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<ul><li> 1. PRESENTED BY : DHARNA JOSHI HARSH YADAV JAYA JENNIFER JOSHI PANKAJ MUNDRA SWAYAM DATTA SAURABH RATHORE</li></ul> <p> 2. UNETHICAL MARKETING Advertisement is considered unethical in the following situations; o When it has degraded or underestimated the substitute or rival's product. o When it gives false or misleading information on the value of the product. o When it fails to give useful information on the possible reaction or side effects of the product. And o When it is immoral. 3. WAYS OF UNETHICAL MARKETING Surrogate advertisementPufferyExaggerationUnverified claimsWomen stereotypingWomen used as sex symbols for promoting productsComparative advertisementsUse of children in advertisingFalse claims 4. MARKETING STRATEGY BY SPEAK ASIA Fantastic business plan by a group of people where you can earn money by filling up a 10 question online survey. False claim that Speak Asia has tied up with big FMCG companies for these surveys. Speciality panel through presentations &amp; advertising on Special interest sites. 5. Advertisement between IPL breaks Special shows in channels like Imagine TV Modus operandi : Pay back in the first round so that more number of people get attracted and in second round loot the money. No money in companys account- No evidence-Deposits in the countries where tax laws are not stringent. 6. WHY WAS IT UNETHICAL? False claim False promise Marketing using peoples emotions Fake addresses Targeted heavy internet users i.e. Youth of India 7. FALSE CLAIMS False advertising or deceptive advertising is the use of false or misleading statements in advertising. 8. WOMEN IN ADVERTISING USED AS SEX SYMBOLS Projects an unrealistic ideal of the feminine form. Filtering of advertisement through male lens. Advertisement creating female insecurities. 9. SURROGATE ADVERTISING In India, due to severe restrictions on advertising certain products like alcohol, tobacco products and medicines ,a whole genre of surrogate advertising has emerged. In such advertising, a brand is endorsed using a product different from the actual product being promoted. 10. EXAGGERATION ADVERTISING Using false claims in the advertisements about the product. For example:-Ghari detergent - Pehle Istemaal kare phir vishvaas kare., Tide detergent White ho to Tide ho., Vodafone Essar Wherever you go our network follows. </p>