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In selling her business Beth wanted peace & enjoyment for retirement ...and become mentor and angel to her child's new business. What's the plan? Who are the team members? How does she maintain her Lifestyle and Income? Will family, wealth, lifestyle, and future estate, all prove & celebrate Beth's success? >>> See more also at Amazon, "A Lifetime Of Wealth -- And How Not To Lose It"


  • 1. Sold Business, Retired, Seeded a Family Business Beths Story Brian Weatherdon MA, CFP, CLU, CPCA Author, Speaker, Financial Planner. Aligning your Wealth & Life to overcome fears and secure your income, lifestyle, & comfort to age 105
  • 2. Before hearing this story . . . . Continuing into these slides signifies you realize one persons story cannot be representative of what everyone else should do. This story is personal and not in any way prescriptive for what you should do, nor for how your advisors may guide you. Stories in this wider series capture different approaches to value and decisions in business, pension, savings, and results for personal security, life income, and family estate. More information/insights at educational website And 5-star rated book (Amazon, Kindle, bookstores) A Lifetime Of Wealth -- And How Not To Lose It
  • 3. Beths sale netted $3Million $2Million secures her retirement planning to fulfill her personal goals and life dreams. $1Million can foster new opportunities, angel investing, venture capital, even in her family. One of her children is starting a business; Beths capital & mentorship are timely to build the foundation and accelerate growth.
  • 4. For the new business How much & when will she invest? Will they seek other investors / expertise? How does Beth avoid giving too much time? What roles will help among outside advisors? Can child take low income to build business? Will child avoid entitlement / piggy bank? What if parent/child disagreements arise? Beths exit strategy
  • 5. For Beths other children Do they have reason to be concerned? Are all children comfortable that this is fair? Earlier history of any misgivings, jealousies? Grandchildren & harmony throughout family Beths goals for her estate planning: preserving unspent asset value for estate? ... owning business values in family trust? ... insuring future value and fairness for her family via life insurance.
  • 6. Beths income, now & future Could something happen to deplete Beths $2Million? Stock market event? Critical illness and resulting health costs? Will Beth expect to draw a consulting income or dividends from the business? Might her interest be owned through a family trust? What strategies and advisors will be key to securing Beths life income and future estate?
  • 7. Vital to secure life-long income Life Income Mandates is a strategic process to secure Beths income for life. * Life Horizon Analysis also aligns this income with changes & life-stages to fulfil Beths goals and dreams in early retirement, middle years, and greater expenses that arise for personal care & comfort at a future time. * * More on these in website and book: see final slide.
  • 8. If this is your own story / journey What guidance can you source from your key advisors (law, accounting, finance/investing)? What can you learn in discussions with family to prevent unwanted future surprises? Privacy/confidentiality until current business sells. Key person insurance to support new family business Resist temptation to jump in and fix NewCo; mentor and support but rigorously keep your lifestyle goals. Affirm & celebrate successes in life, business, family.
  • 9. More on Exit Strategies for Business Website has a growing library of free resources including video, podcast, articles, blogs... Also learning modules in the site, From Amazon/kindle and bookstores: A Lifetime Of Wealth -- and how not to lose it A next step and subscribe for more... Exit Strategies for Business
  • 10. Resources to help get what you want Experience this website to help focus on your future: Get 5-star book, Amazon/Kindle/bookstores: A Lifetime Of Wealth And How Not To Lose It ie=UTF8&qid=1380311791&sr=8-1&keywords=a+lifetime+of+wealth+-- +and+how+not+to+lose+it Visit