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Presentation was delivered duing the teachers' study visit in Lithuania in the frame of the project "South Caucasus - a Part of Europe"


  • 1. South CaucasusA Part of Europe

2. What?Action to raise public awareness of development issuesin Europe: Education and public awareness campaignSituation of young people in Armenia, Azerbaijan andGeorgiaFinance: European Commission (EuropeAid) Cofinance: Austrian Development AgencyDuration: 3 years (April 2007 March 2010) 3. Who? Project Consortium: Interkulturelles Zentrum (IZ), Austria Association of Youth Non-formal Education in Lithuania(AYNEL) Local Partners & Supporters: EURASIA Partnership Foundation (South Caucasus) Youth NGOs (APD, AEGEE, ICIRLD) International team of trainers & media experts 4. How?Authentic communication approachMedia products (Foto, Video, Audio, Texts) for awareness campaign: -Directly from South Caucasus countries -Created by young people in media workshops 5. Media workshops 6. Education campaignSchool workshops in Lithuania and Austria - Dealing with South Caucasus as a general topic - Using media to present perceptions of the region and of daily lives of young people 7. Joint Workshops in Austria and Lithuania(Vienna & Jovariskes Nov 2008, Innsbruck Nov 2009)Exchange, discussion of project topics and results & common creative work Presentation of exhibitions 8. Awareness Campaign- Exhibitions Vilnius, Kaunas, Anyksciai, Nida Vienna, Linz, Innsbruck - Public workshops, discussions, actions - Publications - Media reports