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March 02, 2016 edition of the Sooke News Mirror


<ul><li><p>C O M M U N I T Y N E W S M E D I A</p><p>Black PressWednesday, March 2, 2016 Mail Agreement #40110541</p><p> INDEX NEWS SPORTSOpinion 8Letters 11Community 21</p><p>An Otter Point resident says West Coast Road is falling victim to wind and sea, but the Ministry of Transportation isnt convinced of those claims </p><p>Page 3</p><p>The U15 girls soccer team finished off a perfect season with a 7-1 victory over Peninsula to claim the Silver League championship </p><p>Page 28</p><p>Mayor returns on April 1Kevin LairdSooke News Mirror</p><p>Sooke Mayor Maja Tait will return from maternity leave on April 1.</p><p>Tait, who took a leave of absence in mid November, gave birth to a son, Ewan, on Nov. 27. Ewan is her first child.</p><p>The mayor hoped to return earlier from her leave of absence, but decided </p><p>last week to stay with the original April return date.</p><p>Im look-ing forward to returning and grateful for the time </p><p>with my son, Tait told the News Mirror.</p><p>Tait will return to a much different municipal hall, then when she left.</p><p>There have been major personnel changes with the hiring of chief administra-tive officer Teresa Sullivan on Dec. 14 and the depar-ture of three senior manag-ers.</p><p>Tait has been kept well informed of the inner work-ings of the municipality and council since she left, acting mayor Kerrie Reay said at a recent council meeting.</p><p>This is Taits first term as mayor. She served on coun-cil previously.</p><p></p><p>Maja Tait</p><p>Property is on undeveloped land near Evergreen Mall</p><p>Kevin LairdSooke News Mirror</p><p>The new Sooke branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library could find a new home on land south of Evergreen Mall.</p><p>At a news conference Monday, the District of Sooke announced the purchase of a parcel of land in the town centre for $1.42 million.</p><p>The 5.26-acre property, bor-dered by Evergreen Mall on the south and Wadams Way on the north, is undeveloped.</p><p>I see this as a great fit for a new library, and the learning and community gathering opportuni-ties that come with it, said acting mayor Kerrie Reay.</p><p>The land was bought to build a library, but 80 per cent of the property will be available for other non-specified uses.</p><p>The current library at 2065 Anna Marie Rd. is undersized for Sooke.</p><p>This [new] facility will help us increase from 3,600 square feet to 10,000 square feet, which is much more appropriately sized for this community. It will also have room to grow over the next 25 years, said Jamie Anderson, director of library services for the Vancouver Island Regional Library.</p><p>Construction of a new Sooke library has been discussed for years.</p><p>Last year, John Phillips Park was considered as a possible location for the library, but was met with opposition by both the community and some members of council. </p><p>Last fall, the Capital Regional District approved a loan of up to $6 million to build a facility. The library would be 10,000 square feet in size.</p><p>The newest development meets most of the criteria required by the library board to fulfil the com-mitment to build a new library, Anderson said.</p><p>The property was bought with district reserve funds. The </p><p>reserve funds will be replenished following this years budget and five-year financial plan review, said Coun. Rick Kasper, who began his stint as acting mayor yesterday.</p><p>See LIBRARY / 7</p><p>LAND BOUGHT FOR NEW LIBRARY</p><p>Home builder</p><p>Wildlife photographer Brian Rundle captured an Annas hummingbird collecting nest material from a cattail. Annas hummingbirds are found along the western coast of North America, from southern Canada to northern Baja California. They tend to be permanent residents within their range and are very territorial. To see more of Brian Rundles work, please go online to</p><p>Photo: Brian Rundle</p><p>D</p><p>OTTER PO</p><p>INT</p><p>ANNA MARIE RO</p><p>ADTOW</p><p>NSEND ROAD</p><p>SOOKE ROAD</p><p>WADAMS</p><p> WAY</p><p>Brownsey B</p><p>Evergreen Mall</p><p>Site of Future Sooke Library</p><p></p><p>Shelly Davis778-352-3535</p><p>Ellen Bergerud250-818-6441</p><p>Lorenda Simms250-217-5787</p><p></p><p></p><p> 2 decks with views, 3bd/3bath&gt;</p><p>2 BEDROOM SUITE!t&gt;</p></li><li><p>Want to see your shot featured as a Reader Photo of the Week?