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  • Special Opportunity for Archival ResearchSource: The Modern Language Journal, Vol. 77, No. 4 (Winter, 1993), p. 472Published by: Wiley on behalf of the National Federation of Modern Language Teachers AssociationsStable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/329672 .Accessed: 16/12/2014 19:02

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  • 472 The Modern Language Journal 77 (1993)

    d'un traitement a l'AZT d'ici la fin du mois, a annonce hier le ministere de la Sante.

    La veille, on apprenait que ces essais effectues aux Etats- Unis ont rv'ele que ce medicament retarde l'apparition de la maladie fatale chez certaines personnes qui, quoique por- teuses du virus HIV, ne montrent pas encore de sympt6mes de la maladie.

    "Cette information est significative pour les Canadiens porteurs du virus HIV et entrainera une augmentation du nombre des personnes admissibles a ce traitement," affirme le ministere frdfral dans un communiqued.

    A l'heure actuelle, le traitement a l'AZT est reserve' aux personnes clairement atteintes du sida.

    Pres de 2,000 personnes benfficient de ce traitement qui cofite environ $10,000 par an, par patient, aux provinces.

    Il y a deux semaines, une autre dtude americaine avait revele~ que l'AZTfreine la progression du syndrome immuno- deficitaire acquis chez les personnes manifestant les tout pre- miers, symptomes de la maladie.

    Ottawa itudie presentement ces decouvertes et devrait ap- prouver officiellement l'elargissement du traitement d l'AZT a un millier de personnes atteintes des sympt6mes initiaux.

    Jeff Braff, le president de la Societe' canadienne du sida, s'est dit encourage par la reaction rapide des autorite's fid- erales.

    "J'ai l'impression qu'ils bougent aussi vite qu'ils le peu- vent," a-t-il declarg en entrevue.

    Lundi, le Canada avait recense 2,867 cas diclares de sida, dont 1,644 dkces.

    Special Opportunity for Archival Research

    THE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE HU- manities has undertaken an initiative to commemo- rate the 250th anniversary of the birth of democracy and to celebrate the spread of democratic institutions in our own time. In pursuit of this initiative, the En- dowment now announces a special opportunity for scholars seeking support for individual or collabora- tive research to be undertaken in archives abroad.

    The Endowment is especially interested in projects reflecting emerging opportunities for research in re- cently opened archives in newly democratized coun- tries, such as the former Warsaw Pact countries of Eastern Europe or the republics of the former Soviet Union. Projects may address topics in any field of the humanities, but preference will be given to projects that investigate documents whose physical condition or whose uncertain future access necessitates urgent attention. Applications will be reviewed on the basis of the significance of the project for the humanities and the importance of the proposed archival research to the completion of that project. Grants will provide limited support for travel (to a maximum of $2,800), living expenses (not to exceed $1,250 per month), and research expenses (including duplication of ma- terials). The proposed grant period must be three or more weeks in duration, and the total request cannot exceed a maximum of $20,000.

    This special opportunity is offered under the cur- rent guidelines for the Division of Research pro- grams, and applications will be evaluated according to the "Evaluation Criteria" published in the Guide to

    the Division of Research Programs (1992): p. 24. Appli- cants for this special opportunity will be asked to submit a narrative description of the project (not to exceed five single-spaced pages) outlining the meth- odology and workplan of the proposed archival proj- ect, explaining the importance of the archival collec- tion(s) to be visited and the research materials to be consulted, and demonstrating the impact and signifi- cance of the project for the humanities in general. Applicants will also be asked to indicate how access to the research collection(s) will be secured.

    Eligibility is limited to US citizens and foreign na- tionals who have been living in the United States or its jurisdictions for at least three years prior to the time of application. Work undertaken to satisfy re-

    quirements for an academic degree is ineligible for support from this program.

    For information and application forms, prospective applicants should contact: Special Opportunity for Archival Research (SOAR) / NEH Interpretive Re- search Program Room 318 / 1100 Pennsylvania Ave- nue NW / Washington, DC 20506 / tel. (202) 606- 8210.

    Inquiries about the program may be directed through e-mail to NEHRES@GWUVM.GWU.EDU (INTERNET) or NEHRES@GWUVM (BITNET). E-mail messages should list "Archival Research" in the subject line.

    Proposals will be accepted for review at bi-monthly deadlines, subject to availability of funds.

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    Article Contentsp. 472

    Issue Table of ContentsThe Modern Language Journal, Vol. 77, No. 4 (Winter, 1993), pp. 413-573+i-xxixVolume Information [pp. 567-572]Front MatterEditing The Modern Language Journal: Parting Reflections [pp. 413-415]Welcome to the New MLJ Editor: Sally Sieloff Magnan [pp. 416]A Story Structure Approach to Narrative Text Comprehension [pp. 417-432]Reading in a Specific Purpose Foreign Language Course: A Case Study of Technical Japanese [pp. 433-444]The Effects of Structure Strategy Training on the Recall of Expository Prose for University Students Reading French as a Second Language [pp. 445-458]How Do L1 and L2 Reading Differ? Evidence from Think Aloud Protocols [pp. 459-472]Special Opportunity for Archival Research [pp. 472]A Comparison of Assessment Tasks Used to Measure FL Reading Comprehension [pp. 473-489]Transferred L1 Strategies and L2 Syntactic Structure in L2 Sentence Comprehension [pp. 490-500]The Effect of Error Correction on L2 Grammar Knowledge and Oral Proficiency [pp. 501-514]MLJ News &Notes of the Profession [pp. 515-521]Japanese Language in US High Schools: A New Initiative [pp. 522-523]In Other Professional Journals [pp. 524-531]MLJ Book ReviewsTheory &PracticeReview: untitled [pp. 532-533]Review: untitled [pp. 533]Review: untitled [pp. 533-534]Review: untitled [pp. 534-535]Review: untitled [pp. 535-536]Review: untitled [pp. 536]Review: untitled [pp. 537]Review: untitled [pp. 537-538]Review: untitled [pp. 538]Review: untitled [pp. 539]Review: untitled [pp. 539-540]

    CALLReview: untitled [pp. 540-541]

    ChineseReview: untitled [pp. 541]Review: untitled [pp. 542]Review: untitled [pp. 542-543]

    FrenchReview: untitled [pp. 543-544]Review: untitled [pp. 544]Review: untitled [pp. 545]Review: untitled [pp. 545-546]

    GeorgianReview: untitled [pp. 547]Review: untitled [pp. 547-548]

    GermanReview: untitled [pp. 548-549]Review: untitled [pp. 549-551]Review: untitled [pp. 551]

    ItalianReview: untitled [pp. 552]Review: untitled [pp. 552-553]

    JapaneseReview: untitled [pp. 553-554]Review: untitled [pp. 554-555]Review: untitled [pp. 555-556]

    Language PolicyReview: untitled [pp. 556]Review: untitled [pp. 556-557]Review: untitled [pp. 557-558]

    LinguisticsReview: untitled [pp. 558-559]

    PsychologyReview: untitled [pp. 559-560]

    RussianReview: untitled [pp. 560]Review: untitled [pp. 560-561]

    SpanishReview: untitled [pp. 561-562]Review: untitled [pp. 562-563]Review: untitled [pp. 563-564]Review: untitled [pp. 564-565]

    TranslationReview: untitled [pp. 565]Review: untitled [pp. 566]

    Back Matter [pp. 573-xxix]


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