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This screenplay was developed by fans of the Superman franchise after the release of Superman Returns when the franchise was looking for how to continue the story. Canon elements for this story are Superman 1/2 (the Richard Donnor cuts) and Superman Returns.


<p>Superman: Sons of Krypton by Michael J. Miller Patrick Mann Conway &amp; David Scott</p> <p>October 10, 2010</p> <p>EXT. LUTHORCORP QUAD Several news vans are parked on the street and a large group of reporters is mulling around waiting for the subject of their impending news reports to emerge from the building. Jimmy Olson is snapping away pictures of the newly built Luthorcorp headquarters and its impressive and imposing signage while Clark Kent keeps his nose in his notebook, jotting something down. JIMMY OLSON Wow, Clark, I know Lois says Lex Luthor is a wretched, deceitful little man, but this is a beautiful building. The architecture, the grounds, did you know its the greenest building in North America? Clark pays Jimmy little attention as he is focused on his note pad. CLARK KENT Uh huh. Jimmy is equally disinterested in what Clark has to say as he attempts to get the perfect photo. He continues to babble on about energy efficiency as Clark scribbles in his note book. INT. LUTHORCORP ELEVATOR Lex Luther stands flanked by three muscular male bodyguards and one dark haired woman. All three are wearing designer suits. Lexs attention is focused on a few pieces of paper tightly gripped in his hand. We hear Lois Lane Lanes voice speaking profoundly on the nature of heroes and villains and how intertwined they are. Lex looks up from the paper, but at no one in particular when he speaks. LEX LUTHOR When does it go to print? The woman, Mercy Graves, smiles at her boss. MERCY GRAVES It doesnt. Lex turns his head slightly and looks at her out of the corner of his eye. MERCY GRAVES (CONT'D) Ms Lane is turning that little article into a book.</p> <p>2.</p> <p>Lex smiles and laughs as the elevator doors open. Lex steps through with his security detail in quick pursuit. INT. LUTHORCORP LOBBY LEX LUTHOR Of course. Superman may get a few articles here and there, but in order to cover the massive subject of Lex Luthor she needs an entire book. Marvelous. Lex stops walking abruptly and turns to Ms. Graves. His body guards take precautionary positions around him. One moves toward the front door. LEX LUTHOR (CONT'D) Ms. Graves, I want that book. MERCY GRAVES Yes, sir. Lex turns back to his original path, but stops as his hulking bodyguards back is blocking his path. Lex clears his throat. The guard does not move. Lex sighs at the stupidity of his help, then taps him on the shoulder. The guard turns, allowing Lex to pass. GUARD Media. Lex peers through the glass, smooths his head, checks his breath, cracks his neck and smiles. LEX LUTHOR Show time. EXT. LUTHORCORP QUAD The camera pans in over Clarks shoulder and we see the strange, almost hieroglyphic, letters that Clark is writing in his notebook. He practises sounding them out. CLARK KENT Veith tua- Vaithe toa- Vai eth Tu ah? Jimmy comes up besides Clark and snaps a few more pictures listening to Clarks sounding out of a strange language before trying to get a glimpse of what Clark is writing, but Clark ignores him and keeps the writing out of his view.</p> <p>3.</p> <p>JIMMY OLSON Is that Latin? Broaden your horizons, eh. Thats what Mister White always says. Good for you, Clark. Looks like the vultures are swooping in. Clark looks up at the press corps rushing the door, flips his note book page to his notes on Luthor and scurries off after the other reporters. EXT. LUTHORCORP BUILDING - TV CAMERA VIEWPOINT Lex Luthor steps out of the glass revolving door of the newly constructed Luthorcorp building in downtown Metropolis. A crowd of reporters mob around Lex. He pretends to be surprised, but is obviously welcoming the attention and basks in the chorus of questions before pulling his face into a serious, down-to-earth, expression as he selects one very pretty reporter to ask the first question. REPORTER #1 Mister Luthor, do you feel vindicated by the legal system in Metropolis, having all charges dropped, all assets unfrozen and Luthorcorp finally up and running? Lex lets a little smile slip past his lips. LEX LUTHOR Thats the beautiful thing about this country. You need evidence to convict someone of an alleged crime in a court of law. The testimony of one person is not enough. It boils down to a case of he said/she said. Or in this particular case: human said/alien said. REPORTER #2 Isnt the word of Superman just as good as hard evidence. Superman never lies. Lex laughs. LEX LUTHOR Never lies? Really? Whats his first name? Super? I dont think so.</p> <p>4.