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  1. 1. Invention Disclosure Interview A formal approach Prepared by P. Sathiyan Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. Contents Purpose of interview Minimum Requirements to draft a specification Importance of Embodiments Efficacy Role of Figures Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd
  3. 3. Purpose of interview To understand the invention such that Good Specification is drafted. Ultimately, the drafted specification should be granted as Patent. Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd
  4. 4. Minimum Requirements to Draft Minimum requirement to draft a specification resides in, Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd The difference between the prior art and new technology. The actions that inventors/ manufacturers has to make use of the invention. The target product / target industry in which disclosure is applicable Industrial Applicability Inventive Step Novelty
  5. 5. Importance of Embodiments Embodiment is a multiple way of implementing a present disclosure. The scope of the invention resides in number of embodiments stated in the specification More variants (alternatives or embodiments) enlarges more scope to the invention. Enablement of claim depends on the embodiments of the invention. In general, an independent claim may be drafted, covering 6 or more embodiments. Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd
  6. 6. Efficacy Bring out the Usefulness/advantages/ utility of the invention. Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd Role of Figures Discussion on Sequence of figures (drawings). (Through which the embodiment/environment of invention shall be analyzed and industrial applicability of the invention shall be identified) Finalizing of figures during disclosure interview (To fix the flow of specification)
  7. 7. Specification (Importance of Words) For example, a disclosure relating to a word communication network in the invention. Following questions may be asked to understand, what is a communication network as disclosed in the invention, (even though you know the definition of the term communication network, ask inventor to ensure, how it may be defined ) i) Q : What is a communication network in the disclosure? A : To connect one or more devices through internet, Bluetooth, WIFI , LAN etc. And, out of which WIFI is used in our invention. ii) Q : Why WIFI is used why not other networks ? A : WIFI is advantageous over others in providing a wider area than Bluetooth and LAN. Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd We are trying to expand the scope of the invention
  8. 8. Specification (Importance of Words) iii) Q : How WIFI (which is implemented in the invention) provides wider network ? A : Describing how WIFI achieves the requirement of the invention iv) Q : If not whether, if there is any possibility to implement your invention in any other networks like WMAN, WIMAX etc other than WIFI ? A : Yes. The invention can also be implemented using WMAN. Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd Scope of the invention is extended by inserting this embodiment in specification This illustrates the inventive steps of invention
  9. 9. Specification (Importance of Words) In this example, we confirmed the definitions of word Communication network and widened the establishment/scope of the word communication network with respect to invention disclosure. Similarly, Each and every word of the specification may enlarge the scope of invention. To accomplish - Quickly Understand/Identify (Match your understandings with the answers of inventors) and ask question (why, when, which, what and How) to expand the scope. Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd
  10. 10. Dos - In Disclosure interview (To bring out minimum requirements) Ask simple questions For Example, What is the prior art/background of the technology What are the key components/aspects/ advantages of your invention i) cheaper, faster, smaller ? ii) Saves time ? More Efficient ? iii) Reduces Manufacturing costs ? What is your target market i) Who may be the ultimate consumer ? ii) If it is a technology, who has to incorporate ? iii) Current competitors ? Ask any question (why, when, which, what and How) that bring out the scope of the invention. Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd
  11. 11. Donts - In Disclosure interview Dont think a word (told by the inventor) is known to you with respect to the disclosure (even though you know the definition of the word), unless it is defined by the inventor himself. Dont assume words/disclosure, make sure that every unknown word is defined by the inventor. Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd
  12. 12. A good specification A good specification is the document having Whatever you discuss during the interview (for example, as voice recorded) should be directly converted into a specification. To achieve this, the flow of the invention (in terms of drawings/ figure specification) should be brought out, in step by step manner from the inventor. Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd
  13. 13. Oms Patent Services Pvt Ltd Thank you


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