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  • 8/13/2019 Solutions on How Parents Can Help With Homework?



    The Disorgani


    Cant find materials needed to complete homework

    Important books and papers are left behind at school

    Backpack full of miscellaneous papers Difficulty staying on top of assignments

    Binder is messy with papers shoved into random places

    Long-term assignments are done at last minute

    Complete homework but did not turn in to teacher

    My child is very bright, but also inconsistent and scattered

    Simple Solutions Encourage the usage of their agenda book

    o Check agenda book each night for usage and completion of assignments

    Create and label a dedicated homework folder

    o Make it a habit to check their homework folder every night

    Create incentives for staying organized

    o Reward consistent usage of agenda books and homework completion

    Create a launching pad

    o Place your childsschool items in one place for easy, quick access in the morning

    Schedule a weekly Clean Sweeps
  • 8/13/2019 Solutions on How Parents Can Help With Homework?


    Schedule a weekly Clean Sweeps

  • 8/13/2019 Solutions on How Parents Can Help With Homework?



    The Avoider/Inattentive

    Takes a long time to complete homework

    Claims to have little to no homework day in and day out

    Say homework is complete but it really is not

    Has many reasons and excuses about why there is no homework

    Doesnt write down homework assignments

    Forgets to bring agenda book and materials home

    Easily distracted by others in the room or outside noises

    Needs to be consistently watch or redirected to get homework done

    Simple Solutions

    Use a mirror to improve concentration Break the cycle of negativity

    o Give some control back

    o Say yes more often

    Trust, but verify

    o Utilize online homework postings

    Set up a study environment that works for the student


    Let them fidget and/or exerciseo Allow background music

    Communicate more with teachers and HA staff to align efforts
  • 8/13/2019 Solutions on How Parents Can Help With Homework?


    Developing Incentive Systems

    Step 1. Describe the problem behavior s. Parents and children decide which behaviors are causing

    problems at homework time. For some children putting homework off to the last minute is the problem; for

    others, it is forgetting materials or neglecting to write down assignments. Still others rush through their work

    and make careless mistakes, while others dawdle over assignments, taking hours to complete what should

    take only a few minutes. It is important to be as specific as possible when describing the problem behaviors.

    The problem behavior should be described as behaviors that can be seen or heard; for instance, complainsabout homework or rushes through homework, making many mistakes are better descriptors than has a

    bad attitude or is lazy.

    Step 2. Set a goa l. Usually the goal relates directly to the problem behavior. For instance, if not writing down

    assignments is the problem, the goal might be: "Joe will write down his assignments in his assignment book

    for every class."

    Step 3. Decide on possib le rewards and penalties. Homework incentive systems work best when

    children have a menu of rewards to choose from, since no single reward will be attractive for long. We

    recommend a point system in which points can be earned for the goal behaviors and traded in for the reward

    the child wants to earn. The bigger the reward, the more points the child will need to earn it. The menu

    should include both larger, more expensive rewards that may take a week or a month to earn and smaller,

    inexpensive rewards that can be earned daily. It may also be necessary to build penalties into the system. This

    is usually the loss of a privilege (such as the chance to watch a favorite TV show or the chance to talk on the

    telephone to a friend).

    Once the system is up and running, and if you find your child is earning more penalties than rewards, then the

    program needs to be revised so that your child can be more successful Usually when this kind of system fails
  • 8/13/2019 Solutions on How Parents Can Help With Homework?


    Homework Contract(Student's name) and

    (Parent's name) have

    mutually agreed to the following homework terms as of the day of , 20 .

    1. Time schedule for doing homework:

    Student will study at least minutes on the following days:

    Monday to to

    Tuesday to to

    Wednesday to to

    Thursday to to

    Friday to to

    Saturday to to

    Sunday to to

    2. Homework area:

    Student will study in .

    3. Homework rules:

    A. Assignment notebook will be checked before beginning homework.

    B. All homework and school materials are to be placed in a backpack at the end of the homework

    session in readiness for the next day of school.

    C. Homework will not be done in front of the TV or with loud music playing.

    D. No phone calls or breaks will be taken during allotted homework time.

  • 8/13/2019 Solutions on How Parents Can Help With Homework?


    Our Weekly Schedule

    Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

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