</p> <p>REPORTER # 3 Has anyone asked him his real name? Lex sneers at the reporter. LEX LUTHOR Thats your job. REPORTER #1 But isnt Supermans word worth more than yours? Hes never been in jail. LEX LUTHOR Its true I have spent more than my fair share of time incarcerated. Most of that time was due solely to the word of your beloved Mister Man. No evidence, just his sparkling words pointing the blame on me. The reporter begins to ask another question but Lex cuts her off. LEX LUTHOR (CONT'D) But even before he arrived, I had my run ins with the law. When you have no money and no alternatives, crime is an extremely tempting option. That was wrong of me. But now that I have money I intend to use it to give other men and women, whove been down on their luck and made mistakes a second chance. Because unlike Superman - who continues to single me out and persecute me for my checkered past Lex Luthor is a man who is capable of forgiveness, empathy and compassion. And that is the mission behind Luthorcorp. We employ men and women of all races and creeds who may have what some might call a disreputable past, but any human backed into a corner, starving and put out in the freezing cold by society will always turn to crime. We offer them a warm blanket, a hot meal and a job. Luthorcorp offers an alternative path for them to walk. A legal path. (MORE)</p> <p>5. LEX LUTHOR (CONT'D) We dont just round them up in our circus tights and toss them away in a dark place to be forgotten. Thats not how you make the world a better place. That may be how they do it on whatever planet he comes from in whichever dark distant galaxy that might reside, but thats not the American way. In America we dont sweep things under the rug, we face our problems head on and come up with solutions. We never, ever leave a man behind whether its on a battlefield full of our brave soldiers or its the desperate souls on the streets of our fair Metropolis. Not in this city. Not in America. No way, no how, no sir.</p> <p>Lex storms away from the reporters to emphasise his point. Our point of view pulls away from the press conference, as the reporters once again clamor for the spotlight, revealing that we have been watching a television. We see Lex about to get into his limousine, look back amused at the throng of reporters clamoring for his attention before the camera shifts to reveal the location of the TV: a dark, dingy cell. INT. MILITARY FACILITY Sitting in the shadows a man begins to clap his hands in an exaggerated fashion. MANS VOICE Bravo. The man leans forward into the light cast from multiple televisions showing news reports from multiple countries in many different languages as well as C-span type feeds from governments to reveal himself as General Zod. His face, now illuminated by the blue flicker of the television, is somber and calm. Zod begins to flip through the channels through all sorts of crap at a faster than human rate. He pauses and listens in the distance, a slight smile creeps onto his face momentarily. Zod changes all the channels to televangelists from around the world: Billy Graham, Eliseo Soriano, Melissa Scott, Pat Robertson, Paula Nielson, as well as several psychics: Silvia Browne, John Edward, James Van Praagh and Miss Cleo. A few seconds later, Superman enters his cell. Zod does not turn to greet the man of steel and Superman does not wait for one.</p> <p>6.</p> <p>He walks over to a table that has a small set of Kryptonian crystals jutting out from a central crystal core; manipulates a crystal and a holographic display materializes about the size of a black board in front of him. The display has the Kryptonian letters from Clarks notebook arranged in a disorganized pattern. Superman begins to move and manipulate the holographic letters with his hands, arranging and rearranging them. The screen flashes black and Superman turns to look at what Zod is watching. KAL-EL Kree - Kree ta zep tol Zod turns off the television and returns himself to the comfort of the dark. GENERAL ZOD I will not be lectured by the son of Jor-El. Superman turns and shouts down the hallway. SUPERMAN Guard, lights. The lights in Zods cell go on revealing it not to be a small, dingy hole but a very large clean room filled to the brim with books, DVDs, CDs, comic books, magazines, newspapers, and reprints of priceless works of art. It looks similar to Lex Luthors lair under Metropolis. One end is a small garden with a large skylight at the top of a 60 foot transformed missile silo. Superman walks over to a wall, places his eye in front of a security scanner and gets his retina scanned. The lights shifts from red to green as it recognizes him. SUPERMAN (CONT'D) Temporary surveillance shutdown, authorization: Superman. The voice recognition software accepts his voice, and the video surveillance cameras power down. Superman slides out of his imposing form of Superman and into his natural form of Kal-El. KAL-EL There, now we have a little privacy. Zod does not move from his perch.</p> <p>7.