spelman college hbcu project by: malika washington

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Spelman College HBCU Project BY: Malika Washington

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Spelman College HBCU Project

Spelman College HBCU ProjectBY: Malika Washington

The First Day of Spelman CollegeSpelman College was found in 1881 it was found by these two Christian woman named Sophia Packard and Harriet Giles. But before they found Spelman College they was teaching 11 black kids in the basement of a church. These two women found the name of the College from the church they use two teach init was found in Atlanta, Georgia.

What Do You Have To Do To Get InTo get into spelman college your GPA scores should be atleast in 3.0.And your Acts should be atleast 24.Spelman Colors And SportsSpelman color is blue everyone wears blue t-shirts or blue hoodies. Spelman's sport is basketball, volleyball , and golf.

Spelman classesChemistry DramaEconomicsEngineeringHistory English/FrenchArt

Famous GradutesLangston Hughes, world-famous poet. Gil Scott Heron, poet, musician , Kwame Nkrumah, former president , Johnetta Cole, former president of Spelman College

Total EnrollmentThere is not that much it is only 2,270 the reason why it is so low people do not like it because its a all girls school.

Tuition9,354.50 this is how much you have to pay to get into spelman college this is a lot but this pays for everything including books.videoSpelman Video

9EventsThey had a annual golf club celebration and they had a parade for cancer and they had Alpha Kappa Alpha step before there parade.

clubsThe only club here is a reading , golf , and study group they said with all there activities in the clubs they should learn.

If I went hereIf I went here I would play with there basketball team but also really be in all there clubs.

Research slideGoogle.comSpelman home site