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Powerpoint for Someset MFL conference 2012 - brief run through useful sites and tools for the classroom. Not exhaustive by any means!


  • 1.ENGAGINGYOUR PUPILS &YOU! WEB2 FORMFLSomerset MFLconferenceNovember 2012

2. START WITH THE NEEDTempting toplaywith new find!Think SKILLS memorising, creativity, pronunciation, ma ppingL,R,Sp, WMotivating! 3. ENGAGING IN WRITINGStorybird www.storybird.com create own pictures & textStripgenerator or makebeliefscomixLittle Bird Tales addphotos and audio! 4. WRITING OR FEEDBACK Wallwisher Create walls for sticky note contributions add photos & links Fotobabble Blogging Easy email to post 5. ENGAGING WITH TEXTCueprompter paste in text & create a teleprompter for reading at instant text 6. MINDMAPPINGMindomo 7. MINDOMO.COM 8. , tagxedo, , wordsift (thesaurus) 9. BEHAVIOUR AND MOTIVATIONClassdojo.comUse for a variety of purposes specific types of learning good answers, homework, target language productionPoor behaviour monitoringNext step use it from your mobile in class 10. CLASSDOJO CLASS PAGE 11. SPEAKING AND make audio to accompany any presentation, document or photo add multimedia comments to a photo set. (Joe Dales handout) record on line and send the link to s.o. instant create a talking avatar. 12. PLAYING & MAKING GAMES Zondle Very motivating! Email classlists to site foruploading Look for topics by keyword; make your own forpupils Quizlet you and pupils can makerevision games. One Yr11 pupil made vocabgames for all of the GCSE book. pupils can makeflashcards/pairs 13. YOUR OWN CPD Twitter amazing! Use hashtags #ukedchat #mfltwitterati #langchat#mflsomerset #ililc3 Follow good people @joedale @spanishsam@crepeaunutella @thwartedmum @icpjones@valleseco @blagona @tes @taskmagic@amandasalt @petitchatnoir27 @langwitch@trekkiep @spsmith45 @msmfl @bootleian@Germanprof @mariefrance Read blogs find regional/national figures Start a googlereader web aggregator for YOU! look up speakers or keywords superb explanations! 14. CURATION FIND EVERYTHINGYOU COULD EVER WANT! Livebinders an online filing system for sites Pinterest not just for redecoration, recipes orvintage collections! Type in Frenchgrammar, language, special needs My blog Twitter - @froggyval - happy to share This ppt is on and the Somerset Learning Platform


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