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  • Cocoa Beach Sail & Power Squadron ( )

    The Soundings

    Membership Meetings

    Tuesday 5 July @ 1900 (7 PM) Tuesday 2 August @1900 (7 PM)

    Tuesday 6 September @ 1800 (6 PM) Brevard Memorial Veterans Center

    400 Sykes Creek Pkwy - Merritt Island

    All the details on

    Where to Find What?

    Cover Page 1

    At The Helm 2

    Executive Report 3

    Educational Report 4

    Administrative Report 5-6

    Boating Report 7

    Cruise to Captain Hiram's 8

    Scavenger Hunt 9

    Cruise to Marker 21 10

    Cruise to Bird Island 11

    Secretary Report 12

    New boating insurance! 13

    Coco-Nauts Corner 14

    District newsletters 15-16

    District Fall conference 17

    Friends of CBSPS 18-20

    Summer 2016 newsletter

    Organization’s Mission

    The Cocoa Beach Sail & Power Squadron, one of 400 nationwide, is a non-profit organization serving Boater’s education needs

    in Central Brevard County since 1967. The United States Power Squadrons’ mission is to:

    promote recreational boating safety through education and civic activities while providing fellowship for our members.

    “Come for the Boating Education...Stay for the Friends” To join us, contact [email protected]

    New boating insurance coverage! Excellent rates—See page 13

    Another reason to be a Member

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    Commander John FitzGerald, JN-IN

    Our Squadron is off to a great year and I thank all the bridge officers and all the committees for their dedica- tion to the Cocoa Beach Sail and Power Squadron. With the officers giving the reports in their sections of our publication I thought it would be interesting to share an annual report by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conser- vation Commission (FWC): Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) released the 2015 boating accident Statistics on 18 May 2016. They are responsible for reviewing, analyzing and compiling boating accident data for the state. It’s statistical report details boating accidents and their causes. Being an organization that promotes safe boat- ing I felt it was important to put out the highlights of their report. “Many of the accidents in this report could have been prevented if the boat operators had paid attention to eve- rything going on around their vessel, maintained a proper lookout and if everyone had been wearing a life jacket,” said Capt. Tom Shipp, FWC Boating and Waterways Section. “Often, accidents can be prevented by more careful operation,” said Lt. Seth Wagner, FWC Boating and Wa- terways Section. “It is critical for operators to maintain a proper lookout and focus on what is going on around their boat at all times.” Nearly half of boating accidents in 2015 involved collisions and 34 percent of all collisions were due to inat- tention or the operator failing to maintain a proper look-out. “The leading type of accident continues to be boaters colliding with other boats or objects,” Wagner said. “With the number of boaters in our beautiful state, it’s important to pay close attention to everything that’s going on around you.” Florida had 737 boating accidents in 2015. That is 103 more accidents as compared to 2014, however, there was a 25 percent decrease in fatalities. A total of 55 people lost their lives last year in boating accidents. Falls overboard have been the leading type of fatal accident since 2003 with drowning as the leading cause of death and 87 percent of these victims were not wearing a life jacket. Today’s boaters can choose from several models of light and comfortable, inflatable belt-pack or over-the- shoulder life jackets that can be worn while fishing or enjoying the sun. The message is clear, ‘Life Jackets Save Lives.’ I received the above statistics via email by subscribing to With the boating season in full swing in our beautiful state, safety is our main concern on the waterways. We can all have fun boating to the islands, fishing and cruising with our friends and family but let’s do it safely. It’s always the other guy who is boating without any education that causes the accidents. KEEP A SHARP LOOKOUT. I am looking forward to a great summer on the outings we have scheduled as I’m sure you all are. Participa- tion is the key to a fun squadron so let’s all get out and make this a successful summer.

