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    Issue #:0064 Vol: 7 February 2012




    (Vishva Sarvatma Bhava Chaitanya Prasara Nilayam)

    Spiritual Patron Samartha SadGuru Sri Ramachandra Maharaj Spiritual Facilitator Prof. Satyanarayana Chillapa President IUSCM

    Spiritual Doctrine, Conceptual Guidance - and - Motivators: Bhagavan Sri. Adi Sankara and Lord Sri. Krishna Paramatma (Gitacharya )



    Message from the Master

    Construction of temples and installation of deities is on the increase and, people in general consider it as an index of “Bhakti” the devotion to God. Alas! This is only the index of increase in grossness of

    approach to Para Brahman the Reality which is subtlest of all the subtle (“Sukshmat Sukshmataram”). The subtle entity (Tatva) cannot be grasped by gross medium. This basic principle of spirituality is out of reach of worshipers of gross medium of approach to divinity. Common man is kept, by design, in darkness about his duty to make efforts for Atma-Sakshatkara, the Self Realization. Attaining Swarga, the Heaven is only

    Spiritual News Bulletin

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    ‘’Tatra Para Rug Vedo, Yajur Vedo, Sama Vedo, Atharva Vedaha, Skisha, Kalpo, Vyakaranam,

    Niruktam, Chando, Jayoshitisha Miti, Atha Para, Yaya, Tatakshram,

    Adhi Gamyatae.''

    तत परा ऋ वदो यजवदो सामवदो े ेु अथववधा िश क पो याकरण े ं िन छ दो जयोिषितशिमित ं अथ परा यया तत र अिधग यतं े

    emphasized by preaching, and activities to attain the same are designed and preached. Ancient stories, and historical and religious events called as “Puranas” and scriptures describing the life events of Bhagavan Sri Krishna called as “ Bhagavatha Purana” are one commonly recited as a preaching in the temples and hearing them is proclaimed as a great merit ‘Punya’ for attaining worldly prosperity and conferring heavenly attainment after death. Conducting No. of Gita-Yagnas by the so- called learned men, has become the religious fashion, of the day. The Ignorant, leading the Ignorant; Breeds the Ignorance. Self realization is advocated only for a too few privileged ones, that to at the fag-end of life after exhaustion of active existential life activities. Active day to day temporal life as the consistent medium of Self-Realization is not thought of and much less made use of. For the common man only hearing (Shravana) the stories of life of great men who lived religious, and spiritual life is considered sufficient as ‘samam-bonam’, fulfilment of life. Scriptures indicate, in no un-certain terms, the higher knowledge is one by which the imperishable Para Brahman is attained.

    ''Of these the lower consists of the study of Rig Veda,

    Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, Atharvana Veda, phonetics, grammar, and Astronomy. Now, the higher knowledge is that, by which the Imperishable Para Brahman is attained.'' (Ref: Mundaka- Upanishad--1-1-5)

    Self Realization, known as, “Atma-Sakshatkara” is inevitable essential requirement for Moksha, the liberation from the thraldom of birth and death; but, in practice is neglected to

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    preach and advocate. It is only, after the advent of Sahajamarga system of raja yoga, propounded by Samartha Sad Guru Bhagavan, Sri Ram Chandra Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, that the concept of Atma Sakshatkara, the Self Realization, has become general precept of yoga to common seeker of Divine quest. Realization can be defined as a state of “Change Less-ness” and is a condition seldom, bestowed, on man even in the course of thousands of years.

    Meaning: “This Atman cannot be attained by the study of

    Vedas, nor by intellect, nor even by much learning; by him it is attained whom It ( God ) Chooses, this, his ( own ) Atman, reveals it’s own ( real ) form. (Ref: Kathopanishad Chapt.2 Sl.13)

