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<ol><li> 1. Launch YourSpeaking CareerLaunch Out Get Results </li><li> 2. Launch Your Speaking CareerProfessional speaking is a powerful calling. You can educate, inspire, and leadpeople to take action and make important changes in their lives. This is whatyou will get paid The Big Bucks for. A professional speaker is able toengage, connect, &amp; spark a fire within. The seasoned professionalsunderstand the business of speaking. Are you ready to Launch-out to getsome results? If so, the process to GetLaunched is simple. Hit the powerbutton </li><li> 3. GetLaunched! Process </li><li> 4. Step 1PLANPlan to make money: Who is your audience What will you give themHow often can you speakAre you an expert Do you have a signature sauce Where is your desire coming fromWhat are you worth </li><li> 5. Step 2PREPAREPrepare to make money: Perfect your craft Pen 2 or 3 solid presentationsDevelop your deliveryRead everything Research oftenBe flexiblePractice, Rehearse, &amp; Repeat </li><li> 6. Step 3PROMOTEPromote to make money:Develop Speaking BrandCreate Branded Marketing MaterialsGet onlineConnect offlineNetworkAsk to speakSell yourself </li><li> 7. Speakers GetLaunchedWe specialize in helping speakers packagethemselves up so they can effectivelypromote. Launch-out to get these results:BrandingMarketing MaterialsGet onlineDevelop booking process, forms, &amp;contracts, </li><li> 8. Step 4PAIDNow sit back, havefun &amp; enjoy thefruits of your hardwork! </li><li> 9. Client SampleJay Barnett </li><li> 10. One-Pager </li><li> 11. One-PagerA One-Pager grows with you asa living document. We updatedBrandingChoose Brand ColorsAdded personal logoIdentified Brand titleHighlighted Brand QuotesDiverse topics </li><li> 12. CONTACT USIf you are truly ready to Launch your speaking career as aprofessional by making an investment to perfect your craft.Serious inquires only 832.305.5361Email christy@launch-out.comGetLaunchedCLStaples ChristyLStaples</li></ol>