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Constitution for the Solent Churches Football League 2011


<ul><li><p>Solent Churches Football League Constitution This constitution should be read and agreed to by all teams currently playing in and teams looking to join the Solent Churches Football League Contents 1. Name 2. League Ethos 3. Aims and Objectives 4. Expectations and Membership 5. SCFL Committee members 6. Voting / elections of committee members 7. Meetings 8. Resignation from the league 9. Changes to the Club Constitution 10. Discipline Procedures 11. Match day rules 12. Declaration 1. Name The full title: Solent Churches Football league (SCFL). Currently the SCFL is not affiliated with any governing body, other than the SCFL committee 2. League Ethos The SCFL is a church league containing church based teams using football as a tool to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others both on and off the pitch. The football is no less competitive than any other league but the atmosphere is much more enjoyable, with an emphasis on respect for other players and officials. Each club operates in a different way but with one common theme: God as the centre point. 3. Aims and Objectives 3.1 Aims 3.1.1 The Aim of SCFL is to give local churches the opportunity to play football in an enjoyable environment. 3.1.2 The SCFL also gives local church football teams the opportunity to use football as a mean to introduce men to the Christian faith. 3.2 Objectives 3.2.1Through participation in the league, each team may have different objectives. However, common objectives should include: Sharing the Christian message in order to bring others to faith Sharing fellowship with fellow Christians Helping those with off-the-field problems 4. Expectations and Membership. $OOWHDPVDUHWRHQVXUHWKDWDOODUHDVRI([SHFWDWLRQVDQG0HPEHUVKLSDUHPHWLQRUGHUto be entered into the SCFL, failure to keep and cover all of the below will mean that teams are unable to enter or continue to participate in the league. Membership to the SCFL includes specific criteria: 4.1 The team must have affiliation with a local church. 4.2. The affiliation is more than in name, i.e. there must be a strong relationship between church and team:LWKWKLVLQPLQGDWHDP0LVVLRQVWDWHPHQWPXVWEHHQWHUHGE\DWHDPFOHDUO\RXWOLQLQJthe following: 4.2.1 7KHWHDPVVSLULWXDOGLUHFWLon over the season, clearly stating how as a team you will be giving opportunities to your squad ways in which to engage with Christianity and encouraging players in your team to understand that church football is more than the football itself. 4.2.2 What will you as a team bring to the league, i.e. how will you encourage and support the SCFL in upholding the leagues values and ethos, and in which ways will they be practically shown on a match day. </p></li><li><p>4.2.3 On your mission statement you must have a clear contact of an Elder/Minister from your affiliated church so that the SCFL committee can speak to the church in confirmation of your set Mission statement and the clear relationship between Club and church. 4.3 At least one member of each team must be an active member of the affiliated church and therefore a practicing Christian acting within a leadership role within the team. The SCFL feels this is vital in order for each team to uphold the SCFL league ethos. 4.4 If a church has two or more teams represented in the league, each team must have an active &amp;KULVWLDQZLWKLQWKHOHDGHUVKLSRIWKHWHDPVHH4.DERYH 4.5. Membership includes responsibility, meaning the SCFL expects a representative at every SCFL meeting from each team; consistent apologies will lead to a review of team involvement in the league. All are welcome at these meetings, but it is important that each team has Christian representation. 4.6 Each season a team must have paid its 30 ERQG for the upcoming season. This is to cover match day costs in the event that a team has to cancel at the last minute. Bonds are only payable once and roll forward into the next season if not used and are refundable in the event of a team withdrawing from the league. Once a bond has been used, it must be replaced. 4.7 The SCFL have the responsibility and discretion to review a teams involvement in the league at any point throughout the season, if for any reason the SCFL deem it necessary to remove a team it will be due to the above expectations not being met. 5. SCFL committee members 5.1 The committee of the SCFL shall be as follows Chairman League 1 Coordinator - League 2 Coordinator - League 3 Coordinator Disciplinary team. 6. Voting/election of committee 6.1 Voting will take place for the elections of committee members every 2 years, the voting will be DKDQGYRWHDWWKHPDQDJHUVPHHWLQJDWWKHVWDUWRIHYHU\VHDVRQ 6.2 Election of a committee member will require a reference from the potential committee members Church. 6.3 The role of a Committee member is to be able to balance the Football and the Christian direction of the league; therefore any proposed new committee members must be a Christian and regularly worshipping at their home Church. 7. Meetings As previously stated all teams are expected to have a representative from their team at any SCFL meetings over the course of the season where applicable. 