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  • Sometimes change is a good thingWe want children to have the best possible playtime experience, so after years of talking with parents and watching kids play, weve reimagined Thomas & Friends Wood engines and train sets.

    We know children love building, so we developed kid-friendly, easy-to-build track. Our track connectors oer a sure fit every time, so children can build layouts and stories by themselves.

    The redesigned engines bring the warmth of classic train play and the beauty of wood to the surface. All the beloved characters are here (and new friends, too) weve just highlighted the naturally gorgeous elements of wood toys. Plus, the premium beech wood is sustainably sourced, because we love the idea of playtime crafted with a conscience.

    Weve also added poseable figures and animals, which can ride in passenger coaches and cargo cars. With a whole world of characters, Thomas & Friends Wood toys are designed to inspire amazing, imaginative kid-crafted stories.

    With the use of adaptors, all Thomas & Friends Wood toys are compatible with the classic Wooden Railway products and

    other wood track systems. Weve included two adaptors

    in every product that connects to track for a seamless playtime experience.

    Q: Is Thomas & Friends Wood compatible with classic Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway?A: Yes the redesigned engines fit on the old track and vice versa. The redesigned track can be connected to the classic track with the help of adaptors.

    Q: Where can we get adaptors?A: Every Thomas & Friends Wood item that comes with track or is intended to connect to track comes with two adaptors. Consumers can also call the Fisher-Price Consumer Service Helpline to request more adaptors.

    Q: Why is there more exposed wood on Thomas & Friends Wood toys?A: The exposed wood highlights the premium, sustainably sourced beech wood and helps dierentiate wooden Thomas toys from other Thomas products (TrackMaster, Adventures, MINIs), providing a clearer, easier shopping experience. It also helps young children tell the dierence between the wood engines in their toybox versus the motorized or die-cast, so if theyre playing on wood track, they can quickly grab the appropriate engine.

    Q: Whats the benefit of the redesigned track and connectors?A: Our redesigned track is kid-friendly so children can build by themselves. Weve done away with specialty pieces since all track pieces are a standard length. The track connectors are designed so any two pieces will always connect. Because these track connectors oer a sure fit every time, kids can build without frustration. Theres no wrong way to connect, so theres no wrong way to build.

    Consumers can also request a free adaptor pack by calling Consumer

    Services at 1-800-432-5437