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Thank you to our Somersfield families and friends for supporting the Second Annual Somersfield Golf Tournament. All funds went to our Bursary and Scholarship Programme.


<ul><li><p>SOMERSFIELD INAUGURAL </p><p>GOLF TOURNAMENT November 26th, 2010 </p><p>Gale force winds and torrential rain had </p><p>us postpone our tournament originally </p><p>scheduled for October to the Friday of </p><p>American Thanksgiving. Thankfully for us </p><p>we had brilliant weather and even fin-</p><p>ished before it got too dark to see! </p><p>We lost a few teams with the date </p><p>change but we still had a good crowd </p><p>who were not only ready for a good day </p><p>of golf but were keen to gobble up </p><p>mulligans and raffle tickets too! </p><p>Anthony Mocklow and his crew helped </p><p>us get out to a fabulous start and enjoy a </p><p>great round at Riddells Bay. The top four </p><p>teams were close the whole way through </p><p>the round ...which just shows how valua-</p><p>ble those mulligans will be next year! </p><p>Anne Dupuy and her ladies played with </p><p>style and talent winning the Best </p><p>Dressed award and finishing in 5th place </p><p>for the second time. Our 2009 champi-</p><p>ons led by Andrew Cook were fired up </p><p>and ready to win again. However, the </p><p>challenge was met by three other teams </p><p>led by Aaron Smith, Tomas Hannell and </p><p>Nicholas Papadopoulo. At the end of the </p><p>day, Tomas Hannell and his team of ring-</p><p>ers gobbled up the victory with a one </p><p>shot lead. </p><p>With all of our sales from mulligans and </p><p>raffle tickets as well as the generous </p><p>support of all of our donors we were </p><p>able to raise $25, 426.00 for our Bursary </p><p>and Scholarship Fund. </p><p>Congrats to all of the teams and thanks </p><p>very much for playing! We hope you en-</p><p>joyed the day and see you in 2011! </p><p>CEDAR SPONSORS </p><p>Pricewaterhouse Coopers </p><p>AirCare/Daikin </p><p>PALMETTO SPONSORS </p><p>BCS-IBMs Bda Agency </p><p>Minglewood </p><p>BERMUDIANA SPONSOR </p><p>D &amp; J Construction </p><p>OLIVEWOOD SPONSORS </p><p>Butterfield and Vallis, Ace </p><p>Ltd., Christopher/Stevens </p><p>Family, Bothelo Wood </p><p>Architects, KPMG, Validus </p><p>Re, Somersfield PTA, </p><p>Tops, Alterra Capital, </p><p>Miles Market, BELCO, </p><p>Bank of Butterfield, CCS, </p><p>AF Smith, Arch </p><p>Congratulations to our 2010 Champions </p><p>Tomas Hannell, Michael Foulger, Geoff Bell and George Hammond </p></li><li><p>2010 Champions </p><p>Tomas Hannell, Michael Foulger, </p><p>Geoff Bell and George Hammond </p><p>FINAL STANDINGS 1 Tomas Hannell, Michael Foulger, Geoff Bell, George Hammond 60 </p><p>2 Nicholas Papadopoulo, Jim Legere, Yves Charbonneau, Julien Papadopoulo 61 </p><p>3 Aaron Smith, Vivian Sailsman, Steve Millington, Michael Branco 62 </p><p>4 Andrew Cook, Ben Cook, Chris Coleman, Yan LeClerc 62 </p><p>5 Anne Dupuy, Sandy Hutchings, Katrin Burnie, Lesley Wollman 65 </p><p>6 Nick Kempe, Greg Hagood, Chase Toogood, Charles Cooper 63 </p><p>7 Michelle Stone, Monique Ternier, Graeme Skinner, Mark Briers 66 </p><p>8 Richard Cox, Lesley Balcombe, Russell Mathews, Brian Hawitt 66 </p><p>9 David Whiting, Julian Griffiths, Bill Yit, Dean Carberry 66 </p><p>10 Craig Stevenson, Adam Shaw, Colin Brown, Shane McDonnell 68 </p><p>11 Dennis Pimental, Wendell Lodge, Maria Ming 69 </p><p>12 Marlyn Kelch, Ross Smith, John Towers, John Tester 70 </p><p>13 Herbie Adderley, Chris Way, Simon Mullan, Greg Titterton 71 </p><p>14 Maria Harris, Vicki Johnston, Caroline Deevy, Frances Betts 71 </p><p>15 Andy Pereira, Dennis Fagundo, Shreepaul Dindial, Kevin Power 72 </p><p>16 Jaime Sapsford, Tracey Sutherland, John Pacheco, Stuarg Brash 76 </p><p>17 Dave