</p><p>Were seeking shots that grab our attention for their creativity, impact, humour or beauty, taken in the Sooke region. They can be of people, nature or the urban environment. Email your submissions to</p><p>Reader Photo of the WeekWhiffin Spit is a place of ever-changing beauty, even during a winter sunset, as seen in this photo taken by Sooke resident Linda Robinson. For a look at the history of Whiffin Spit, please see our Sooke History column on page 21. Readers Photo of the Week is sponsored by the Stickleback West Coast Eatery.</p><p>The Victoria Regional Transit Commis-sion has approved a $104.7-million operat-ing budget, with no increases in property taxes.</p><p> This is great news both for transit users and property owners in the region, said Susan Brice, chair of the Vic-toria Regional Transit Commission. </p><p>We are pleased to approve a budget that maintains service levels and invests in improvements with no increased burden on the taxpayer.</p><p>The transit commis-sion also approved $1.6 million to complete the southbound bus prior-ity lanes from Tolmie to Hillside avenues in downtown Victoria. </p><p>The priority lanes are expected to improve travel times and increase efficiency and ridership.</p><p>Additionally, in response to the pro-vincial governments recent announcement of increased transit funding, the commis-sion will review pos-sible options to imple-ment transit service expansion in 2017-2018 at its June meeting.</p><p>Transit budget arrives with no tax increase</p><p>2 I NEWS I SOOKENEWSMIRROR.COM WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, 2016</p><p>Publisher: Rod Sluggett publisher@sookenewsmirror.comEditor: Kevin Laird editor@sookenewsmirror.comReporter: Octavian Lacatusu news@sookenewsmirror.comAdvertising: sales@sookenewsmirror.comCirculation: circulation@sookenewsmirror.comClassifieds: Vicky Sluggett classifieds@sookenewsmirror.comOffice Manager: Deb Stolth</p><p>How to reach us 250.642.5752 fax:</p><p>SUPERSPECIALS</p><p>PROUDLY SERVING SOOKE, METCHOSIN,JORDAN RIVER AND SOMBRIO !</p><p>OUR LOCAL WEEKLYSPECIALS ARE BACK</p><p>A food and art fundraiser64 pieces of original art</p><p>Sat March 5, 7-9pm Tickets $20 + tax</p><p>Vendors include:Stick in the Mud, Sooke 2 for 1 Pizza, </p><p>Kelz Bakery, Natures Chef, Cape Links Coils and Sausage Company, Yesaki, </p><p>Sheringham Distillery, West Coast Grill.</p><p>Tickets available at Little Vienna Bakery, </p><p>Stick in the Mud and West Coast Grill.</p><p>www.sookecommunityarts.comPrestige Oceanfront Resort</p><p>Grand Ballroom6929 West Coast Rd 778.425.0888</p><p>For all your Insurance needsHome Business Farm Auto</p><p>Don McCormick</p><p>Serving Sooke for over 35 years</p><p>250-882-7411</p><p>Looking for Investment or Retirement advice?Talk to me today.</p><p>Debra Johnston, PFPFinancial Planner</p><p>Investment and Retirement Planning</p><p></p><p>Financial planning services and investment advice are provided by Royal Mutual Funds Inc. 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Just ask Fire Chief Steve Sorensen.</p><p>Sooke firefighters answered 964 rescue, emergency medical and fire calls in 2015 a 33 per cent increase over the same period in 2014.</p><p>The fire department also recorded the most number of fires (82), motor vehicle </p><p>crashes (91) and medi-cal emer-gency calls (498) in its 102-year his-tory. Other categories recorded by dispatchers </p><p>included 57 for hazardous conditions, 71 alarm bells and 122 burning complaints.</p><p>With a corresponding drop of 25 per cent in volun-teer staffing it has made this year the busiest and most challenging on record, Sorensen said in a report to district council.</p><p>In reviewing long term statistics the fire depart-ment has seen an increase in call volume of approxi-mately 10 per cent per year over the past 25-year report-ing period.</p><p>And 2016 is beginning where 2015 left off. </p><p>So far this year, the fire department has responded to about the same amount of calls in the first few months of 2016 as in the same period last year, Sorensen said.</p><p>But help is on the way at least from a personnel per-spective.