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<ul><li><p>conference n awards n networking</p><p>The international event for the powered access industry</p><p>SponSorShip opportunitieS</p><p>www.iapa-summit.info</p><p>Created and organized by</p><p>in ConjunCtion with</p><p>accessInternatIonal</p><p>access, lift &amp; handlers</p><p>international awards for powered access2014</p><p>summit</p><p>2O14</p><p>Windsor, near London, UK </p><p>3rd April, 2014</p></li><li><p>royal windsorIn 2014, the IPAF Summit and IAPAs </p><p>will be held at Beaumont Estate Hotel, Windsor, near London, UK</p><p>The IPAF Summit conference and the International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs) is a fantastic combined </p><p>educational and networking event for the access industry.</p><p>Three days of access eventswedneSday, 2 april, morningipaF Council meeting and agm </p><p>The IPAF Council, the Federations main governing body, will meet in the morning. This meeting is open to Council members and by invitation only.</p><p>This will be followed by the IPAF Annual General Meeting (AGM) around noon. The AGM is open to IPAF members only.</p><p>wedneSday, 2 april, eveningipaF networking event</p><p>This informal networking event will be held at a stylish venue in the vicinity of picturesque Windsor. This is a great opportunity to meet colleagues and do business in a unique environment. There is no cost to attend, and the networking event is open to all IPAF members and to people holding a ticket for the IAPA Awards Dinner. Numbers are limited for this popular event, so be sure to register early in order to be admitted.</p><p>welcome to</p></li><li><p>royal windsorThree days of access events</p><p>thurSday, 3 april, morning and aFternoonipaF Summit</p><p>The IPAF Summit will be a full day of plenary conference and seminars. Registration and coffee is at 9:30 followed at 10:00 by breakout sessions, one on mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and one on mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs), that delegates can attend. </p><p>The plenary session in the afternoon will bring all delegates together and provide them with valuable take-home messages that contribute toward a professional and </p><p>safe powered access industry. The Summit is held in English, with simultaneous translation in Italian and Spanish. Attendance is free and delegates should register in advance.</p><p>thurSday, 3 april, eveninginternational awards forpowered access (iapas)</p><p>A spectacular gala dinner and awards ceremony which will take place at the historic and luxurious Beaumont Estate Hotel in Windsor, the IAPAs celebrate best practice and excellence in the powered </p><p>access industry. Attendees can look forward to a first class evening of wining and dining, along with entertainment and excitement as the award winners are announced. The event is expected to attract more than 450 guests from around the world.</p><p>Friday, 4 april, morningtraining and site visits</p><p>Delegates will have the opportunity to take the MEWPs for Managers training course or to visit rental depots and construction sites in the vicinity. </p><p>The course is targeted at project </p><p>managers, construction foremen, supervisors and other personnel who need to manage the use of MEWPs on site. It covers equipment selection, legal responsibilities, safe and effective use, planning for the use of multiple MEWPs in confined areas, etc. The course does not include operator training. Candidates take a written test and receive a certificate of completion if successful.</p><p>Tours to access rental companies in the area are being arranged by IPAF. Details will be released at the end of 2013.</p><p>www.iapa-summit.info</p><p>international awards for powered access2014</p><p>summit</p><p>2O14</p><p>welcome to</p></li><li><p>Gold Package E15,000</p><p>sponsorship packagesSponsors will be given extensive exposure to senior executives of major rental companies, manufacturers, fleet owners, training companies, finance groups and access-related professionals who will attend the 2014 IPAF Summit and IAPAs from around the world. More than 400 professionals attended last years event.