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1. Faculty of Engineering Petrochemical Department Municipal Solid Waste PE 389 - Introduction To Environmental Engineering Community Field Instructor Dr. Riham Ali Hazzaa 2. Contents : Introduction Aim of the Work Observation and Questionnaire Analysis & Recommendations 3. What is a MSW? Any material that we discard, that is not liquid or gas, 4. Aim of the project and Methodology Solid waste (Impacts and Benefits for Community) Data Observation Preparing questionnaire Community discussion Conclusions and recommendations 5. Questionnaire 6. - - - Data Observation 7. Collection 8. Scavengers 9. Waste collection Waste transportation waste classification Recycling and reuse Treatment Landfill disposal Environmental considerations Financial and marketing aspects Policy and regulation Education and training Planning and implementation. MSW management: 10. 41994 37 ) ) 87 37 11. ProjectTeamWORK AhmedWael Mostafa El-badrawy Amr Mohamed El-shikh Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Hasaballah Mohamed Abd El-shafi Mohamed bakr Mohamed Khater Abd El-aty Ahmed shaaban abo zead


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