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  • South Melbourne Summary of Feedback - Place

    Planning Session Two

    1 June 2019

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    Updates on activity: In the first workshop, you came up an array of great ideas to reinvigorate South Melbourne and address some of the concerns and issues identified by the Place Audit results. We listened and here is what we have done so far:

    You said You said that you wanted:

     Street cleaning and beautification of the precinct

     One platform for all businesses to access/be notified of all upcoming events, provide feedback etc.

    We listened: We have been busy addressing these concerns:

    1. Street cleaning and beautification of the precinct

     Upkeep of bins and trees: Many of you have mentioned that the bins need cleaning and trees need

    pruning, especially along Clarendon Street:

    a. The trees will now be pruned in June and will be done three times a year. In the interim

    months, let us know if you feel that they need attending to.

    b. The 39 bins along Clarendon Street were pressure cleaned this week

     Footpath Trading Fee Policy changes that will be introduced as of 1 July 2019 are to assist in

    beautification of the precinct and reducing costs for businesses.

    a. Planter boxes are now free – businesses are now able to place planter boxes on the

    footpath free of charge. You only have to pay a small renewal fee.

    b. There have been significant reductions in permit fees for outdoor dining sets, A-boards and

    display of goods throughout the precinct, to encourage more activation of these public


    2. One platform for all businesses to access/be notified of all upcoming events, provide feedback etc.

     South Melbourne Place website: is now live and

    ready for you to engage with. On this website you will find a raft of information about place planning

    process and activations that will occur, the vision, and eventually the plan that we develop together.

    The website has been created for you to engage with us and your fellow community members. We

    encourage you to share your stories about South Melbourne, offer up your ideas for improvements

    or events that you would like to see, comment or like other ideas posted. We would also like to

    encourage you to let us know what is new in the precinct. If you are a new business or are hosting or

    supporting an event, we would like to know, so that we can promote it as a news item on the


    We are still hard at work on some of your other fabulous ideas and will report back on these at the next Place

    Planning Workshop on 9 July 2019.

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    Is it one Place or many? Background The area of focus for the ‘South Melbourne Placemaking project’ was initially determined by officers however

    following the first engagement with place users, it became apparent that further work was required to define

    the place in a way that was meaningful for place users.

    Council delegated to the CEO the ability to define the South Melbourne designated Placemaking Precinct in

    collaboration with place users.

    This work commenced in November 2018 and resulted in the following working draft of the area of focus:

    We asked We asked you to further refine the boundaries of the Placemaking precinct in South Melbourne by

    determining whether the identified South Melbourne Place area is one Place or an area that is made up of

    various unique places.

    You said

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    In response, consensus was that it was one area, yet made up of three distinctive places and two gateways.

     Market Village – that includes the South Melbourne

    Market, Coventry Street and York street

     Clarendon Central – along Clarendon street and side

    laneways, from York Street to Napier street

     Emerald Hill – stretching from Clarendon street to Cecil

    street and Dorcas to Park street

     City Fringe Gateway

     Park Gateway

    You said that there should be clear anchors (visual, theme and/or

    activation points) in each place to draw people to each place and

    create links between these to encourage flow through all Places in

    the South Melbourne Placemaking Precinct.

    Visioning To create visions for the South Melbourne Placemaking precinct, we needed to identify and understand what makes a place special or unique? What is in its DNA? What do we want to see it become?

    We asked We asked you to outline what was special or unique about South Melbourne overall and for each of the identified places within it. We asked you what you wanted them to become.

    You said

    South Melbourne Overall

    Uniqueness Location: Easy access from/to City and Bay

    Cultural Diversity

    Village feel

    South Melbourne Market

    Strong indigenous history

    Heritage buildings and architecture

    Creative industries

    Relaxed vibe

    Commercial centre for the community

    Inclusive community

    Wide tree-lined streets

    Future A place for connected experiences

    Urban calm

    Buzzing and vibrant

    Cultural diversity and inclusiveness on display

    A food, shopping and arts destination

    A creative and innovation hub

    A cultural hotspot

    Textured and layered

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    Celebrating it historical past yet embracing its creative future

    The following comments were noted for individual Place elements:

    Clarendon Village:

    Uniqueness A place you have to go regularly – services and banks

    Wide verandahs, open shop windows and wide streets

    Heritage buildings

    Key Thoroughfare – Linking the CBD to the Bay

    Classic 19th Century commercial street

    Suburban high street

    Future Fun, colourful place

    Romantic place to take your partner – historic romantic vibe

    Increased public space

    Emerald Hill:

    Uniqueness Cultural connection

    Village square – open space

    All the arts in the area – arts precinct

    South Melbourne Town Hall – symmetry of the buildings and place

    Historic significance – first peoples, town hall built by community

    The cultural heart of South Melbourne

    Relaxing place, not windy, sit and listen to music outside, green

    Future Cultural and entertainment hub

    Arts and historic hub

    Regular interesting cultural activities and offerings

    Relaxing open spaces, listen to music outside

    Community meeting, gathering and socialising place

    Urban calm

    Embracing and celebrating cultural diversity

    Jewel in the crown

    Market Village:

    Uniqueness Specialty shops, cafes, fresh food

    Heritage buildings


    South Melbourne Market

    Meeting place - place to socialise with family and friends

    Cultural mix

    Future Eclectic places that are interesting and unique

    A corridor of interesting shops, dining, galleries

    Pedestrianize Cecil Street and/or Coventry Street

  • 5

    High end bespoke retailers

    The soul of South Melbourne

    Connected and people focused


    City Fringe Gateway

    Uniqueness Main entrance from the CBD

    Industrial feel

    Transition Zone

    City connection

    Future Gateway that transitions from the hectic “city” to calm South Melbourne

    Visible gateway

    Green and welcoming approach

    Grunge, Urban Fringe, Hip

    Park Gateway

    Uniqueness Green wellness

    Gateway to Albert Park

    Sunny, quiet, wide spaces

    Future Health and nutrition focus

    Hinting of some open space/parkland beyond - Albert Park

    Health and wellness services and low retail

    Wellness destination – create a feeling of calmness

    Bridge a recreational connection to Albert Park

    Green link to Albert Park

    Ideas for Action – Action Planning The Place Planning workshop proved to be the creative generation of collaborative ideas for action to achieve what was described as the future of our places in South Melbourne.

    We asked We asked you to come up with some ideas for action that would help achieve our future vision for the precinct and the unique places within it. We asked you to consider whether the ideas or actions would be: quick wins, short, medium or long term actions.

  • 6

    We asked you to consider what categories of actions they are:

     Events and activations

     Infrastructure

     Marketing, Branding and Tourism

     Business Attraction

     Policy

     Other Actions have since been classified by status in four ways:

    - Green Are ideas or initiatives which are already in progress - Yellow Ideas that could be quick and easy to implement - Orange Are a little more complex and may take some further planning or consideration - Red We think may be difficult to implement at this point in time

    You said Individually at this workshop, you came


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