</p><p>It is one of the most popular events on the access industry calendar and in 2014 it will be held in Windsor, UK.</p><p>enhanced sponsorship opportunities are available to gold sponsors onlyEnhance your Gold sponsorship to include a piece of equipment displayed at the entrance of the hotel. For more options and to discuss sponsorship contact Wil Holloway: Tel: +1 312 929 2563 E: wil.holloway@khl.com </p><p>3 m</p><p>2 m</p><p>large 3 m banner / backdrop</p><p>(Banner/backdrop not included in sponsorship package)</p><p>ipaF Summit promotionn Exhibition table in coffee/tea room including plasma screen for company presentationn Company logo within conference programmen Banners within conference and foyern On screen branding during summit</p><p>awards promotionn 10 VIP tickets to the awards dinnern Logo on front of the dinner menun Page of advertorial within the dinner menun Logo on all flags during dinnern Prominent branding on screen media promotionn Logo in prominent position on IAPA websiten Company Profile on IAPA websiten Shared branding on display advertisements within AI/ALHn Shared branding on digital banner on AI/ALH newslettern Shared branding on AI/ALH web pages n Social media promotion including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin</p><p>To discuss sponsorship opportunites contact Wil Holloway: Tel: +1 312 929 2563 E: wil.holloway@khl.com</p></li><li><p>www.iapa-summit.info</p><p>media promotionn Shared branding on IAPA </p><p>websiten Shared branding on </p><p>display advertisements within Ai/ALH</p><p>n Shared branding on digital banner on Ai/ALH newsletter</p><p>n Shared branding on Ai/ALH web pages</p><p>Supporting E4,500ipaF Summit promotionn Shared branding on </p><p>summit programme</p><p>awards promotionn 2 tickets to the </p><p>awards dinnern Shared branding within </p><p>the dinner menu Exclusive Drinks Reception E10,000drinks reception promotionn Company ice sculpture n 5 tickets to the awards dinnern Branding on plasma screens </p><p>throughout receptionn Welcome banners at entrance and </p><p>throughout reception roomn Branding on flags in reception area </p><p>ipaF Summit promotionn Exhibition table in coffee/tea roomn Shared branding in summit programmen On screen branding during summit</p><p>awards promotionn 5 tickets to the awards dinnern Shared branding on back cover of the </p><p>dinner menun Shared branding on screen </p><p>Silver Package E9,000</p><p>2 m</p><p>1 m</p><p>1 m banner / backdrop</p><p>(Banner/backdrop not included in sponsorship package)</p></li><li><p>media promotions</p><p>Official magazine of IPAF </p><p> ACCESS INTERNATIONAL: 30 YEARS AS THE INDUSTRYS LEADING GLOBAL MAGAZINE</p><p>Volume Twenty Issue Four A KHL Group publication May-June 2013 www.khl.com/ai</p><p>Super booms</p><p>TOPLIST:</p><p>access20INTERVIEWS:</p><p>GalmonTerex AWP</p><p>REVIEWS:</p><p>IPAF Summitbauma</p><p>PRODUCT FEATURE:</p><p>Access 05-06 2013 Cover.indd 1 21/05/2013 10:50:20</p><p>www.khl.comINTERNATIONAL www.khl.comrental</p><p>T H E O N L Y W O R L D W I D E E Q U I P M E N T R E N T A L M A G A Z I N E</p><p>Official magazine of the ERA</p><p>A KHL Group Publication Volume 13 Issue 3 April-May 2013</p><p>NE</p><p>WS</p><p>Rental makes progress in the Middle Eastp37</p><p>OffiOffiOffiOfficialcialcial mamagazine of the ERAOffiOffiffiOffi icialcialcial mmagazine of the ERA</p><p>Final news fromBauma showp27</p><p>Full preview: ERA Convention &amp; European Rental Awardsp17</p><p>LoadersNew skid steers and </p><p>compact tracked models p41</p><p>Fi l f</p><p>IRN 04-05 2013 Cover.indd 1 03/04/2013 12:19:46</p><p>internationalconstructionMAY 2013 Vol 52 No4</p><p>A KHL Group publication www.khl.com</p><p>REGION</p><p>Latin America</p><p>P21</p><p>SECTOR</p><p>Concrete construction</p><p>P25</p><p>SECTORRSECTORTunnellingP45</p><p>ICON 05 2013 Front Cover.indd 2 02/05/2013 14:42:32</p><p>p25</p><p>Componentsp31</p><p>Concretep40</p><p>Plantworx previewp48 25</p><p>Mini excavators</p><p>C O N S T R U C T I O N</p><p>THE MAGAZINE FOR EUROPES CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY