sports and scenic spots in america. sports the american football baseball other sports

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  • Sports The American FootballbaseballOther sports

  • The American FootballYour Subtitle Goes Here

  • YOUR TOPIC GOES HEREAFC AND NFC AFC -the American Football Conference NFC the National Football ConferenceSeason pre-season (the late summer) regular season the fall) post-season (the winter)

  • YOUR TOPIC GOES HEREHOW TO PLAY team is part of eleven players. The team having possession of the football is the offense whose object is to advance the ball over the defenses goal line.WHY AMERICAN LIKE THIS GAME Americans like to glorify individuals who succeed in overcoming obstacles. natural ones as well as those presented by others

  • The BaseballYour Subtitle Goes Here

  • Earlier, before television and air travel, professional baseball was confined to a few cities mostly.

    Before World War 2,there were two major leagues-the older National League and the American League. period of hero people losing control of lives, buried and lost in a mass After World War 2,changes in the games took place. Fist, the demolition of the color barrier. (Jackie Robinson) Second, the season is changed Last, the Black Sox's scandal of 1919

  • Basketball

  • Basketball was deliberately created in 1891 by a physical educationteacher in Massachusetts,Canadian-born James Naismith. Basketball had its first professional team in1896.But it wasn't until 1950 that the national Basketball Association (NBA) of professional teams was established.

    After a few exhibition games in the fall, the 82-game season begins the first weekin November. In mid-February, there is an intermission for the All-Star game, where the best players from teams in both Eastern and Western divisions, display their skills. In mid-April, the eight teams with the best records in each division begin a series of play-off games, where the winner of four out of seven games in a seriesadvances to meet the winners of another play-off series. Finally,the survivors ineach division meet for the NBA Championship series of games.

    Who is he?

  • Grand Canyon

  • MOUNT St.Helens

  • Rocky Mountains

  • Mount Hood

  • Yosemite National Park

  • Missippi River


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