Speak about your favourite season and justify your choice

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<p>10.Speak about your favourite season and justify your choice.Each season has something special,but I have to mention that I donthave just one favorite season,but two trhe summer and the winter.I think that they atracte me because they are totally different.First of walt the image they offer and the weather.During the summer everything is coloured and it is boiling hat and during the winter everything is white and it is frizzing cold. There are many activites that you can do during the summer or winter.The most important thing is that during the summer we are on holiday which meansthat:no school,no homework,no waking up in the morning,noworries about test papers,more free time to relax,to walk,to play on the computer,meet the friends,go to a disco. Summer is also the season when everybody goes to the seaside to a picnic in the forest or goes hicking. The winter is special for me because of the religious holidays-the Christmas.I cant wait to decorate the Christmas tree,to eat traditional food,to go treek of treat,to meet the relatives and then to drink champaine on New Years Eve,dance ohl night,have fun,see the fire works. Another roson is the fact that winter offers me the possibility to ski to skate,to sledge. To sum up both season are beautiful and offer something special.</p>