www.construction-europe.comTHE MMMAAAAGGGGGAAAAZZZZIINNE FFOOORRRR EEEEUUURROOPPEESS CE F CCCOOONNSSSTTRUCSS CC CTION IIINNNNDDDDUUUUSSSTTRYCTI Y wwwwwwwww.construcY ction europe comtrucA KHL Group publication May 2013 Volume 24 Number 4</p><p>CE 05 2013 Front Cover.indd 1 01/05/2013 15:15:19</p><p>International Awards for Powered Access2O13MIAMI</p><p>summit</p><p>2O13</p><p>www.iapa-summit.info</p><p>The international event for the powered access industry</p><p>Save the date for the next</p><p>IPAF SUMMITCONFIRMED SPEAKERSRon DeFeo, CEO, Terex Corp</p><p>Ron DeFeo has more than</p><p>20 years ofmanagement</p><p>and operating experience within Terex. He has been namedto the Association of EquipmentManufacturers (AEM) Hall of Fameand has served as the chairman ofthe AEM.</p><p>Michael Kneeland, CEO,United Rentals</p><p>Michael Kneeland leads the worlds largest equipment rentalcompany and has more than 33 years experience in the rental industry. He joined United Rentalsas a district manager in 1998 and was appointed CEO in June 2007.</p><p>The International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs) and the IPAF Summit conference is a fantastic combined educational and networking event for the access industry.This established event regularly attracts more than 400 </p><p>delegates and is one of the most popular on the access </p><p>industry calendar. So reserve the date in your diary now </p><p>and book your place.</p><p>contacts</p><p>For further information see our website:</p><p>CREATED AND ORGANISED BY</p><p>accessI N T E R N A T I O N A L ACCESS</p><p>Lift&amp;Handlers</p><p>CREATED AND ORGANISED BY</p><p>accessI N T E R N A T I O N A L ACCESS</p><p>Lift&amp;Handlers</p><p>MEDIA PARTNER</p><p>MARCH 26, 2013MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA</p><p>Access InternationalUK - Saara RootesT: +44 (0)1892 784088E: saara.rootes@khl.com USA - Wil HollowayT: +1 312 929 2563E: wil.holloway@khl.com</p><p>Trevor PeaseT: +1 480 659 0578E: trevor.pease@khl.com</p><p>IPAFUSA - Tony GroatT: +1 518 280 2486 E: mail@awpt.orgwww.awpt.org</p><p>UK - Jo WoodT: +44 (0)15395 66700E: jo.wood@ipaf.org www.ipaf.org </p><p>conference n awards n network ing</p><p>A KHL Group Publication www.khl.com/alh</p><p>MAY-JUNE 2013 VOLUME 9 ISSUE 3</p><p>ACCESS TELEHANDLERS SCAFFOLDING BUSINESS NEWS PEOPLEOFFICIAL NORTH AMERICAN MAGAZINE</p><p>ACCESS, LIFT &amp; HANDLERS</p><p>A KHL G P bli ti khl / lh</p><p>THE EVOLUTION OF BIG BOOMS</p><p>ALH 05-06 2013 Front Cover.indd 1 10/05/2013 13:05:02</p><p>Event promotion will appear on the following websites/newsletters/magazines</p><p>Sponsors logos will appear on</p><p>khl.com Access, Lift &amp; Handlers</p><p>IAPA / IPAF Summit</p><p>Access International</p><p>Access, Lift &amp; Handlers Access International</p><p>Pull up banners</p><p>Awards menus</p><p>Plasma screens</p><p>Stage branding</p><p>ipaf.orgwww.iapa-summit.info</p><p>LATINO-AMERICANAconstruo</p><p>MAIO DE 2013Volume 3, Nmero 4</p><p>Uma publicao da KHL Group</p><p>A R E V I S TA D A I N D S T R I A D A C O N S T R U O N A A M R I C A L AT I N A</p><p>Articulados: mais capacidadePERU</p><p>21</p><p>BAUMA</p><p>44</p><p>CONSTRUCTION EXPO</p><p>5539</p><p>BRITAGEM</p><p>CLA 05 2013 Front Cover PTG.indd 1 08/05/2013 09:48:15</p><p>LATINOAMERICANA MAYO 2013Volumen 3, Nmero 4Una publicacin de KHL Groupconstruccin</p><p>LA REVISTA DE LA INDUSTRIA DE LA CONSTRUCCIN DE AMRICA LATINA</p><p>Articulados: ms capacidadPER</p><p>21</p><p>BAUMA</p><p>44</p><p>CONSTRUCTION EXPO</p><p>5539</p><p>TRITURACIN</p><p>CLA 05 2013 Front Cover SPN.indd 1 08/05/2013 09:10:21</p><p>500,000 potential views </p><p>of sponsor logos</p><p>wEbSItES</p><p>MAgAzInES</p><p>At tHE EvEntE-nEwSLEttErS &amp; E-CAStS</p></li><li><p>www.iapa-summit.info</p><p>access, lift &amp; handlersAccess, Lift &amp; Handlers (ALH) provides the most relevant reviews and news on the entire North American access market. From hard-hitting interviews to the latest product information, ALH features unrivaled editorial quality. ALH is also the official North American magazine of IPAF. Every issue of the magazine features