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  • The Chilliwack Progress Wednesday, May 27, 2015 www.theprogress.com 13

    Prepared bylets eatCHILLIWACK



    Everything is freshly made at the Royal CafeWeekends are always a little extra special at the Royal Cafe.

    Proudly run by Devika and Graydon Gillette for the past fi ve years, the downtown family restaurant offers a fresh approach to making home-style food.

    We sell a lot of prime rib on Friday nights served with our homemade sauce, says owner Devika Gillette.

    What really sets them apart is that everything is made from scratch, including their delicious gravies made from roast drippings.

    We never make gravy by tearing open a package. We make our food fresh, were not just reheating.

    On Saturday nights, the house dinner special is St. Louis style ribs with a house-made barbecue sauce.

    We really want to urge people to come and try us for supper some time.

    They get a solid crowd for lunch but some Chilliwackians dont seem to venture downtown after dark.

    But she wants them to know it will be worth it.

    They put a strong emphasis on good customer service, high quality ingredients and a wide variety of menu items.

    They make all their own sauces and desserts, like fresh fruit pies, in-house as well.

    If you cant get enough of Devikas

    cooking at the caf inside the Royal Hotel, theres always the Dynamite Catering option.

    One of the tantalizing dishes she whips up is Chicken Cordon Bleu from scratch and barbecue chicken with a zesty glaze.

    Our roast beef is so tender, we get lots of compliments when we present one for a catering crowd.

    The Yorkshire pudding served with the roast beef is a big hit, too.

    Back in the restaurant, Devikas signature dish is the Fiji Rice Bowl, a homemade curry simmered in coconut milk and served with steamed rice and naan bread.

    They offer the choice of chicken, salmon or prawns.

    Our customers just love our rice bowl.

    They dont mess with the menu too often because their regular customers appreciate the consistency and high quality dishes.

    Catering for larger groups is where she gets to be creative, making striking elements like a bassinet shape carved out of a watermelon.

    I enjoy catering events, she says, even cutting platters of dainty fruits and veggies into appealing shapes.

    Its fun to make food beautiful.

    You have to love what youre doing, and we do!

    See more at www.ddcatering.ca, or visit them at 45886 Wellington Ave. or call 604-392-9355.

    royal caf 45886 WELL INGTON AVE. (604) 392-9355

  • Wednesday, May 27, 2015 The Chilliwack Progress14 www.theprogress.com

    shandhar hut 8835 YOUNG ROAD (604) 793-0189

    They are living the Canadian dream at Shandhar Hut on Young Road.The Atti family of Chilliwack worked hard to open an Indian restaurant about a decade ago, and the bustling venture has been growing steadily ever since.

    The youngest son of Sam and Kam Atti, Gordon, 25, warmly greets patrons with a smile.

    It was his sister, Sukhi, who came up with the tag-line for Shandhar Hut: The senses were meant to be indulged and it is easy to see why.

    The fragrant hand-made curries, fl uffy rice and savoury naan bread are beautifully presented on gleaming copper dishes, with Southeast Asian music coming through the speakers.

    Word of mouth has been key to our success, Gordon explains.

    Theyre proud of the glowing feedback and positive online reviews they receive daily.

    Its not by accident they are rated #5, the fi fth most popular restaurant in B.C. on Urban Spoon.

    Providing excellent customer service is key and Gordon makes a point of remembering what the regulars like to order.

    Were doing so well, were planning to expand!

    Only the best survive in Chilliwack, because customers always come back to what they know and love. Other Indian restaurants may come and go in Chilliwack, and Shandhar Hut carries on.

    Theyll eventually be taking over the lot next door, and even thinking about expanding out to Sardis one day.

    Our loyalty has always been to Chilliwack, he says.

    Theyve created a popular and stable business dishing out a staggering variety of authentic Indian dishes that are customized to every taste.

    Their cuisine is infl uenced by the rustic fl avours of Northern Frontier style of Indian cooking, but not exclusively. Their curries and other specialties come from all the various regions.

    Butter chicken, so zesty and rich, has consistently been one of their best sellers, but they also have a large variety of satisfying vegetarian options.