7.1 The committee will meet twice a season, midseason and at the start of each new season at a time and place agreed by the committee members (called by the Chair). 7.2 The purpose of these meetings is to: 7.2.1.Receive reports of matters arising since the last meeting. 7.2.2.Ensure the general smooth running of the SCFL. 7.2.3.The meetings will also include the opportunity to revisit each teams progress in fulfilling the teams mission statement. 8. Participation in the league/Resignation from the league Details what the club needs to do should a team decide to participate or resign their position in the leagues 8.1 Each season, teams will receive an invitation from the committee to enter the league for the following season. Each team must respond by the deadline given in the invitation in order that </p></li><li><p>fixtures can be produced for the season ahead. The SCFL will need to have seen all required PHPEHUVKLSVHHFULWHULDFRYHUHGE\the beginning of August each year in order for a team to participate the following season. 8.2 Any teams wishing to withdraw from the league must give written notice to the committee by the beginning of August each season, so that all teams within that league can be notified and fixtures amended if necessary. 9. Changes to the Club Constitution 9.1 Changes may be implemented to the SCFL constitution if approved by a (two thirds) majority vote obtained at any meeting of team representatives. 9.2 Any changes to the constitution however can only be made once the committee members have assessed the proposed changes and agreed to them as a committee. 10. Discipline Procedures 10.1 There shall be a disciplinary panel, which will comprise of the committee and a SCFL experienced referee. The panel shall consider the breach of discipline (according to the club rules and code of conduct), taking account of any relevant evidence and provide an appropriate course of action. 10.2 The disciplinary panel will have the responsibility to review any appeal and come back to the appealing team within 6 days of the incident. 10.3 League rules for discipline: 10.3.1 Three yellow cards during a season result in a one-match ban. 10.3.2 Two yellows in a match (resulting in a red card) will mean a player immediately serves a one-match ban 10.3.3 A straight red card is followed by a ban, the length of which depends on the severity of the offence. For example, a red card for foul and abusive language will result in a one match ban. If it is deemed to be an offence which warrants a longer ban the referee is to discuss this with the SCFL committee. 10.3.4 If a player is sent off more than once in a season, the ban will increase accordingly. However, if the SCFL committee feel a pattern of disciplinary issues and behavioural problems are arising with a team, the SCFL have the discretion to either place a more severe ban on the player(s) in question or the teams involvement in the leagues, which could lead to either an individual or a team being removed from the league. 10.3.5 Appeals should not be allowed for dissent or foul and abusive language 10.3.6 It is encouraged that if a player is on a caution (yellow card) or is struggling to control themselves that the manager takes it upon themselves to use the rolling subs rule and give the SOD\HULQTXHVWLRQWLPHWRFRROGRZQWRSUHYHQWDQ\IXUWKHUGLVFLSOLQHSUREOHPV,IDVPDQDJHUVyou can help the referee at any time this is encouraged. 11. Match day rules 11.1 Please see a copy of the league rules for match day rules. In summary, although not affiliated with the FA, the SCFL follow the same rules implemented by the FA with a few exceptions: 11.1.1 Due to this being a church league, the league has a zero tolerance approach to foul and abusive language. Therefore any language deemed to be foul and abusive by the referee must result in a straight red card. 11.1.2 Rolling Substitutes In order to encourage participation for all ages and abilities, the league operates rolling substitutes, enabling a substituted player to come back on as a substitute later in the game. There is no limit on the number of substitutions that can be used. 11.1.3 By not being affiliated with the FA, there have in the past been no restrictions on player movements between teams. However, this has in the past not only caused controversy but also </p></li><li>provided teams with an advantage. This has usually occurred where churches are represented by more than one team. Once a player has played for one team, he must not play for another team in an SCFL league or cup game for the remainder of that season. 11.2 In addition to the match day rules, all teams are required to provide each referee used a copy of the letter from the league committee. This is to make all referees aware of the league rules and its ethos including its stance on foul and abusive language. A team will be accountable if there are cases of blatant disregard for the SCFL rules by their referee. 12. Declaration A signed copy of this constitution has to be handed in to the SCFL before the start of each season 12.1 By signing and returning this constitution to the SCFL committee before the season begins signals your teams intent to uphold all areas of the constitution. </li></ul>