 (Pages 22-23) - Cover 1 (Pages 24-25) - Cover 2 (Pages 26-27) - Cover 3 (Pages 28-29) - Cover 4 (Pages 30-31) Reads (Not option run play reads) - Pre-Snap (Pages 33-34) - Post-Snap (Pages 36)

Run Game- Zone (Pages 39-43) - Choice (Pages 44-52)

Passing Game - Blocking Schemes (Page 56)- Quick Series (Pages 58-61) - Play Action Series (Pages 63-65) - Stretch Concepts (Pages 67-76) - Screen Series (Pages 77-80)

Conclusion- 1-Minute Drill (Pages 83-84) - Goal Line Situations (Page 85) - No Huddle Offense (Page 85) - Notes on the Spread Option Offense (Page 86)

Spread Option Offense Manual 2

The Spread Option OffenseIn any version of the spread offense, you are looking to spread the field vertically and horizontally, you want to make defenders play in space, create cut back lanes, and give your athletes room to go make plays. It also fully incorporates the quarter back into your offense, there is no play in the spread format where the quarter back hands it off and steps out of the way, hes always making presnap reads, carrying out fakes, running the ball, or throwing the ball. He is also apart of the blocking scheme now as well, because his read will eliminate the backside defensive end from the play on choice running plays, making the end account for the quarterback and running back on any given play. The spread offense allows you to put together route combinations that forces them into man coverage, and then take off on an option play or with a quarter back draw, leaving them dangerously exposed, because in man coverage the defenders backs will be turned, and they will only be rushing four to six players up field, creating only one layer of run defense. In this format of the spread we are a balanced offensive team, we want to have as many runs as passes. We look to use audiles to adjust the play to the defenses alignment, and call plays accordingly. Out of our base run the play can either break to the right or left with a read on the end, totally flipping the defensive pursuit. We want to go through the air exposing the defense, using route combinations to expose coverages and mismatches, and use quick 3 step drop routes to bring the defense back up. After we have established our passing attack, to the point where they need 5-6 defensive backs on the field, we want to run the ball, using option plays to create confusion on who has the ball, and to make sure we dont run into a bad situation. This whole offense is built on choice, everything from the passing combinations where we target one defender to read, quick series throws where we can use hot routes to adjust to the defenses alignment and coverage, to the zone read, speed option, and jet sweep plays where we can read the defense and choose where the ball should go. When we execute correctly, we should be able to score on every play we call, no exceptions. This isnt really a playbook per-say, I think its a waste of time to catalog plays and put them on a sheet, its just not practical for a video game, you cant scout your opponent ahead of time, and you dont get a lot of time to scan a call sheet. This guide lays out the philosophy of the offense, it should have all the concepts and everything that you wont run into anything you cant combat, and so that you can read this over, analyze what theyre doing, and react accordingly, because people are predictable, and you can exploit that. If you understand how to apply these concepts, I see no reason why you shouldnt win every game you play.

Spread Option Offense Manual 3

PersonnelQuarterback: Think Troy Smith; they need to have a balance in their abilities, but be able to perform both the passes and runs needed by this offense. If you cant find the ideal man, go with a passer, because NCAA 09 is tailored towards the pass, and you can get by with an Air Raid style. Look for 88+ ratings in their passing skill, and 85+ in the running ability. Running Back: Typically I look for a Reggie Bush type; you want them to have great speed, to take advantage of your option game to shorten the time they have to decide who to tackle, and on passing routes so he can outrun safeties and backers to the corner on flare patterns. Look for 93+ in the running ability ratings. Wide Receivers: I like to have small, very quick guys at this position. Think Desean Jackson here, you want a guy who has the quickness to burn his guy on the quick series. Height helps, but overall you need quickness and speed over strength and ability. Tight Ends: Think Kellen Winslow I like to have good speed here, 85+ guys work really well. I tend to throw to my tight ends a lot so they need good hands as well. I am not overly concerned with blocking ability; I see it as an added bonus. Offensive line: I prefer mobility over brute strength. I like to have a faster breed of tackles to be able to pull on the wrap and stretch plays, but he should be able to hold his own in pass coverage. My guards are usually around the 300 pound mark, this is your anchor. My centers fall in the same mold as my guards.

