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Presentation to Direct Marketing Association West in Bristol on 5th November 2008


<p>No Slide Title</p> <p>See Sony PIM in action Personalised Integrated Marketing </p> <p>DMA West 5th November 2008</p> <p>Daniel FinnDigital Media Consultant</p> <p>Sony DADC</p> <p>Agenda</p> <p> Marketing landscape Cross Media Marketing What is Sony PIM? PIM Case Studies</p> <p> Google Mercedes Tottenham Hotspur </p> <p> PIM measuring success in real time </p> <p>In 1965, 80% of 18-49 year olds in the U.S. </p> <p>could be reached with three 60- second TV spots</p> <p>Media reach - then</p> <p>Reference: Revenue Science Inc., Procter&amp;Gamble</p> <p> Jim StengelGlobal Marketing Officer, Procter &amp; Gamble</p> <p>In 2002, it required 117 primetime commercials to </p> <p>produce the same result.</p> <p>Reference: Revenue Science Inc., Procter&amp;Gamble</p> <p>Media reach - now</p> <p>digital media:SearchSEMSEO</p> <p>digital media:SearchSEMSEO</p> <p>PULL</p> <p>physical media:above the lineTVprint</p> <p>Direct Response Marketing Landscape</p> <p>digital media:Behavioural TargetingEmail MarketingMobile Marketing</p> <p>PUSH</p> <p>physical media:pURLQR CodeIntegrated DM</p> <p>guiding mediatarget media</p> <p>TV Print Direct Mail POS Radio Online Mobile</p> <p>TV</p> <p>Print</p> <p>Direct Mail</p> <p>POS</p> <p>Radio</p> <p>Online</p> <p>Mobile</p> <p>Cross Media Marketing</p> <p>While there are significant benefits to optimising across digital channels, the big win comes through making on and offline channels work together.</p> <p>Power of DM and Digital</p> <p> Mike NutleyMarketing Week: Interactive</p> <p>DM as lead Digital as follower</p> <p>Reference: Royal Mail &amp; Quadrangle: DM &amp; Email 2007. DM &amp; Online 2007</p> <p>I am more likely to click on an online advert if I have already received something from the company in the post</p> <p>54% agree</p> <p>Digital as lead DM as follower</p> <p>I am more likely to read mail from a company if I have already seen advertising for the company online</p> <p>56% agree</p> <p>Reference: Royal Mail &amp; Quadrangle: DM &amp; Email 2007. DM &amp; Online 2007</p> <p>DM &amp; Digital as partner channels</p> <p>I am more likely to remember something if it is communicated to me by post and online</p> <p>69% agree</p> <p>Reference: Royal Mail &amp; Quadrangle: DM &amp; Email 2007. DM &amp; Online 2007</p> <p>What is Sony PIM?</p> <p> Unique and patented marketing solution Integrates offline and online channels Personalise and tailor the experience Measure engagement &amp; response in real </p> <p>time</p> <p>Google case study</p> <p> Promote Google AdWords SME target audience Objective </p> <p> Increase awareness in this segment Acquisition of AdWords clients</p> <p> Campaign features Digital voucher Google AdWords eLearning course</p> <p>Personalised &amp; interactive DM</p> <p>Personalised Offline Landing page</p> <p>eLearning course</p> <p>Engaging &amp; relevant content</p> <p>Digital voucher to drive online response</p> <p>Seamless offline to online</p> <p>Google campaign performance</p> <p>"The eBridge campaign was an unmitigated success for us! eBridge has given us a way to explain complex products like Google AdWords creatively and so acquire new customers. </p> <p>Confirmed by the initial success we haveplanned further campaigns with eBridge withina very short time frame."</p> <p>- Katharina FriedrichProduct Marketing Manager Google Germany</p> <p>Case Study - Mercedes</p> <p> New CLC Coupe launch Reach younger demographic</p> <p> Engaging content Car racing game</p> <p> Objective Generate test drives</p> <p> Integrate all marketing channels Outdoor / press / DM / Web</p> <p>Personalised DM to individual contact</p> <p>Virtual test drive experience</p> <p>Virtual test drive experience</p> <p>Take the real test drive experience</p> <p>Microsite for campaign</p> <p>Mercedes campaign outcome</p> <p> Campaign ongoing 75% who have engaged have gone on to </p> <p>test drive Viral marketing offline &amp; online</p> <p>Case Study Tottenham Hotspur</p> <p> Membership / season ticket renewal program</p> <p> Objective Promote upgrade packages</p> <p> Increase use of online channel for signup</p> <p> Integrated DM campaign 7 segments by membership grade Tailored content and incentives</p> <p>Personalised to each supporter</p> <p>Personalised offline landing page</p> <p>Engaging and interactive content</p> <p>Cross promote partners and sponsors </p> <p>Tottenham Hotspur campaign outcome</p> <p> 60K mailed Online signup increased from 30% in </p> <p>2007 to 65% in 2008 6K upgraded their package Follow up welcome campaigns launched</p> <p>PIM measure success in real time</p> <p>PIM online analytics dashboard</p> <p>Immediate feedback on response</p> <p>Geo Targeting your respondents</p> <p>Customised analytics and tracking</p> <p>Thank you</p> <p>Questions</p> <p>Daniel FinnDigital Media ConsultantSony DADCDaniel.finn@sonydadc.com07872 675</p> <p>See Sony PIM in actionPersonalised Integrated MarketingDMA West 5th November 2008Agenda Media reach - thenMedia reach - nowSlide Number 5Slide Number 6Power of DM and DigitalDM as lead Digital as follower Digital as lead DM as follower DM &amp; Digital as partner channels What is Sony PIM?Google case studyPersonalised &amp; interactive DM Personalised Offline Landing pageeLearning courseEngaging &amp; relevant contentDigital voucher to drive online responseSeamless offline to onlineGoogle campaign performanceCase Study - Mercedes Personalised DM to individual contactVirtual test drive experience Virtual test drive experience Take the real test drive experience Microsite for campaignMercedes campaign outcome Case Study Tottenham HotspurPersonalised to each supporterPersonalised offline landing pageEngaging and interactive contentCross promote partners and sponsors Tottenham Hotspur campaign outcomePIM measure success in real timePIM online analytics dashboard Immediate feedback on responseGeo Targeting your respondents Customised analytics and trackingThank you</p>