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  • Solutions!

  • Classification of Matter

  • Heterogeneous Mixturessee visibly different regionsgranitedirtcerealsoil & vinegarsee a boundaryice cubes in water

  • Homogeneous Mixturesparticles very small on atomic scaletoo small to be seen cant be sorted or trapped by filterwont scatter lightparticles evenly distributedmixture will not separate

  • Solutionhomogeneous mixture of 2 or more substances in a single physical state (phase)

  • Parts of a Solutionsolute = substance being dissolved

    solvent = dispersing medium substance being dissolved in

  • Can you identify the solute and solvent in each picture?

  • hints to identify solute & solventsolute: substance that changes phase substance that have less of

    solvent: substance that maintains phasesubstance that have more of

  • Aqueous Solutionswater is solventtransition metals form brightly colored solutions

  • Solutions occur in all 3 phases!

  • Gas in a liquid:CO2 in and out of water bubbles mean its a mixture not a solution!


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