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Local community magazine for Central Mansfield


<ul><li><p>Inside this issue:</p><p> Pedal Power Garden View Mansfield Arts Festival Mother of the Bride Business Focus Puzzles Your Community info. 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Lets all try and support this excellent event.</p><p>Please help our community by supporting our local advertisers and businesses.</p><p>Spotlight magazine is delivered to 6,000 homes and businesses in the Mansfield Central area each month, with similar magazines also going to Mansfield South, Mansfield North and West Bridgford</p><p>To Advertise or contribute:T: 01623 706570E:</p><p>To Wax or Not to Wax? 6Pedal Power 8Garden View 10Puzzle Pages 12Mansfield Arts Festival 14Recipe 18Take Better Photos 20Beat the Cramps 22Mother of the Bride 24Grand Central Chorus 26Community Information 28Index 30</p><p>Published by Spotlight Local Media Ltd Company No. 6841257 Tel: 01623 706570</p><p>Suite 104, 1 Hanley Street Nottingham NG1 5BL</p><p>Graphic Design and Layout: Spotlight Local MediaDistributed by Leaflet Media</p><p>Trusted Delivery Partner of the Spotlight Magazine</p><p>Spotlight on Mansfield CentralContents</p><p>4</p><p>ALTERATION AND REPAIR SERVICE </p><p>We are major manufacturers of high street suitsand know the tailoring process of clothing inside out.</p><p>Come and meet our knowledgeable staff and in-house tailors who specialises in all clothing alterations from:</p><p>broken zips, waistbands, dresses and skirts to inside leg adjustments and discuss your requirements.</p><p>Sherwood House, Dale Lane, Blidworth, NG21 0SATel: 01623 793073 07807 889795 9am - 4pm Mon - Sat</p><p>STEAMFORCE ALTERATION &amp; REPAIR SERVICE</p><p>Bought Your FabulousProm Dress Yet?</p><p>With over 35 years experience, let us alter, restyle or repair your clothes.Let us save you money by having your favourite clothes altered...</p><p>Curtain &amp;Soft FurnishingSpecialists</p><p>A little too long? 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Its an old fashioned shrub which has fallen out of favour, and for the majority of the year it looks relatively uninteresting but the Lilac bush smells fantastic in a gentle May evening breeze. Mix this aroma with the scent of freshly mown grass and you have the most perfect spring fragrance, better than any air-freshener.</p><p>After a long winter with more snow than I can ever remember, and yet more depressing news about our economy, I think what we all need is to enjoy a little nostalgia; Im not talking bunting here, but bedding plants. Towards the end of the month is the time when bedding plants and other tender perennials can be planted outside. </p><p>Thousands of people will flock to garden centres up and down the country over the coming weeks, and for some its their only pilgrimage of the year to the outdoor retail world. Its an opportunity for the nurseryman (or woman) to display row after row of highly colourful plants, stacked, tray by tray like jars of sweets in an old fashioned shop. Each standing to attention, faces held high, their label pointing forwards and each doing their utmost to shout buy me, buy me. </p><p>The flowers shine in the sunshine like the sparkling boiled fruit sweets in the jars, oh what is it to be, the bi coloured rhubarb custards, or the combination of blackberry and raspberry jellies?</p><p>Choosing your colour scheme for this years bedding display (be that just the one hanging basket or a front garden that looks like a Victorian public park) is exciting, and a totally personal task. Ive know it can cause arguments between couples, but have also known marriages which have survived successfully on the basis that you plant your side and Ill plant mine. </p><p>There are those who like a multi coloured cocktail of plants (a mixed tray of Petunias for example), those who prefer to stick to a muted pallet of 2-3 sophisticated colours (usually purple, blue and white) and then those trying to achieve a Swiss cottage look who might plummet for just the one (perhaps a red trailing Ivy Leafed Pelargonium). </p><p>But whatever your preference I dont think it really matters, because buying annual bedding plants brings nostalgic happiness all round; its good for the nurserymans business, brilliant for passersby to enjoy, and most importantly great at making you feel happy at home. Happy Gardening, Lee</p><p>Garden Tasks for May</p><p>Watch out for late frosts. Protect tender plantsEarth up potatoesOpen greenhouse vents and doors on warm daysLift and divide overcrowded clumps of daffodils and other spring-flowering bulbs</p><p>Contact Lee Bestall at</p><p> 01623 706570</p></li><li><p> 01623 706570</p><p>Puzzle Page</p><p>Quick Crossword</p><p>May Crossword CluesAcross1 Diminish or cease (3, 2)4 Inexpensive (5)7 Supporting structure (8)8 Sweet red wine (4)9 Brief summary (8)11 Eyelid abscess (4)12 Attends to (6)14 Suppose (6)16 Musical composition (4)18 Refurbish (8)20 Warmth (4)21 Creatively stimulated (8)23 Wild activity (5)24 Hikes (5)Down1 Appealing (7)2 For hire (2, 3)3 Vessel (3)4 Restrict (9)5 Reveals (7)6 Celebration (5)10 Self-assured (9)13 Guest (7)15 Affairs (7)17 Iron (5)19 Human sound (5)22Take the load off (slang) (3)</p></li><li><p> 01623 706570 13</p><p>Puzzle PageMay Word SearchCapital cities</p><p>Abu Dhabi Abuja Accra Amman Ankara Apia Asmara Astana Baku Bangkok Bern Cairo Dakar Doha Dublin Hanoi Kampala Lima Lusaka Male Managua Manama </p><p> Monrovia Moroni Moscow Noumea Nuuk Oslo Prague Quito Rabat Riyadh Rome Roseau San Juan Sanaa Seoul Sofia Suva Tehran Tokyo Vienna Washington DC Yaren Zagreb </p><p>New stairlifts from 1100Rapid installs available Curved Straight Used Rentals</p><p>01159 875</p><p>New stairlifts from 1100Rapid installs available Curved Straight Used Rentals</p><p>01159 875</p><p>FREE HOME TRIAL</p></li><li><p>To Advertise call Spotlight on 01623 706570 Please mention Spotlight when responding to an ad14</p><p>CommunityDates Unveiled for Mansfield Arts Festival</p><p>Artists, musicians, singers, dancers, Thespians and entertainers are being invited to come together once again this summer to celebrate the best of Mansfield, when the Mansfield Arts Festival returns for a second year.</p><p>The festival, which is organised by Mansfield District Council, will take place between 6 July and 21 July.</p><p>A number of events have already been confirmed for the festival including the James Maude Camera Club exhibition and Mansfield Society of Artists exhibition at Mansfield Museum. The Arts Festival programme will also feature the closing show of the Palace Theatres community production of Brassed Off.</p><p>People from across the District are encouraged to get involved during the fortnight by either holding their own performance or exhibition, or participating in one of the events currently being organised.If you would like to stage your own event during the fortnight please register at</p><p>Performances and exhibitions can take place in a venue local to you, or the Council may be able to help you find a suitable indoor or outdoor venue. All registered events will be promoted as part of the festival.</p><p>The Mansfield Arts Festival was created in 2012 and inspired by the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The event saw a range of community events from storytelling to acrobatics, big band jazz performances to guided to...</p></li></ul>


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