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all about, this power point is on youtube too


  • 1. KATE TALKS ABOUT soul eater A anime Soul eater
  • 2. contents1. What is soul eater?2. Maka and Crona (cute story)3. Theme song4. Soul and Maka should date!5. When is it out on dvd?6. The end!
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  • 4. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THE VIEDOTalk about this show PEOPLE MAY THINK: okay nowNow what is soul eater, well people may think soul eater isyou came to the right place. dumb but you guys are wrong!Soul eater is a very good anime Pay close to the people likeit is my favorite show! The Maka and Soul they seem veryshow is rated TV-14. But it close.dont matter what age you areits just the bad words and thebutts and boobies. But in theother half I love it!
  • 5. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THE VIDEOThe main plot is JUST PEOPLE Now the plot. Maka is aARE WEAPONS AND meister and Soul is herMEISTERS! Okay now meisters weapon. They go and fight allare the ones who fight. the bad guys. Makas mother was a meister and MakaWeapons in this show like Soul follows her mothers sideand others can turn into a witch Makas dad Mr. Scythe isweapon and theyre meisters a weapon and has love forfight. EASY! Maka but she does not care about him. Mr. Scythe and Mrs. Are in a defore.
  • 6. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THE VIDEOBut anyways, Crona does not MORE PLOT Soul and Makaknow how to deal with people and Tsuboki and Black star areand Season 2 episode 1 Maka all friends but Crona and Blairand Crona become friends. are too. Maka and Soul mustThat was cute. collect 99 evil souls and 1 witch soul. Will soul become a death scythe? Cronas mother is Medusa a evil witch. Crona faces with evilness from Medusa.
  • 7. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THE VIDEOMore and more plotCrona gets pushnessed a lot by Crona has no gender. In japanMedusa. Soul and Maka are she is female. In USA she isfriends of curse with Crona. male. But to me a girl.Crona then knows that no (ON COMMETS NO FIGHTS!person had time to deal with ABOUT CRONAS GENDER!)her.
  • 8. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THE VIDEONO MORE PLOT DONT HAVETIME! People in soul eaterIn the next soul eater video I 1. Maka (girlwill finish the plot! 2. Soul (boy 3. Crona (boy or girl) 4. Black star (boy) 5. Tsuboki (girl) 6. Medusa (girl) 7. Mr. death scythe (boy) 8. Dr. stein (boy) 9. Rangarock (boy in Crona)
  • 9. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THE VIDEOPeople in soul eater10. Death the kid (boy)11. Sid (boy)12. Liz (girl)13. Patty (girl)14. Demon (boy)15. Arusa (boy, main bad guy)16. Blair (girl)
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  • 11. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THE VIDEOThe story starts here but I dont know how to dealMaka and Crona story with people. said Crona as sheFrom season 1 episode cried. Its not you dont know1 how to deal with people its just no one had time to deal with you. said Maka.Maka and Crona were sittingon the ground. Crona wouldyou be my friend? askedMaka? Crona started to cry.
  • 12. YOU MAY WANT TO PASE THE VIDEOEasier Maka went in Cronas Then Crona added to her sandhead and Crona was talking to list. 42. Crona looked up andher shadow and her shadow Maka was in her head even aswas asking Crona questions. a kid! Then Crona thoughtBut in Cronas head she was a about what just happenedkid. Crona you denied me 41 minutes ago.times! You are a bad person.Im going else where. saidCronas shadow.
  • 13. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THE VIDEOIm Maka a meister, Scythe. See its easy to erase. saidIm Crona a meister, demon Maka while she moved theweapon. But Crona is not a sand somewhere else. No..demon. I know you are. then Stop! said Crona. See allsaid Maka. Maka walked into done. said Maka as she pattedCronas little circle she made her dress.with sand. How can you get inhere this space is mine! Nowsomething bad is going tohappen. said Crona.
  • 14. THE END.BACK TO WHAT IS HAPPENINGRIGHT NOW IN LIFE: Crona That washeld Makas hand. They werefriends. In Cronas mind Maka the end ofand Crona held hands and theysmiled. that episode
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  • 16. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THIS VIDEOResonance, opening 1If the lamps of linked souls Though the glare that comespoint to your heart, do you from being too tenacious mayhear the echoes now? stronger carry over into badthan wordswe barely look dreams if the lamps of linked souls point to youreach other in the eye, yet our heart, do you hear the echoesfates are becoming entwined now, stronger than words, theour destinations overlap reasons why we never metcompletely so run with me dont matter we are drawnthough the slippery night together, the more we are hurt in the moments we touch,
  • 17. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THIS VIDEO THE SONG IS OVERThe clearer things become..
  • 18. 4. Soul and Maka should date Next page.
  • 19. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THIS VIDEOReally!Yes really! They should. They Because when Maka gets hurtlook like they are perfect to Soul is there for her and whendate! Soul gets hurt Maka is there for him.
  • 20. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THIS VIDEONO MORE TO SAY!Really there is no more to saybut Maka and Soul reallyshould date.
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  • 22. YOU MAY WANT TO PAUSE THIS VIDEOWellIt comes out, well its already This picture is the boxsetout! So this part is made fornoting really.