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    EXECUTIVE OFFICER Lieutenant Commander Tom Courtney, AP-IN

    Scholarship: The Richard and Mary Jane Schnoor undergraduate scholarship is in good finan- cial shape this year, due to the generosity of our members at last year’s fund raiser, the Coco- Nauts, who raise gobs of money, selling their Macy’s discount cards each year and to all our thirsty members who bring their empty cans for recycling. Lastly, the XO is accepting all per- sonal contributions. Vessel Safety Check & Safety Committees: P/C Robert Rutigliano, N-IN and his team of vessel inspectors are well on their way to surpass last year’s total so if you have a boat or friend who has a boat, have your boat inspected: it’s FREE and we come to your boat. Our to- tal as of the writing of this article was 116 VSC’s completed and 94 having passed. With your help, we can be #1 in the district. Thank you to all the examiners. Boat Show Committee: This year we have pitched our tent at Coastal Angler Magazine Boat- ing & Fishing Expo at Boaters Exchange & Harbortown Marina Flea Market. Many of you have done multiple shows at multiple times. Thank you to all our members who have volun- teered at one of these events. Facebook: Lt Winifred Crawford, is doing an excellent job keeping the page up and running. Please contact her with interesting ideas to add to our Facebook page. Go to Facebook and search “Cocoa Beach Sail and Power Squadron” LIKE us. Public Relations: Lt. Pat Dinkey has agreed to do the Public Relations position. It’s great to see a new member take a lead role in the squadron. Liaison Committee: P/C J. P. Longway III, P is keeping the squadron up on all things going in Brevard Co. that’s important to the squadron. Website Committee: P/Lt/C Richard Schoonmaker, SN keeps our website up and running ( He continues to do a great job with this time consuming task. The website is the spot for all information CBSPS as well as changes to events. Radio Technical Officer: Lt /C George Shapow, AP will continue to keep the squadron up to date with any changes in the technical field. Finally, I would like to thank all members who pitch in, when needed. Our people make us the Squadron to belong to on the Space Coast.

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    SQUADRON EDUCATION OFFICER Past Commander Sandra Schoonmaker, SN

    Summer in Florida equates to a lot of time in and on the water. It is the time to reap the benefits of all the boating education that has been learned over the previous months. Cocoa Beach Sail and Power Squadron students have learned the importance of keeping an eye on the weather and to understand the changing conditions. They are well versed in what precautions to take when a summer storm appears. They realize the importance of keeping the electrical systems in good shape to prevent damage from lightning. They know their running lights need to be in good condition since a heavy downpour brings limited visibility and the need to display proper lighting. All this information is covered in the Weather, Seamanship and Electrical Systems classes. Summer is a good time to head off shore for trips to the Bahamas or just a day out on the big water. Thanks to the courses in Piloting and Advanced Piloting, CBSPS boaters are confident in their ability to plot courses using both the electronic devices and dead reck- oning navigation. Not sure how to use all those fancy electronic devices? There is an Electronic Navigation class that covers the basics! From the practical courses in Sail and Engine Maintenance to the complex celestial navi- gation courses teaching the use of the sextant to determine off-shore positions, the squad- ron provides a comprehensive listing of educational opportunities that are thoroughly ex- plained on the website: Included in the listing of the up-coming classes for fall is a listing of the two new locations where classes are taught. The squadron is grateful to Cape Canaveral Hospital for the use of its conference rooms and to Hobb’s Pharmacy that is hosting the advanced celes- tial navigation class. Class sign-up is available through the website. Book your classes early and be welcomed aboard an educational journey!

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    ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER Lieutenant Commander Jose Casals, P (page 1/2)

    It is a great pleasure to witness so many happy friends enjoying our Squadron events! Our activities and boating committees are doing great in executing events for our Squadron enjoyment and I am happy to see their enthusiasm and dedication in planning and conducting every event. Most important, our members are participating in increasing numbers, a clear indication of our actively involved membership. Two outstanding speakers participated in our April and May General Meetings. Mr. Stephen Moon, Admiralty and Marine Lawyer, spoke about common accidents that have occurr