</p><p>The Sooke Fire Rescue Service is training six new firefighters, in partnership with the Metchosin Fire Department. The rookie volunteer firefighters are expected to be on the job in mid-April.</p><p>Sooke FD sees hikein fire calls</p><p>Sorensen</p><p>Octavian LacatusuSooke New Mirror</p><p>West Coast Road is a vital travel artery. It connects Greater Victoria to the far-end reaches of Port Ren-frew and beyond, along it, count-less natural wonders await curi-ous visitors from far away. </p><p>Wondrous as it may be, how-ever, the road is also exposed to the harsh terrain and natural and unnatural elements, such as seis-mic activity, the combined weight of hundreds of logging trucks, and the erosion by wind and sea. </p><p>Such is the case of the stretch crossing King Creek, a place of childhood memory for Otter Point resident Al Wickheim. </p><p>In the last decade, the road has become a cause of concern for Wickheim, who believes the bank at the bottom is being rapidly eroded by the tides, potentially risking the roads collapse. </p><p>If we get a southeasterly com-ing through here at high tide, we could wake up in the morning and this will be gone, he said. </p><p>Not only is the infrastructure going to go, but it will be one of those news stories where some-body drives into a big hole in the middle of the road.</p><p>Way back a 100 years ago, there was no West Coast Road going through, just a grassy beach at the bottom. In the 1930s, when the road was built, a bridge was imple-mented to connect the west with the east. </p><p>Wickheim recalled the bridge was rickety and didnt last long, so a culvert was later put in over King Creek, filling the rest with pit run gravel. </p><p>This, Wickheim said, is where the trouble began.</p><p>Theres no structural mate-rial there other than fill, he said, explaining the bank angle of </p><p>repose a slope that a fluid will take naturally, something which gravel is known to do. </p><p>The angle of repose to that slope will mean that three feet inwards, it will drop down to find its angle of repose, because thats what it wants to do. Itll keep eat-ing away at the bank. </p><p>And it has. Wickheim pointed towards a </p><p>former trail with steps that led from the top of a fire hydrant to the bottom of the beach; the trail is now gone, replaced with doz-ens of trees that have tilted down-wards, pulling more of the bank with them. </p><p>Despite Wickheims concerns, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure sees the matter in a less severe light. </p><p>At this time, there are no con-cerns regarding the safety of the travelling public on this section of Highway 14, said Sonia Lowe, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.</p><p>With the safety of the public our highest priority, ministry staff will continue to actively monitor the site and will undertake addi-tional technical work to develop a long-term solution. </p><p>Lowe added that ministry staff is aware of concerns about the </p><p>erosion at this location and has done a preliminary assessment.</p><p>Still, Wickheim believes the mat-ter is not only concerning, but pre-ventable, at least at this point. </p><p>All they have to do is ditch this down about six feet deep, and fill it with a couple of rows of big boul-ders to about halfway, he said.</p><p>The fix here is not cheap, but its easy, and itll prevent a more serious problem.</p><p>A Ministry engineer confirmed that a geo-tech will assess the road and determine what work needs to be done within the next two weeks. </p><p></p><p>Road erosion raises concernWest Coast Road falling victim to wind and sea, says Otter Point resident</p><p>Octavian Lacatusu/Sooke News Mirror</p><p>Al Wickheim points towards the slowly collapsing bank near King Creek, which he believes could threaten the stability of West Coast Road above.</p><p>Recreational fishers have a daily limit of two chinook salmon per day, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans announced yesterday in a new management plan for an area between Cadboro and Sheringham points.</p><p>The new rules run through June 17.DFO reminds the public that barbless hooks </p><p>are required when fishing for salmon in tidal and non-tidal waters in B.C.</p><p>Chinook is the largest species in the Pacific salmon. 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