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<ul><li><p>Grange City Hotel, London </p><p>6th Annual BCM Conference </p><p>Speakers Biographies </p></li><li><p>Grange City Hotel, London </p><p>6th Annual BCM Conference </p><p>Chairman </p><p> Rick Cudworth </p><p> Lead Partner, Resiliency &amp; Corporate Security Services, Deloitte </p><p>Rick was the winner of the CIR Industry Personality of the Year at the Business Continuity Awards in May 2009 </p><p>and was a co-opted member of the development committee for BS25999-1. In February 2012 he was </p><p>appointed Chairman of the British Standards Institute Technical Committee for Business Continuity (BCM/1). </p><p>This Committee is responsible for BS ISO 22301. He has 20 years experience of consulting in the field. </p><p>Through his career Rick has led many high profile projects. These range from large and complex consultancy </p><p>programmes in resiliency for global corporates to interim Group Head of Business Continuity appointments for </p><p>international banks, where he has been responsible for the leadership of transformation programmes to </p><p>improve governance, effectiveness, and efficiency of business continuity across the organisation. He has also </p><p>led some of the worlds largest multi-party crisis simulations and overseen the delivery of over 200 simulations </p><p>and exercises to build operation readiness for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. </p><p>He is responsible for Deloittes specialist Resiliency &amp; Corporate Security services leading a team of nearly 60 </p><p>professional </p></li><li><p>Grange City Hotel, London </p><p>6th Annual BCM Conference </p><p>Organizational resilience a framework for Business Continuity and Crisis Management </p><p> Dr Robert MacFarlane </p><p>Assistant Director, Research and Doctrine, Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Cabinet Office </p><p>Robert MacFarlane is Assistant Director (Training and Doctrine) in the Civil Contingencies Secretariat, National Security Secretariat, Cabinet Office. </p><p>Within Cabinet Office Rob has a range of responsibilities, including supporting doctrinal coherence in UK civil protection and assurance of the content of all courses run by the Serco-managed Emergency Planning College (EPC). Additionally he is responsible for the programme of Central Government Emergency Response Training in Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms (COBR), established following the London Bombings in 2005, supports the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP), and has oversight of research engagement in the field of civil protection. </p><p>Rob has a PhD from the University of Aberdeen and is currently studying part time, sponsored by the Cabinet Office, for a Doctorate in Business Administration at the University of Durham, focusing on decision support for strategic crisis management in COBR. </p><p>Behind the scenes of ISO 22301 </p><p> Dr Stefan Tangen Secretary of ISO/TC 223 Societal security, Swedish Standards Institute </p><p>Dr. Stefan Tangen is Secretary of ISO/TC 223, Societal security, and has been involved in standardization for six years. He is also Secretary of JTCG (Joint Technical Coordination Group) on management support system harmonization. He is a project manager at SIS, Swedish Standards Institute, and holds a PhD in production engineering. </p></li><li><p>Grange City Hotel, London </p><p>6th Annual BCM Conference </p><p>The new International Standard for Business Continuity: ISO 22301 </p><p>Dave Austin </p><p>Director, Operational Resilience (OPREL), Ltd., Project Team Leader for the ISO 22301 Steering Committee </p><p>Dave is a highly experienced Business Continuity, ICT Continuity and Crisis Management consultant and has specialised in these areas since 1993. Formerly head of Systems Continuity for the Royal Bank of Scotland, he then joined Siemens, where he developed and led a large specialist business continuity consultancy. Dave has experience gained by working with central and local government and other public sector bodies as well as across many commercial sectors such as broadcasting, technology, retail and many areas of the financial services sector. Within Siemens Dave remained an active Business Continuity Manager until September 2007 when he left to create Oprel. </p><p>Dave is a member of BSI committee responsible for BS25999, and chaired the panel that devised BS25999-2 and pioneered the development of an ICT business continuity standard (BS25777). Dave led the project team that developed ISO22301 the ISO standard for business continuity for ISO TC223. </p><p>Case study How to transition to ISO 22301 </p><p>Phil Willoughby, </p><p>Technical Services Manager, LRQA </p><p>Phil is LRQAs UK Technical Services Manager for the IT and Communications sector and is the Global Technical specialist for TickIT/TickITplus, ISO 27001, BS 25999 and ISO 22301 ensuring their consistent delivery and development. </p><p>Phils responsibilities also include technical development of new products, together with providing advice and assistance to clients and Assessors in delivery of LRQA products. He is involved with recruitment of new Assessors, and their subsequent technical development. </p><p>Phil started his career in software development in the 1980s progressing into a quality management role and then third party assessor by 1990. He joined LRQA in 2004 as an ISO 9001 TickIT Assessor, cross training quickly to ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1, before moving to his current position. </p></li><li><p>Grange City Hotel, London </p><p>6th Annual BCM Conference </p><p>The Quest for Resilience: do we know what we seek </p><p>Professor Verity J Brown </p><p>Head of Psychology, University of Edinburgh </p><p>Verity J Brown is Professor and Head of the School of Psychology &amp; Neuroscience at the University of St Andrews. Her research is concerned with how the brain selects responses and controls action, particularly in conditions of uncertainty requiring behavioural flexibility and adaptability. She is also interested in the conditions required for creativity and insight in problem solving. </p><p>Case study - Embedding BCM into the culture of your Organisation </p><p>Steve Mellish FBCI </p><p>Vice Chairman of the Business Continuity Institute </p><p>Steve created the business