</p> <p>GENERAL ZOD Why must you speak with one voice to those humans, but use another with me? Kal-El pays little attention to Zod as he returns to the crystal display. GENERAL ZOD (CONT'D) I would think it most frustrating to only be able to act yourself around Kryptons Greatest Criminal. Kal-El moves the Kryptonian letters around the display, but each time he stops the display flashes black and Kal-El looks frustrated. General Zod stands up and walks over by the table, observing Kal-els failures before quickly moving the letters into their proper alignment and making the display flash bright white. GENERAL ZOD (CONTD) Pathetic. Kal-El stares at the display with confusion and childlike irritation. General Zod continues walking to his little library, past books on history, art, literature, science and language as he pretends to search for something in particular. GENERAL ZOD (CONT'D) Tell me, what ridiculous questions must you pester me with today? I have no interest in playing that silly childs game any more. Kal-El looks up from the display with a sheepish expression before pulling himself into the confidant poise of Superman. He attempts to speak in Kryptonian, but can not find the words and switches to English. SUPERMAN El vura - vura daz - I want to know about Krypton. General Zod drops his head and shakes it slowly. GENERAL ZOD How many of these human languages do you speak?</p> <p>8.</p> <p>KAL-EL Almost all. GENERAL ZOD Don't you find it tedious and extremely primitive to have so many different languages on a planet this small? KAL-EL It's through their differences; their struggles to understand each other that they learn and evolve. I find that anything but primitive. GENERAL ZOD How many of their kind can speak all their languages? KAL-EL None that I have met. General Zod lets out a little snicker. GENERAL ZOD That's one way to avoid compromise. KAL-EL Just tell me about Krypton. do you miss most? What</p> <p>General Zod thinks a moment before a smile creeps onto his face and he answers. GENERAL ZOD I miss the frozen peaks of ArzrJza. The perfectly crisp, pristine cliffs sculpted by the whipping wind. I suppose that's why I gravitated to the military. KAL-EL Why the military? GENERAL ZOD Krypton was a single minded nation devoted to science. To the pursuit of knowledge. All Kryptonians were scientists. Soon after we were weened we had a greater grasp of this universe and it's subtle mysteries than this planets greatest minds combined for the next hundred years.</p> <p>9.</p> <p>KAL-EL So why enter the military? GENERAL ZOD I could not spend all my time confined in a laboratory. I needed to breathe. To feel Rao shine down on my face. Feel the power of her warmth. KAL-EL Is Rao the name of Kryptons star or is it the Kryptonian word for star? GENERAL ZOD Curious. Rao was the name of our Red sun, just as Sol is the name of yours. All of this is in Jor-Els crystals. KAL-EL Most of what I learned was geared towards this life on Earth. GENERAL ZOD I am appalled the great Jor-El did not teach you Kryptonian. KAL-EL I was never supposed to meet one. General Zod walks away from the bookshelves and back to the crystal display. GENERAL ZOD How very true. KAL-EL I want to know what it felt like to have the Red suns rays touch your face. General Zod manipulates the crystals and the fiery red image of Rao appears with a very small planet near by. Solar flares whip out from the core in a beautifully enticing dance, like the flickering of bonfire. GENERAL ZOD Certainly not as exhilarating or empowering as your yellow sun, but Rao held power over all Krypton. Worshipped by some, revered by all. Giver of life-</p> <p>10.</p> <p>Zod traces his fingers across holographic image before turning away. GENERAL ZOD (CONT'D) -and death. The display focuses on the planet just before it explodes in a fantastic light display. GENERAL ZOD (CONTD) Jor-El would not have sent his only heir hurtling through space without, at minimum, a childs guide to Kryptonian science, culture and history. He did. you. KAL-EL Thats how I learned about</p> <p>GENERAL ZOD Im sure Jor-El used very precise words to describe me. KAL-EL I want to know about the things my father omitted. Things that he might have over looked as trivial. GENERAL ZOD There are most likely a few holes in Jor-Els version of history. Look to the crystals, in there is a complete chronicle of all that is Krypton. Your father believed that knowledge is the only true power. KAL-EL I have seen each memory etched on every crystal. There is nothing else. GENERAL ZOD It is there. Your mind is too primitive from suckling on this near primordial world to access it. Instead of prancing around in colorful tights like Captain America, poking your nose in insignificant policing of this planet, I suggest it would be time better spent enriching your mind to access the knowledge that has been withheld from you.</p> <p>11.</p> <p>KAL-EL Or you could just tell me about Krypton. GENERAL ZOD You would believe the words of a traitor? General Zod shakes his head in a gently scolding motion towards Kal-El. KAL-EL I understand very little of Krypton. Even if I could access those crystals, I can learn more through your experiences; the experiences of a flesh and blood man from Krypton than I ever could pouring over my fathers cold, dead crystals. General Zod turns away from Kal-El as if looking for refuge in the human archives in his cell. He grabs something hanging around his neck and hidden under his shirt. He contemplates Kal-Els words. GENERAL ZOD I will think on it. Kal-...</p>