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Southern Macaroni and Cheese. William Wray and Peter Wendilin. Original recipe. 16 ounces of large elbow macaroni 1lb cheddar cheese 8 ounces monterey jack cheese 8 ounces Velveeta cheese 2 eggs 2 ½ cups of milk ½ cup of real butter 2 tsp all purpose flour 2 tsp salt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Southern Macaroni and Cheese

William Wray and Peter WendilinOriginal recipe

16 ounces of large elbow macaroni1lb cheddar cheese8 ounces monterey jack cheese8 ounces Velveeta cheese2 eggs2 cups of milk cup of real butter2 tsp all purpose flour2 tsp salt2 tsp black pepper2 tsp olive oilRecipe Directions

Boil the macaroni in a large pot with the olive oil until tender.While the macaroni is boiling, shred the cheddar cheese and the Monterey jack cheese onto separate plates.Pour milk into a mixing bowl. Add the eggs, salt, pepper, and flour. Add melted butter. Mix until ingredients are well blended.When macaroni is finished cooking, remove from pot and rinse well in cold water.Pour the macaroni into a large, oven safe dish.Mix half of the cheddar cheese into the macaroni. Mix in all the Monterey jack cheese. Cut the velveeta cheese into chunks and mix into macaroni. Pour the milk mixture over the macaroni and mix well. Spread the remaining cheddar cheese over the top of the macaroni.Bake uncovered at 350 degrees F For Thirty Minutes.Recipe converted metricLarge elbow macarongi-454gCheddar cheese-454gMonterey Jack- 227gVelveeta Cheese- 227g2 eggsMilk-592 mLReal Butter-118.3mLAll-purpose Flour-10mLSalt-1.25mLBlack pepper- 10mLOlive oil-10mLChemical change

The chemical change that was most apparent was the cheese on the top of the dish melted then developed a brownish tint in certain areas as it began to burn.

Physical change

This dish was mostly physical, the Macaroni shells enlarging as they soaked in water and the cheese melting for a few.An ionic compound involvedSalt/Sodium ChlorideNaCl

A covalent compound involvedWaterH2O Polar stoichiometryOriginal Recipe: Serves 8-10Altered Recipe: Needs To Serve 1625.6oz/726.4g-elbow macaroni25.6oz/726.4g-cheddar cheese12.8oz/363.2g-Velveeta Cheese4cups/947.2mL-Milk3.2tsp/16mL-Flour.8cup/189.28mL-Real Butter.4tsp/2mL-Salt3.2tsp/16mL-Black Pepper3.2tsp/16mL-Olive Oil

Is it practical to make adjusted amount? No it is not practical to change the amount of food because although the recipe says it will be ten servings I preliminarily cooked this dish and found the amount of food that goes into it is in excessconsidering the number of students.energyMonterey Jack Cheese total calorie count: 800Cheddar total calorie count: 1600Milk total calorie count: 300 Velveeta total calorie count: 560 Elbow Macaroni total calorie count: 2000Egg total calorie count: 160Work cited

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