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5 CoursesA Crash Course in Data ScienceBuilding a Data Science TeamManaging Data AnalysisData Science in Real LifeExecutive Data ScienceCapstoneJeffrey Leek, PhD, BrianCaffo, PhD, MS, RogerD. Peng, PhDMarch 28, 2016Afroz Hussainhas successfully completed the online, non-credit SpecializationExecutive Data ScienceIn four intensive courses, you will learn what you need to know tobegin assembling and leading a data science enterprise, even ifyou have never worked in data science before. Youll get a crashcourse in data science so that youll be conversant in the field andunderstand your role as a leader. Youll also learn how to recruit,assemble, evaluate, and develop a team with complementaryskill sets and roles. Youll learn the structure of the data sciencepipeline, the goals of each stage, and how to keep your team ontarget throughout. Finally, youll learn some down-to-earthpractical skills that will help you overcome the commonchallenges that frequently derail data science projects.Verify this certificate at:coursera.org/verify/specialization/RC3XQHYKK3QH