continuity department for Sainsburys in 1996 following 5 years of IT Disaster Recovery planning. Today the Sainsburys BCM programme is widely acknowledged as being an outstanding example of how to successfully implement and embed business continuity management into the culture of an organisation. </p><p>Steve is a Fellow of the BCI (Business Continuity Institute) and was re-elected in November 2009 as a Director having previously served on the BCI Board from 2002-2008. After becoming Vice Chairman in 2003 he was Chairman from 2004 to 2006 leading a major transformation of the organisation that saw membership numbers more than double. In September 2011, Steve was elected Vice chairman for the second time. </p><p>In 2005, he won the prestigious CIR 'Business Continuity Manager of the Year' award. The Sainsburys BCM programme had previously won awards in 2001 and 2003. Steve has also been a member of SunGards Customer Advisory Board since 2008 </p></li><li><p>Grange City Hotel, London </p><p>6th Annual BCM Conference </p><p>Using standards and best practice to establish business continuity and information security </p><p> Vicki Gavin </p><p> Head of Business Continuity and Information Security, Economist Group </p><p>Vicki Gavin is the Head of Business Continuity and Information Security for The Economist Group, responsible for business continuity and information security globally. </p><p>Vicki has a wealth of experience in this area and is passionate about achieving best practice in governance. Vicki joined the Economist Group from Barclays where she was Head of Business Continuity and Business Risk for Barclaycard at the time of her departure. Prior to this she, was responsible for Business Continuity Planning at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, where she held a number of positions after emigrating from Canada. </p><p>Vicki holds a BSc in Physics from Lakehead University and a Diploma in Adult Education from Seneca College. She is MBCI and CRISC certified. She has been invited to speak at numerous industry conferences and seminars. </p><p>BCM for SMEs </p><p> David Lacey </p><p> Director of Research, ISSA-UK, Senior Research Fellow, University of Portsmouth </p><p>David Lacey is a leading expert in information security management, and a member of the Infosecurity Europe International Hall of Fame. He has more than 25 years professional experience in developing and directing information security programmes for large organisations, including Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Royal Mail Group, and the British Foreign &amp; Commonwealth Office, including ten years serving as Shell's leading adviser on Business Continuity Management. David is a keen innovator and has originated and pioneered many contemporary security management techniques, including writing the original content of the BS 7799 Information Security Standard. He also founded the Jericho Forum and popularised the term de-perimeterisation. </p><p>David is now an independent researcher, writer and consultant, and the author of the books Managing the Human Factor in Information Security, Managing Security in Outsourced and Off-shored Environments" and "Business Continuity Management for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises". </p></li><li><p>Grange City Hotel, London </p><p>6th Annual BCM Conference </p><p>Practical Workshop Differentiating key areas between BS 25999 and ISO 22301 </p><p>Chris Needham-Bennett </p><p>Managing Director Needhams 1834 Ltd </p><p>Since 1996 Managing Director of Needhams 1834 Ltd, Chris has delivered training courses and exercises on all aspects of business continuity and risk management to a variety of clients in the public and private sectors. </p><p>Chris tends to specialise in strategic issues and has trained the senior management groups of several international law firms, banks and mining companies. </p><p>He is the author of the Law Societys recently published Lexcel guide to business continuity and has written numerous trade journal publications. </p><p>Chris is a Member of the Business Continuity Institute which he joined following completion of an MSc at the University of Leicester Formerly Chris served in the Parachute Regiment and commanded the training company. Following his military career he worked as a contractor on some private sector and Home Office security projects. </p><p>A Practical guide to undertaking effective Business Impact Analyses (BIAs) </p><p> Steven Cockcroft </p><p> Senior Business Continuity and Risk Management Consultant, Ultima Risk Management </p><p>Steven is a Senior Business Continuity (BC) and Risk Management Consultant and Trainer at Ultima Risk Management (URM), where he has been involved in a number of major high profile BS 25999 BC implementation projects involving extensive BIA and risk assessment components. </p><p>He has acquired extensive experience implementing BC across a number of industry sectors. Following his career in telecommunications with the Royal Air Force, Steven spent over 10 years developing and implementing management systems in the areas of business continuity, information security and quality. </p></li><li><p>Grange City Hotel, London </p><p>6th Annual BCM Conference </p><p>As a result, he has become particularly skilled and adept in all stages of the BCM Lifecycle from understanding the organisation through strategic planning, BCP implementation, to exercising and the ongoing improvement of organisation-wide business continuity management systems (BCMS) in line with BS 25999. Steven is already involved in implementing a BCMS aligned against ISO 22301. </p><p>Steven is a highly accomplished trainer and is accredited to deliver the British Computer Society Professional Certifications Practitioner Certificate in Business Continuity Management (PCBCM) and Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP) courses. He is also an active and highly respected speaker at industry information security and business continuity events and conferences (including Business Continuity Institute UK workshop programme). He is a Member of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM), Member of Chartered Quality Institute and Chartered Quality Professional (CQI) and Professional Member of British Computer Society (BCS). </p></li><li><p>Grange City Hotel, London </p><p>6th Annual BCM Conference </p></li></ul>