Spanish Phonics Lesson 1

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Spanish Phonics Lesson 1


<ul><li><p>Espaol el sistema fnico la pronunciacin</p></li><li><p>aaraa</p></li><li><p>eelefante</p></li><li><p>ideai</p></li><li><p>oolvidar</p></li><li><p>universou</p></li><li><p>aeiou</p></li><li><p>cecerdo</p></li><li><p>ciciclista</p></li><li><p>cacasa</p></li><li><p>cocoche</p></li><li><p>cucucaracha</p></li><li><p>cecicacocu</p></li><li><p>jjardngigimnasia</p></li><li><p>guguitarra</p></li><li><p>jgigagegogu</p></li><li><p>hhamburguesa</p></li><li><p>Espaa</p></li><li><p>zzumo</p></li><li><p>llllavev</p></li><li><p>hzllv</p></li><li><p>araaelefanteideaolvidaruniversocerdociclistacasacochecucarachagimnasiahamburguesaEspaazumoguitarrallave</p><p>12345678910111213141516</p></li><li><p>1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. </p><p>inparislizcospugentetnfeteolicudonllasogloqui</p></li><li><p>1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. Don Pupas2. Don Curioso3. Don Inteligente4. Don Feliz5. Don Glotn6. Don Cosquillas</p><p>inparislizcospugentetnfeteolicudonllasogloqui</p></li><li><p>Don CosquillasDon InteligenteDon FelizDon CuriosoDon GlotnDon Pupas</p></li><li><p>Don CosquillasDon InteligenteDon FelizDon CuriosoDon GlotnDon Pupas</p></li><li><p>estupendo/muy bienbienregular mal fatal</p></li><li><p>una conversacinFelipe: Hola. Qu tal?Laura: Muy bien. Y t?Felipe: Bien. Cmo te llamas?Laura: Me llamo Laura. Y t, cmo te llamas?Felipe: Me llamo Felipe. Hasta luego, Laura!Laura: Adis, Felipe!</p></li><li><p>12345678910111213141516</p><p>*NB: The phonics are on p.3 of their booklets and on p.4 there is a page for them to read through to consolidate. HW could be to go through both pages with a parents, older sibling, granny and get a signature at the bottom of page 4 to say this has been done. *These words are the phonic hooks to embed the sound/written associations in the learners long-term memories. We use physical gestures, the picture and the sound of the words to fix the letter sounds of Spanish as the first step in learning the language. We will go through the gestures all together before we do this lesson! NB: on the SOW most of the words, if nouns, are presented with the indefnite article (as we will start with un/una before going on to el/la) BUT where it is just more logical to say the I have put the definite article in so el universo is an example of that. Please check on the SOW for the articles Ive used. We are not focusing on the article in these few lessons, so they will be learning these passively for the moment. *********************This is a syllable square an activity for learners to practise what theyve learnt so far with support. They can either listen to the word you say (in this case the name of 6 Mr Men) and try first to write down what they hear and then cross off the squares OR they can use the squares straightaway to build the words up. The answers are on the next slide and then there is a further slide with the pictures again for them to reinforce further by saying the names, either in pairs or whole class.*Just a quick revision of main response to Como estas. An opportunity to learn names and ask how pupils are.*For some pupils this will be familiar and language they have learnt during year 6. For others it will be new, but they should be encouraged that they can pronounce it all accurately now, thanks to their work on phonics. Go through it with them first, eliciting the phrases one by one and reinforcing the links with the phonic hooks. I.e. Hola = h from hamburguesa, o from olvidar and a from arana.</p></li></ul>