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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Sports Club Committee Training </p> <p>September 2015WelcomeIntroductionsTeam Hallam StaffBased at the Students' UnionSports Manager Joel Sports Club Programme LeaderKirstie Social Sport FacilitatorEllen BUCS AdministratorLydia Student Activities AdministratorSarah Team Hallam StaffBased at the University, Pearson BuildingSport Development Ass. ManagerRyan Performance Athlete Support Off.Helen Sport Development Intern (Perf)Jordan Head S&amp;C CoachAndrew Sport Development Officer (Part)Callum O' Sport Development ManagementFrazer Sport &amp; Physical Activity OfficerWhat I've Been Up To...Slide TitleTourVarsity Visual PresenceLGBT+ CampaignWednesday AfternoonsTransportSports Officer Touch TimeInclusivity WorkshopsWhat I've Been Up To...Slide - 25th March 2016Tour Meeting - 16th October</p> <p>What I've Been Up To...Slide TitleVarsity Visual Presence</p> <p>105 - Winter Varsity212 - VarsityWhat I've Been Up To...Slide TitleLGBT+</p> <p>What I've Been Up To...Slide TitleWednesday Afternoons</p> <p>2435What I've Been Up To...Slide TitleTransport</p> <p>What I've Been Up To...Slide TitleTouch Time With Sports OfficerDrop-in sessions 2:00pm-3:30pm Tuesday and FridaySocial Media question time 3:00pm-4:00pm Monday and ThursdayContinue the Chairs breakfast October, January, April</p> <p>What I've Been Up To...Slide TitleInclusivity Workshops</p> <p>What I've Been Up To...Slide TitleSports Working Group</p> <p>Section Title</p> <p>Sub-text explaining section, lorem ipsumdolor est lordem rondus lindum</p> <p>Sheffield Hallam Students UnionSheffield Hallam Students' UnionSlide TitleWho we areWe are a not for profit organisationWe have to operate in line with our articles of governanceWe are run by students for students!</p> <p>Our MissionBe the difference in Students' Lives</p> <p>Sheffield Hallam Students' UnionSlide Title</p> <p>Sheffield Hallam Students' UnionSlide TitlePolicyA policy is something that the Students' Union are mandated to do by the student body.A policy is effectively an idea that a student, or a number of students, have had which they believe will make the student experience at Sheffield Hallam University better. It's something that they want the Students' Union to work on in order to make their Students' Union, their Education, or their time in their Community better. Once passed by Zones, by Union Council or by Referendum, policies are binding on the Students' Union for three years - and the Students' Union needs to work to make sure they happen!</p> <p>Sheffield Hallam Students' UnionSlide Title</p> <p>Questions?Role Specific SessionsSheffield Hallam Students' UnionSlide TitleCommittee RoleRoomSession LeadChairperson &amp; SecretaryJoel KestertonTreasurer &amp; Equipment OfficerMatt Leese &amp; Sarah ClaytonSafety &amp; Training OfficerKirstie CarruthersEquality &amp; Diversity OfficerEllen Holmes &amp; James MansonCaptainsLydia SmithSocial SecretariesEmily WilkesTeam Hallam Kit Deposit SchemeLunch Welcome BackGet Active WeekGet Active WeekSlide Title</p> <p>25th - 29th January 2016This year we want to pilot some "give it a go" sports activities for young people in the local communityEach club involved will get 30 as a thank you29Your Club in Your CommunityCommunity WeekCommunity WeekSlide Title25,000 visitorsFebruary half-term42 different activities last year, over 70 volunteers"Give it a Go" sessions30 for your club</p> <p>This year we want to pilot some "give it a go" sports activities for young people in the local communityEach club involved will get 30 as a thank you32Community ProjectsCommunity ProjectsSlide TitleMake a difference in your communityWork with local organisationsNot just sports sessions</p> <p>34Varsity Outreach ProjectsVarsity Outreach ProjectsSlide TitleGet experience in partnership workingPlan &amp; deliver sessions in the community30 for your club</p> <p>"I really enjoyed it! I haven't coached like that in a while and can tell how much it means to them too. They were all enthusiastic which was good and they were well behaved and they even came and shook our hands at end. I want to do more to be honest </p> <p>Player/Volunteer - Men's Football Outreach ProjectTimebuilders ProjectsTimebuilders ProjectsSlide TitleUse your skills to deliver sessions in the community Get rewarded for volunteeringRun one-off events or longer term projects</p> <p>For every hour you volunteer, you gain time credits that can be 'spent' on things like gig tickets and food in St Mary's Church cafe.38What's in it for us?What's in it for us?Slide TitleBenefitsBetter opportunities for your membersImprove your employabilityDevelop personal &amp; professional skills with support from the UnionEnhanced club reputationHelp your communityBetter links for your club</p> <p>What's next?What's next?Slide TitleJames Manson - Community &amp; Welfare / 0114 225 4129</p> <p>Serena Noble - Community Engagement Programme / 0114 225 3303</p> <p>Club DevelopmentClub Development PlanningSlide TitleWhat's the situation?</p> <p>We're currently in the process of reviewing the Club Development Process</p> <p>There will be a 'stripped back' version this year</p> <p>Club will choose three objectives (and do them well!)</p> <p>Regular updates throughout the year</p> <p>Club Development PlanningSlide TitleClub Development PlanningSlide TitleClub StructureClub CultureSustainabilityPerformanceParticipationFinanceCommunityIncrease membership by a %ageEmbed an inclusive culture within your clubDevelop a proposal to purchase new equipment for your club Improve your BUCS League PositionBecome actively engaged in your sports social sport sessionsAttract a sponsorship deal from a business that isn't a bar or nightclub Deliver a community Varsity SessionWork with potential future committee members to provide insight into what's involvedDevelop an improvement plan to tackle anti-social behaviour within your clubImprove your clubs attendance % at Strength &amp; Conditioning sessionsHave at least one student sport activator from your club or committeeWork with RAG to raise money for your club and their nominated charityGet involved in Community WeekWork closely with HE/Uni Officers (if applicable)Develop a healthy lifestyle plan for your clubCreate a development squadGet involved with Get active week AWComplete a funding application which attracts new participants to your sportDeliver a Community outreach projectClub Development PlanningSlide TitleWhat are you going to do now?</p> <p>As a committee pick 3 objectives, from 3 different themes</p> <p>Develop an Action Plan for each objectiveWhat do you need to do?How are you going to do it?Who's going to do it?By when?</p> <p>WorkshopsSheffield Hallam Students' UnionSlide TitleWorking with your CoachD105Ryan AmosPerformanceD107Helen RobertsSocial Media Do's and Don'tsD103SU Marketing Dept. EmployabilityD013Doug MuzawaziSponsorshipD011Kirstie CarruthersSports Working GroupD006Emily WilkesGet more people participating in your sportHW1Ellen Holmes</p> <p>Questions?Thank You!</p>