- Be Patient! You can always come back, and Ive had opponents fall asleep on me before, stick to your plan, you will succeed in the end. - Stick to this offense if youre going to use it, it takes a while to map out your playbook in your, and to figure out which formations has the best plays to set up your combinations. - Dont forget about the run! I know the pass is there the whole game, but if you can control the ball, it will demoralize your opponent, and they may begin to panic earlier, in which case you have the game won. - Use motion! Mix up your formations, you can shift into trips, it will be exactly like the trips formation in your playbook, but your opponent will most likely not pick that up, and you can contain to expose their defense. - Happy reading and good luck! I hope my playbook can help you become great players.

Spread Option Offense Manual 4


Spread Option Offense Manual 5 I use 4 and 5 wide sets mostly, and I use trips sets almost 100% of the time to help me pre-read the coverage, these are all of the relevant formations out of the Missouri playbook I use.

Spread Option Offense Manual 6

Spread Option Offense Manual 7

Spread Option Offense Manual 8

Spread Option Offense Manual 9

Spread Option Offense Manual 10

Defensive Fronts

Spread Option Offense Manual 11

4-3 Defensive FrontI. TheoryThe 4-3 defense has 4 down lineman and 3 backers, with 2 safeties over the top, and 2 corners, usually pressed up on the receiver. The front is tailor made for the Cover 2 system.

II. StrengthsIt allows you to have two deep safeties, and run the Cover 2 look to defend against the pass. Also has a variety of Dog blitzes and line stunts.

III. WeaknessIt only has 7 defenders in the box to defend against the run, and linebackers are usually forced to play man against slot or running backs Vulnerable to: Outside run game, Option. Open gaps: Weak side B gap, Strong side A

Spread Option Offense Manual 12

3-4 Defensive FrontI. TheoryThe 3-4 Defense has 3 down lineman and 4 linebackers, with 2 corners and 2 deep safeties. This front is more often used for its Cover 3 capabilities, but it can be used for cover 1, allowing a disguise of which of the linebackers is going to be sent on the blitz.

II. StrengthsIt allows you to have two deep safeties, run Cover 2 or Cover 3 effectively, and utilize a multitude linebacker stunts, much more than the 4-3.

III. WeaknessIt only has 7 defenders in the box to defend against the run, the linebackers are usually forced to play man against slot or running backs, and there is only 3 down lineman, making it very weak at the POA. Vulnerable to: Counter/Pulling Lineman Run game, Option Open Gaps: Opposite the Nose tackles angle, or both A gaps if theres no slant

Spread Option Offense Manual 13

3-3-5 Defensive FrontI. TheoryThe 3-3-5 Defense, sometimes referred to as the odd stack, with 3 lineman, 3 linebackers, 1 free safety, 2 corners, and 2 strong safeties, is a very unique defense, it allows you to put 8 men up in the box, and run very effective passing coverages as well

II. StrengthsIt allows you to have one deep safety to take away the middle of the field, 2 strong safeties to take away the flats, and 3 backers over the middle. Can apply lots of pressure without sacrificing their pass coverage, or vice-versa.

III. WeaknessIts weakness is that it gives away what its going to do, and you can adjust accordingly, if its a zone, their best move before snap is to pinch the line, and if its a blitz, the free safety will have to move up and take someone. Vulnerable to: Gives defensive call away, Deep hash, Power run game Open Gaps: A gaps, or opposite the nose tackles angle

Spread Option Offense Manual 14

4-2-5 Defensive FrontI. TheoryThe 4-2-5 defensive front allows you to have safeties up for run support, and still enabling them to drop back into pass coverage. It has 2 linebackers, 2 strong safeties, 2 corners, and 1 deep safety.

II. StrengthsIt can have the safeties move up to make an 8 man front, or drop back into pass coverage in a tight zone coverage. Can apply lots of pressure without sacrificing their pass coverage, or vice-versa.

III. WeaknessIts weakness is that it