    Modern social man has time for every sundry activity, but, when it comes to meditation, the dhyana yoga as Pooja, he laments for lack of time saying “I am too busy with family and office obligations”. There is Time-tested, universal truth of a saying: “The one, who pretends to be busy, is the laziest person on earth”. When one, is deeply impressed by the great powers of a Master of higher attainments in spirituality, he feels attracted and inclined to follow his directions and, surrender starts in this way. Negation of senses, mind, and self-importance of personal assertion, gradually decreases replacing remembrance of Master, with Bhavana, the intuitive feeling, ascribing all activities to Him as “O! Master it is Thou Alone and Thine Alone”. Raja yoga meditation alone helps the seeker to reach the final limit of spiritual goal, of course, under the guidance of a suitable preceptor who has tread the spiritual path himself successfully by the divine grace of Master. It is human nature, not able to assess the spiritual heights of a living fellow traveller on the divine path; and, thus, gets deprived of the occasion at hand of spiritual

    ’ Naya Matma Pravachanena Labhyo Na Medhya Na Bahona Shrutena Yame Vaishya Vrunnute Tena Labhya Stha - saisha Atma Vi Vrunnu Tae Tanoom Swam’’

    “ नय मतम पवचनन ल यो े न मधये न बहोण शतन ु े यम व य व नत तन ल य े ै े ेृ ु थ - सषा आ म िव व न त तन वमै े ंृ ु ू ्”

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    guidance, and may come to lament when he leaves the path on ascendance by leaving the mortal coil. It is given to only rare exceptional few, to recognize, and make use of the warmth of divine impulses radiated by the fellow being, living side by side. These are already developed souls, waiting for finer tuning to mergence in to Para Brahman.

    Time is short. In ancient epic story incident, king Yudhishtara was asked a question by the Yeksh ( A variety of Gin ) Q- “ What is the profound mystery of human life”? The King’s answer was “ Living the Life, Thinking that “he never dies”. Let us not repeat the error.

    An Astral Transmission Through Prof. Satyanarayana Chillapa

    President IUSCM, HQ. Hyderabad-59, India

    The Yoga Vision ( Yoga Dhrushti )

    Yoga vision is referred as the 6th Sense. Mind views the

    outside physical objects by physical eyes. This is the gross physical function of the eyes. If the eyes are there, but mind is absent, outside objects are not seen. This is the common experience. Mind can also envision objects and persons in the time context of past, present and future. This concept was explained by Sage Vishvamithra to King Dasharath on the event of taking Bhagavan Sri Rama and his brother prince Laksmana to his Ashram, viz.


    अह वि महा मानं ंे राम स य पराकमं ं

    विश ो अिप महातजाे य च म तपिसिथते ै े

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    Meaning: Sage Vishvamitra says “I know and also this great sage Vasishta, and other acetic devotees of God who are present in this royal court, only know what this Truthful and great valour Sri Rama is; you king Dasaratha as father, deluded of love of son cannot know the truth of God’s descent.” ( Ref: Srimadh Valmiki Ramayan Sarga19, Sl. 14)

    Of course, the accuracy of the act of observation depends upon the mental capacity of the viewer. And, the skill can be improved by practice and training. But, yoga vision refers to the, sight of objects and events not bound by time-bound context of present, past, and future. This applies to both physical and abstract persons, objects, and events.

    Yoga vision essentially concerns with experiences of

    spiritual nature and by application, under exigencies to mundane life events also. Act of intuition may or may not be an outcome of yoga act of vision. By doing meditation regularly with a devoted heart, concentration or “Ekagratha” develops automatically as an auxiliary capacity in Yogi. In spiritual field, development of divine sight is the gift of grace to the seeker, by the sought as indicated by Lord Sri Krishna, viz..

    ’Na Tu Mam Shakyase Dhrashtum

    Anenaiva Sva Chekshu Sha Duvyam Dadami Tae Chakshuhu

    Pashyame yogamaishvaram”

    Meaning: “You cannot, see ME, with these human eyes of

    Yours; I bestow on you the Divine Sight, to behold My Divine Glory”. It is the sight of (Ref: Gita-11-8) Yoga vision called “Yoga-dhushti” when develops, it enables the seeker of reality to have the experience of Universal Oneness by having the intuitive

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    feeling of all creatures reflected in him, and finding himself, reflected in all souls, as testified by Bhagavan in Gita(6-29):