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Slide 2 SOUTH ASIA THESUB-CONTINENT Slide 3 SOUTH ASIASOUTH ASIA Slide 4 A. SUBCONTINENT 1.Large landmass at the southern edge of Asia a.Afghanistan b.Pakistan c.India d.Nepal e.Bhutan f.Bangladesh g.Sri Lanka h.Maldives Slide 5 SUBCONTINENT 2.Large landmass at the southern edge of Asia a.Pushing up against Asian continent causing mountain formation b.Himalayas Mt. Everest 29,035 feet 29,035 feet Slide 6 B. THREE GREAT RIVERS 1.All begin in the Himalayas a.Indus in Pakistan b.Brahmaputra (BRAM-uh- POO-truh) in N.E. India c.Ganges in India & Bangladesh Forms an alluvial plain Alluvial Plain: Large area along a riverbank with fertile soil left by flooding. Slide 7 C. Rooftop of the Worl d 1.Himalayas 2.30 highest mountains in the world 3.Believed to be caused by the pushing of one continent against another Slide 8 D. POPULATION DENSITY 1.Number of people per square mile 2.S. Asia is one of the most dense areas 3.However, not much arable land Slide 9 Slide 10 V e g e t a ti o n RegionsRegionsRegionsRegions Slide 11 E. Monsoons: 1.Seasonal shifts in winds a.Winter: Winds blow from the mainland brings dry air b.Summer: Winds blow from the ocean Brings very wet weather Slide 12 Climate Regions Slide 13 F. Economic Activities 1.Little Economic activities 2.Few resources 3.Not much arable land Slide 14 G. HISTORICAL OVERVIEW 1.One of the oldest civilizations 2.Combined religious beliefs into Hinduism 3.Around 500 B. C. Buddhism was founded 4.During the 700s, Arab invaders forced Islam Slide 15 5.A round 1200, Islam invaded into the area of modern India a.S et up a Sultanate: A state ruled by a Sultan 6.I n the 1600s, Great Britain began trading and later controlled the entire region G. HISTORICAL OVERVIEW Slide 16 7.1920s, Gandhi led a peaceful revolt against Great Britain 8.Independence came in 1947 9.Stayed out of the Cold War as a a.Non-Aligned nation G. HISTORICAL OVERVIEW Slide 17 Indias Partition Before & After Slide 18 Reach For A Star Production John P. Luke