    They have a huge, round tandoori oven that is responsible for producing the authentic Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, naan bread and roti.

    Dietary considerations of their customers is always paramount.

    Gluten free? No problem. They have naan bread made of corn fl our.

    Vegan? Lactose intolerant? Garlic

    allergy? Absolutely no problem. Just ask.

    The matriarch, Kam Atti, is the source of all the wonderful recipes they use at Shandhar hut. She learned to cook at her own mothers side, and took cooking classes back in India.

    Its been trial and error in the kitchen to fi nd what Chilliwack likes, but they focused on using the fi nest and freshest ingredients, and making the food as mild or as hot as someone prefers.

    Never been to an Indian restaurant because it might be too hot and spicy? Come right in and see how subtle, mild and fl avourful they can make your order.

    I always send my customers home happy, Kam says.

    They are all living the dream the Canadian dream of being successful and growing a business from the ground up.

    The three Atti kids, Paul, Sukhi and Gordon, were all born in Chilliwack and raised in their home on Ashwell Road.

    Being local really helps when trying to establish and build on relationships with their loyal clientele, says Gordon.

    We started from grass roots. We didnt expect anything, and we didnt know where it would go.

    They made a point of being versatile, fl exible and accommodating to every taste and every individual dietary need.

    Gordon says his parents impressive work ethic, commitment and dedication through the years has been incredibly inspiring.

    My dad worked at a saw mill for 34 years after arriving in Canada with only $10 to his name. It was honest, hard labour and he worked the graveyard shift.

    Mom ran the local Pizza Hut for more than a dozen years before we started working on the idea to open our own restaurant.

    But dad always had a dream. Opening the restaurant in 2005 was the realization of that dream.

    And here we are now. Thanks so much to all of our customers from our family, they are our success.

    A 10-year anniversary celebration is set for June 28 from 11am - 3pm, with free butter chicken being handed out in the parking lot.

    Shandhar Hut, at 8835 Young Road, 604-793-0189 is open Monday to Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

    Senses are always

    Senses are always

    indulged at Shandha

    r Hut

    indulged at Shandha

    r Hut

  • The Chilliwack Progress Wednesday, May 27, 2015 www.theprogress.com 15

    Josh Long is the head cook at Little Trattoria (8-45840 Yale Road), and he smiles when people walk through the doors, scan the menu and order two or three things.

    Are you sure? he asks them. Its a lot of food.

    The look on their faces when the food arrives is priceless.

    The calzones and panzerottis, theyre the size of footballs, Josh says in a completely serious way. Theyll be eating for a week!

    At suppertime, Little Trattorias huge pasta plates and sandwiches, calzones and panzerottis are great. Many a new customer has come in saying, My friend told me I absolutely have to eat here.

    At lunch though, people order something humongous and all they want to do when they get back to the offi ce is nap, laughs Nelson MacMorran, who owns the business with wife Ali. And of course its bad when the boss sees you sleeping!

    Their solution is a newly-introduced lunch and appetizer menu, with smaller portions at smaller prices, (averaging $10) to appeal to the mid-day crowd.

    Initially a take-out restaurant, theyve added indoor seating, and outdoor seating on a new patio. In addition, they are now fully licensed to serve liquor.

    Were famous for our panzerottis, and our pastas (penne or rotini) with 20 different sauce combinations, Ali says.

    Weve got pizza and veal meatball sliders, and our customers can watch us make everything they order. We think we provide a fairly unique experience.

    A fresh one too.

    Nothing at Little Trattoria is pre-made. Dough. Sauces. Desserts. Everything is made from scratch. They smoke and BBQ for hours every Saturday, with rotating choices of smoked turkey legs, butterfl ied leg of lamb, smoked ribs and a slow grilled prime rib of beef.

    A lot of places nowadays, stuff is pre-packaged and brought in to make things easier, but you can taste the love in our food, Long says. We control as much as we can, the product is better and people notice. And, in most restaurants you order

    something and thats how you have to have it. You cant say you dont want peppers or onions. Because we make things specifi cally for you, you get exactly what you want.

    Little Trattoria is nearing its one year anniversary, and Nelson says