Crofts, Rory Crofts, Nicholas Miranthis, Costas Miranthis 83 </p><p> Closest to the hole Men #3 Nicholas Papadopoulo </p><p> Closest to the hole Women #11 Maria Ming </p><p> Longest Drive Men #7 Brian Hawitt </p><p> Longest Drive Women #7 Lesley Balcombe </p></li><li><p>PRIZES AND GOODIE BAG SPONSORS </p><p>AirCare Daikin, AXIS, Atlantic Stitches, The Body Shop, New World Wines, Tuff Dogs, Ace, BAS Serco, Arch Re, </p><p>Duncan and Trott, Maiden, Bank of Bermuda HSBC, Bushara Family, Appleby, and Woodbourne Associates. </p><p>Thank you to our parent volunteers Susan Smith, Julia Cook, Ruth Madeiros and our staff vol-</p><p>unteers Kim Simons, Dionne Dowling, Angela Caldwell, Jim Christopher and Lesley Balcombe. </p><p>We would also like to recognize and thank our student golfers and volunteers </p><p>Julien Papadopoulo, Ben Cook, Rory Crofts and Nikolas Miranthis. </p><p>CEDAR SPONSORS Pricewaterhouse Coopers and AirCare/Daikin </p><p>PALMETTO SPONSORS BCS-IBMs Bda Agency and Minglewood BERMUDIANA SPONSOR D &amp; J Construction </p><p>OLIVEWOOD SPONSORS Butterfield and Vallis, Ace Ltd., Christopher/Stevens Family, Bothelo Wood Archi-</p><p>tects, KPMG, Validus Re, Somersfield PTA, Tops, Alterra Capital, Miles Market, BELCO, Bank of Butterfield, CCS, </p><p>AF Smith, and Arch </p><p>Thank you to the management and staff at Riddells Bay for hosting our tournament! </p></li><li><p>Thanks to </p><p>the </p><p>scouting of </p><p>our two </p><p>witnesses </p><p>of moral </p><p>character Angela Caldwell and </p><p>Kim Simons, we know that Aaron </p><p>Smith was the closest player to </p><p>miss the $50,000 Hole in One. In </p><p>lieu of the cash prize, Aaron was </p><p>awarded the golden putter so he </p><p>could stick to his short game! </p><p>Ross Smith was the lucky </p><p>winner of the $500 gift </p><p>basket! It included a </p><p>colander, Italian dinner, </p><p>Godiva cookies and </p><p>chocolates and wine </p><p>from Miles Market. </p><p>The champions each won a </p><p>Somersfield locker bag, an </p><p>EasyGo parking voucher, a </p><p>magnum bottle of wine from </p><p>New World Wines and an Air </p><p>Care polo and hat! </p><p>Even though it wasnt Somersfield </p><p>blue and green, we still thought Anne </p><p>Dupuy and her team were the best </p><p>dressed in their red and white golf </p><p>attire . They each won a bottle of </p><p>wine from New World Wines. </p><p>The runner ups. </p><p>Russell Matthews </p><p>won the 42 Pana-</p><p>sonic plasma tv. </p><p>He was the third </p><p>person on the </p><p>Miles team to win </p><p>a prize (Lesley and </p><p>Brian won the </p><p>awards). Fingers </p><p>are crossed for you </p><p>to win something </p><p>next year Ricky! </p><p>Thank you to Craig Stevenson </p><p>from one of our lead donors </p><p>AirCare Daikin for helping us </p><p>present the prizes. Craig defi-</p><p>nitely had a booming voice </p><p>over me! No need for a mic! </p></li><li><p>Our Core Values </p><p>We are a learning community. We practice peace. We inspire intellectual </p><p>curiosity. We instil respect for self and others. We foster independence </p><p>and responsibility. We embrace a sense of joy and wonder. </p><p>107 Middle Road * Devonshire DV 06 * Phone: 441-236-9797 * Fax: 441-236-9789 * Email: </p><p>If you would like to have a an electronic copy of the pictures shown please contact Megan Troake at or 239-3345. Thank you again for participating in </p><p>our golf tournament for bursaries and scholarships. We hope to see you next year! </p><p>A final congratulations to the Somersfield Academy Golf Champions 2010 </p><p>Tomas Hannell, Michael Foulger, Geoff Bell and George Hammond </p><p>Somersfield Academy Golf Champions 2009 The Accountants </p><p>Andrew Cook, Yan Leclerc, David Smith and Chris Coulman </p></li></ul>