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  • SolidarityMovement * 0861 25 24 23

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    1. More about Solidarity

    2. Solidarity World

    3. Solidaritys services

    4. Important terms

    5. Labour services

    6. Solidarity Service Centre

    7. Solidarity Legal Services

    8. Solidarity Legal Fund

    10. Union benefits

    11. Additional services

    12. Counrtywide offices

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  • More aboutSolidaritySolidarity's main function is to protect its members in the workplace and to assist them in making their dreams of having a good job come true.

    A good job is the condition for a free, safe and prosperous future. Solidarity is a pro-work trade union that enables its members and their children:

    to get a good job; to retain a good job; and to fight anything that threatens a good job.

    Solidarity is the only Christian trade union in South Africa. No other trade union in South Africa does so much at so many different levels for its people.






  • How to use Solidarity's services

    The following two service options are available on the Solidarity website:

    Visit our cyber union:

    Phone us: 0861 25 24 23

    To join: Fill in the 1-minute form to join. We will contact you to confirm your information.

    To chat online: Send a message and we will contact you.

    Solidarity today is bigger and stronger than ever before and our mission remains the same: We protect our people, because your job is our job! an SMS: SMS SOL to 34802 for service enquiries. R2/SMS

    SMS MEMBER to 34802 to join Solidarity. R2/SMSSend an email: or a fax: 012 664 6493


  • Important terms Trade union membershipPeople may join Solidarity as a trade union member or as a support member. Solidarity has two categories of union membership and two categories of support membership.

    Collective membersEmployees employed by large employers with whom Solidarity already has a collective agreement or employees employed by companies that are served in a group context are collective members. Collective members' union membership fees are deducted directly from their salaries by the employer and paid over to Solidarity.

    Individual membersSolidarity is the only trade union in South Africa that has a dedicated division for individual members. These members are also represented on the union's Head Committee. Individual members are employees employed by companies with whom Solidarity does not have a recognition agreement and members who are not served in a group context. Individual members' union membership fees are deducted monthly from their bank account by debit order.

    Please note:Persons who are 50 years and older when they join and who are not employed by a collective company (i.e. a company with whom Solidarity has a recognition agreement or where organisational rights have been granted to Solidarity by the company, or a company that has been categorised as collective by Solidarity), do not qualify for the permanent disability benefit or the funeral benefit.


  • Support membersThis category of membership relates to persons who support the vision of the trade union but do not qualify for any of the other categories of membership. Employers and non-working persons who want to support the union may also join as support members. Support members show support through a monthly donation and they enjoy certain benefits, with the exception of the benefits of collective bargaining, permanent disability, maternity benefits and death benefits.

    Solidarity Legal Fund

    Money contributed by members to this fund is used to oppose the unfair application of affirmative action and the ideology of representativeness.

    SMS the words "LEGAL FUND" to 34802. R2/SMS or visit


  • Labour servicesSolidarity represents approximately 140 000 members in all occupational fields, collective and professional, and has the passion and knowledge to look after the interests of its members and to ensure the protection of their rights in the workplace. The union has more than 20 offices countrywide and members are served by more than 300 staff members and 1 275 shop stewards in thousands of companies.

    To put it simply: Solidarity ensures that its members are getting the necessary assistance to protect their jobs and therefore their income, because your job is our job!

    Solidarity strongly emphasises the role its shop stewards are playing in the workplace. Shop stewards are Solidarity's first line of defence to protect its members. Shop stewards undergo training in various aspects of labour relations and labour law, enabling them to advise their colleagues on labour-related matters.








  • Solidarity members enjoy protection in the following industries and sectors:

    Mining Industry: Gold, platinum, copper, chromium, coal, iron ore, base-metals and diamond industries.

    Agricultural and Cement Industries: Agricultural cooperatives and agribusinesses as well as big cement producers.

    Medical Industry: Nursing staff, administrative staff and any other employees in big hospitals, pharmacies and other service providers in the medical industry.

    Electrical Industry: Employees of Eskom and Eskom service providers.

    Chemical Industry: Employees of companies such as Sasol, PetroSA and AEL as well as glass manufacturers.

    Metal and Engineering Industry:: Companies such as ArcelorMittal, Denel and Highveld Steel, as well as companies in the motor manufacturing and tyre industries such as Nissan, Volkswagen, Continental and Bridgestone.

    Communication Industry: Members employed in the information and communication technology industry at companies such as Telkom, MTN, Cell C, Vodacom and many others.

    Tertiary, Financial and Professional Services Industry: Members at a wide range of institutions, including agricultural research institutes, universities and colleges, as well as financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies.

    Aviation and Defence Sector: In the aviation industry, Solidarity mainly represents members at Airlink, Mango, Air Traffic and Navigation Services and SAL Technical. In addition, the union also represents members at Armscor and Denel.


  • Solidarity Service CentreSolidarity does not organise in large, collective companies only. Any working individual may join the union to enjoy the protection provided by the union. Services to individual members are taken care of by Solidarity's Service Centre and Labour Services Division.

    0861 25 24 23: Your one-stop service for:

    - joining Solidarity;- telephone legal advice on labour issues;- telephone advice on civil law issues;- updating personal information;- general member enquiries; and - information on Solidarity products.

    When is the Solidarity Service Centre available?Mondays to Thursdays: 08:00-16:30Fridays: 08:00-15:00

    A waiting period of three months applies to new individual members with regard to representation in new labour law cases. However, members are entitled to telephone advice from the first day.

    * Terms and conditions apply.



  • Solidarity Legal ServicesNot only does Solidarity Legal Services have the biggest legal division of all South African trade unions, but it is also one of the biggest labour law practices in South Africa. Apart from a dedicated division for occupational health and safety, Solidarity also boasts a team of capable legal eagles, including attorneys and advocates, fighting cases on behalf of Solidarity members. At any given time, Solidarity Legal Services is dealing with about 1 400 cases on behalf of members (excluding the large number of collective disputes). The cases cover anything from dismissal, grievances and pension disputes to compensation claims for occupational injuries and diseases.

    How to get legal advice:

    Legal advice by telephone via the Solidarity Service Centre (0861 25 24 23)- Labour law advice - Civil law advice

    Personal advice and legal aid - General Litigation Division- Labour Court Division- Occupational Health and Safety Division


  • Solidarity Legal FundSolidarity has decided to launch a campaign to establish a R10 million legal fund to finance our campaign for equality, equity and dignity. Unfortunately, we are litigating against the state, which is fighting back with taxpayers' money. We trust that thousands of South Africans will contribute to the legal fund, whether in the form of smaller or bigger contributions. As far as we know, this legal action is the largest civil legal action in South Africa. Solidarity's aim is to establish a South Africa where everybody will be free and equal before the law, and will be treated in a dignified and fair manner.The affirmative action cases Solidarity has been taking on, test various elements of affirmative action. These include:

    the role of service delivery; the effective functioning of the public service; the exclusion of racial groups from job advertisements; the use of racial quotas in employment; the use of regional demography; and the right of minori