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  • 1. SOLAR SHINGLES Aesthetic Power By: Jerad Carlson Minneapolis College of Art and DesignIntroduction to Sustainable DesignFall 2012

2. What Are Solar Shingles?photo from DOW PowerhouseSolar shingles are solar cells orpanels that are designed to imitate aconventional asphalt shingle.Solar shingles are photovoltaic cells,capturing sunlight and transforming itinto electricity.Commercial solar shingles were first available in 2005.The shingles have a dark and deep purplish color to them andresembling most roofed houses of today.Homeowners will be more drawn to them because of theiraesthetic value; by utilizing solar power without the use of largepanels on their roofs. 3. Why solar?Solar power offers a limitlesssupply of safe, clean, andabundant energy.Enough sunlight reaches theearths surface in one HOURto power all of mankindsenergy needs for one YEAR.Reduces the need oftraditional energy supplysources like fossil fuels.More affordable and efficientnow then ever before in history. 4. How does it work?The sun produces photovoltaic energy in the form of DC currentwhile households use AC current.When the suns rays it the solar shingles it isconverted in to energy that then travels througha wiring system down to a power inverter whichconverts the DC current into the AC current thatpowers the house.Suns Rays1 Solar Shingle System23 Power Inverter4The shingles are made of copper indium galliumdiselenide (CIGS) a thin-film solar cell that hasreached 19.9 percent conversion efficiency. 5. Environmentally FriendlyThe use of solar energy is amajor factor in the switchfrom fossil fuels to renewableenergy.Reduces the amount of CO2released into the atmospherethat continues to harm theenvironment.Energy from the sun is cleanand a renewable energysource that has an infinitesupply unlike traditional fossilfuel sources. 6. Personal empowermentGetting solar energy is about personal empowermentputting the homeowner in control of the source of its energyconsumption.Installing solar shingles onto a house helps an individual whowants to go solar and is afraid to because of the stigma thatgoes along with going green.People who want to be energy independent and more in controlof their energy consumption methods are more likely to installsolar shingles on their homes.It takes the power away from the traditional power companyand back into the hands of the homeowner. 7. Social acceptanceWhen more people use solar energy the less it costs everybodyand society as a whole will be able to afford to invest in otherthings that matter to them like healthcare and education costs.The use of shingles is already socially acceptable and addinga benefit like solar energy to them enhances the socialacceptance of the use of solar energy.Solar shingles look likeregular shingles makingbeing green discrete andnormalizing the use ofsolar power in from DOW Powerhouse 8. Economical Now!Through advances in technology solar shingles cost now 10 to15 percent less per watt than traditional flat panels.Installation of the solar shingles has improved drastically. Now itis estimated to only take about 10 hours to install and that is areduction of about two-thirds of the time it used to take.Potential net metering allows you to get credit for the energyyour household creates.Tax incentives provide great relief of the total cost helping youpay off any installation costs. 9. Solar shingles for Everyone!Expand Market Availability DOW Powerhouse a majormanufacturer in the solar shingle industry recently introducedtheir shingles in few states in 2011 and now as of 2012the only states that their product is currently available are:California, Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maryland,Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Texas,and Washington D.C.In order for people to invest in solar shingle installations theyneed to be affordable. The price has gone down but notenough. Further advancement in price reduction is needed inorder to bring it to the masses.There needs to be continued work on technology advancementsto increase efficiency. This will also help entice the public topurchase solar shingles for their home. 10. Aesthetics are important!We all know that people are not buying into solar as much asthey should and one of the main reason is because of looks.A lot of people dont want to be known as hippies ortreehuggers so they stay away from products that areassociated with the stereotype. But, most want to savemoney and increase their energy independence and these arecommon ideals. Solar shingle advancement is a huge key intobringing more sustainable energy to everyone.I believe that people are more likely to buy into solar shinglesover solar panels. This is mainly based on aesthetic appealbecause the solar shingle helps people feel normal by lookingnormal. It is more normal for a person to put a shingle on theirhouse as opposed to a panel. 11. Who makes solar shingles? Works CitedDOW PowerhouseAlter, Lloyd. PowerHouse Solar Shingle Is Clever. But Is It A Good Idea? Treehugger. November 19, 2010. Solar Inc.Blue, Jessica. Solar Tiles vs. Solar Panels. National Geographic. Energy Systems DOW Powerhouse. Why Solar., Keith. Solar Shingles. This Old House. Corporationwww.powerlight.comSurina, Echo. What ar solar shingles? TLC., Ucilia. Replace Your Roof And Generate Electricty From SolarShingles. Forbes. June 18, 2012. Solar Shingles. Thank you for your time!


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