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<ul><li><p>Speech and Immersive Technologies Internship ESPN Fall 2015 APPLY NOW </p><p>Role Rundown Company Overview: </p><p>The Walt Disney Company is a world-class entertainment and technological leader. Walts </p><p>passion was to continuously envision new ways to move audiences around the worlda </p><p>passion that remains our touchstone in an enterprise that stretches from theme parks, </p><p>resorts and a cruise line to sports, news, movies and a variety of other businesses. Uniting </p><p>each endeavor is a commitment to creating and delivering unforgettable experiences and </p><p>were constantly looking for new ways to enhance these exciting experiences. Bring your </p><p>individual talents here and discover for yourself why a career with Disney is the opportunity </p><p>youve been looking for. </p><p>Segment Overview: </p><p>ESPN, Inc., The Worldwide Leader in Sports, is the leading multinational, multimedia sports </p><p>entertainment company featuring the broadest portfolio of multimedia sports assets with </p><p>over 50 business entities. Headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut, ESPN is 80% owned by </p><p>ABC, Inc. (a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company), and 20% by the Hearst Corporation. </p><p>ESPN was founded by Bill Rasmussen and launched on September 7, 1979. Now with over </p><p>6,500 employees, each year ESPN televises more than 5,100 live and/or original hours of </p><p>sports programming. The companys mission is to serve sports fans. Anytime. Anywhere. </p><p>Department Overview: </p><p>The Advanced Technology group is part of ESPN's industry-leading technology division, with </p><p>the charter to innovate, explore, adopt and prototype industry leading, next generation </p><p>technologies, platforms and solutions. The group will focus on forward-looking projects, </p><p>leading to meaningful products, solutions and experiences for ESPN fans and business. </p><p>Responsibilities </p><p>This position will be part of the Speech and Immersive Technologies Track of ESPN's </p><p>Advanced Technology Group, contributing to computer human interface (CHI), speech </p><p>recognition, multi-touch gesture interfaces, haptic, tactile, auditory, motion tracking and </p><p>gaze tracking technologies to deliver customized user experiences. The group will strive to </p><p>innovate industry-changing products for both broadcast and digital media, with the focus to </p><p>deliver high quality leading-edge innovations, from concept to reality. </p><p>javascript:GetApplyClickCount('https://sjobs.brassring.com/tgwebhost/jobdetails.aspx?partnerid=25348&amp;siteid=5045&amp;jobid=271326',%20'http://jobs.espncareers.com/list.aspx?state=connecticut&amp;category=information+technology&amp;jobtitle=speech+and+immersive+technologies+internship+espn+fall+2015&amp;jobid=7519317&amp;dmaid=1919&amp;dmaname=connecticut',%20'SameWindow',%20'scrollbars=1,%20toolbar=1,%20resizable=1,%20location=1,%20directories=1,%20status=1,%20menubar=1,%20copyhistory=1,%20fullscreen=1',%20'true',%20'0',%20'0',%20'jobs.espncareers.com',%20'',%20'',%20'7519317',%20'Speech%20and%20Immersive%20Technologies%20Internship%20ESPN%20Fall%202015','329','True','',false,'False');</p></li><li><p>The intern will: </p><p> Participate in designing and implementing services, applications and frameworks related to </p><p>projects in the Personalization, Speech Recognition and Immersive Technologies, technology </p><p>track </p><p> Participate in ideation, design and development of ATG projects </p><p>Basic Qualifications </p><p> Competency in C and C++ programming </p><p> Knowledge of one or more scripting languages (JavaScript, Python, Perl) </p><p> Prior development experience using Linux/Unix (Eclipse IDE) and Windows (Visual Studio </p><p>IDE) or Mac (XCode) </p><p>Preferred Qualifications </p><p> Understanding of speech recognition algorithm and prior experience with using an open </p><p>source speech recognition engine </p><p> Prior experience in one or more of the following: </p><p> Understanding of language modeling and search algorithms </p><p> Knowledge of Cloud Computing and Distributed Computing APIs </p><p> Parallel algorithm design and development </p><p> Knowledge or multicore architectures (GPGPU, Multicore processors). Knowledge of GPGPU </p><p>programming &amp; competence in one or more parallel programming APIs (CUDA, OpenCL, </p><p>OpenMP) </p><p> Acoustic Model training experience; Performance/Accuracy training </p><p> Noise Cancellation, noise reduction, noise suppression </p><p> Computer Human Interaction (CHI) </p><p> Prior experience with SDKs for mobile platform development (Android, iOS) </p><p> Analysis and problem solving skills </p><p> Strong written and verbal communication skills </p><p> Ability to work in teams </p><p>Required Education </p></li><li><p> Currently enrolled in M.S. or Ph.D. graduate program in Computer Science, Computer </p><p>Engineering or a related discipline with strong programming background </p><p>Internship Program Type </p><p>Professional Internship </p><p>Additional Information </p><p>Internship Eligibility: </p><p> Must be enrolled in a college/university taking at least one class in the semester/quarter </p><p>(spring/fall) prior to participation in the internship program OR be currently participating in </p><p>a Disney College Program or Disney Professional Internship </p><p> Must be at least 18 years of age </p><p> Must not have completed one year of continual employment on a Disney internship or </p><p>program. Note: Once you have completed one consecutive year of employment on a Disney </p><p>internship or program, there must be a minimum 6 month gap before the start of a new </p><p>internship or program </p><p> Must possess unrestricted work authorization </p><p> Must provide full work availability, which will include nights, weekends and holidays </p><p> Must provide own transportation to/from work </p><p>Program Length: </p><p>The length of this internship is 10 weeks, and Interns will work 40 hours per week. The </p><p>approximate dates of this internship are September 14, 2015 - November 20, 2015. Interns </p><p>must be fully available for the duration of the internship. </p><p>Housing: </p><p>Subsidized housing may be available on a first come, first serve basis for interns who live </p><p>greater than 50 miles from work location. </p><p>Recommendation Print This Role Description: </p><p>Strong candidates may be invited to complete a phone interview. We strongly encourage </p><p>applicants to print a copy of this role description so they can refer to it in the event they are </p><p>selected for a phone interview. </p><p>ESPN is an Equal Opportunity Employer Female/Minority/Veteran/Disability. Our goal is to </p><p>create an inclusive workplace for all. </p><p>Job ID: 269597BR-1 </p></li></ul>