two pages of news regarding the International Powered Access Federations (IPAF) activities and its North American subsidiary, American Work Platform Training (AWPT). With its team of experienced and well-respected editors, ALH reaches more than 13,000 readers fanning across the market including equipment rental companies, contractors, residential and commercial contractors, scaffolding contractors, public and private utilities, distributors and more. The magazine also reaches across North America and the world by having a presence at all the major trade shows: Bauma, ConExpo, The Rental Show, World of Concrete, Intermat and more. </p><p>For more information, see www.khl.com/alh</p><p>The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is a not-for-profit membership association that promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide.</p><p>IPAF is owned by its members to serve its members who come from every sector of the industry involved in aerial work platforms and mast climbing work platforms manufacturers, rental companies, contractors and end-users of equipment.</p><p>IPAF provides members with up to </p><p>date information and guidance on safety, best practice and legislation. Members benefit from a wide variety of services, ranging from the ability to offer IPAFs full operator training program, to learning and networking opportunities at conferences and events, the highlight being the annual IPAF Summit and International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs).</p><p>The IPAF Summit conference provides delegates with valuable take-home messages that contribute toward a </p><p>professional and safe powered access industry. The IAPAs celebrate and reward excellence, innovation and best practice in the powered access industry.</p><p>For more information, see www.ipaf.org</p><p>access internationalAccess International (AI ) is the only magazine covering the global access equipment market. Founded 20 years ago, the magazine is written for buyers and users of all types of access equipment, from self-propelled booms and scissors and scaffolding to mast climbing work platforms, truck mounted machines and push-around personnel lifts.</p><p>Every issue contains news on the latest products, guidance on safety issues and market statistics, as well as interviews with key players in the industry, whether manufacturers, rental companies or end users.</p><p>AI is also the official publication of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), with every IPAF member receiving each issue.</p><p>In addition to the paper magazine, AI provides editorial material in a range of other formats, including the weekly WorldAccessWeek (WAW) eNewsletter, daily news updates at www.khl.com, and the annual Access Yearbook, the industry's only global director of access products. Access International's publisher, KHL Group, is the co-organiser and founder of the APEX show held every three years in the Netherlands. For more information, see www.khl.com/ai </p><p>Official magazine of IPAF </p><p> ACCESS INTERNATIONAL: 30 YEARS AS THE INDUSTRYS LEADING GLOBAL MAGAZINE</p><p>Volume Twenty Issue Three April 2013 A KHL Group publication www.khl.com /ai</p><p>winners</p><p>INTERVIEWS:Swiss rentalJLGFEATURES:ScissorsScaffolding</p><p>Access 04 2013 Cover.indd 1 04/04/2013 12:06:12</p><p>A KHL Group Publication www.khl.com/alh</p><p>MARCH-APRIL 2013 VOLUME 9 ISSUE 2</p><p>ACCESS TELEHANDLERS SCAFFOLDING BUSINESS NEWS PEOPLEOFFICIAL NORTH AMERICAN MAGAZINE</p><p>ACCESS, LIFT &amp; HANDLERS</p><p>EVENT</p><p>IAPAs</p><p>SHOW REVIEWS</p><p>The Rental ShowWorld of Concrete</p><p>INTERVIEWS</p><p>JLG - Frank NerenhausenGenie - Matt Fearon</p><p>SHOWGUIDE</p><p>AAA KAA KKKKKKA KA HHHLLLLLLLHHL GGGGG P bP bbbblli tttiti</p><p>ALH 03-04 2013 Front CoverLAFINAL.indd 1 08/03/2013 09:18:20</p><p>ipaF</p></li><li><p>International Awards for Powered Access2O14</p><p>conference n awards n networking</p><p>www.iapa-summit.info</p><p>contact information</p><p>The international event for the powered access industry</p><p>in ConjunC...</p></li></ul>


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