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A initiative by Co2Bin to encourage all Petrol Pumps owner to go Solar.By leveraging the current favorable policies and other incentives provided by government and to remain unaffected from rising diesel and electricity prices.


<ul><li> 1. SGP Solar Green pump CO BINENERGY SOLUTIONS2 Program +919557108321 +919557647178 </li></ul> <p> 2. Who We are ? A Renewable Energy and Carbon Management advisory firm Sustainable and Clean technology Carbon free communities Working to promote To Create We are Our Social Responsibility SGP (SOLAR GREEN PUMP ) program to create green petrol pumps by replacing existing unsustainable and polluting DG running on highly inflating Diesel costs through Solar PV installation on Petrol Pump Canopies 3. SGP outline Replacing/ supplementing Existing DG set on petrol pumps with Solar PV With a 3KWp PV plant for 2 Dispensary units or 6KWp for 4 unit 4. Have you ever tried to find out How much are you spending on Diesel Generators ??? THE ELECTRICITY PROBLEM 5. Have you Ever thought of shifting to Solar PVs as a source of BACK UP POWER ??? THE ELECTRICITY PROBLEM 6. Do you Know that Solar PVs can give a Power back up of about 6 hrs and have pay back as less as 4 years ??? THE ELECTRICITY PROBLEM 7. The grid is struggling. THE ELECTRICITY PROBLEM GRID POWER LIMITED DG SET BECOMES A LIABILITY RISING DIESEL COSTS Cannot avoid Power cuts by grid 8. THE ELECTRICITY PROBLEM Our wallets are struggling, too. Diesel 15 % / yr 9. THE ELECTRICITY PROBLEM Our wallets are struggling, too. Electricity12 % / yr 10. We cant keep this up. THE ELECTRICITY PROBLEM Act Now Save Your Money 11. Solar is the solution 12. SGP 13. WE INTRODUCE SGP. OUR SOLUTION Reduce your dependence on highly inflating diesel fuel for back up requirements Almost Zero maintenance Silent and abundant source of power back up Freedom from erratic govt. fuel cost decisions Reduce Pollution Efficiently use your petrol pump canopy Top You buy the whole Solar PV plant at Almost half the market cost , at subsidised rates by govt. 14. Rs 15/UNIT Maintenance concerns Dirty and limited source BEFORE SGP PROGRAM BY CO2BIN Power from Diesel. Highly dependent on govt. policies Too expensive Increasing price Dirty and limited source 15. Rs 8-9/UNIT Lock-in electricity prices Professional monitoring and maintenance Customer-friendly process WHAT WE DO Using PV Panels 16. Diesel prices rises unpredictably Get in +Rs Zone with CO2BIN WHAT WE DO Save your money. Rs Today 25 yrs Rs Today 25 yrs + + + ++ + + + ++ 17. Initial Investment - WHAT WE DO Save you money. 0 25 yrs4-5 yrs Payback RISING PROFITS 18. POWER BACKUP SOLAR POWER BACKUP DIESEL 19. SGP SOLUTION Reduced Dependence on Highly inflating diesel fuel costs for back up requirements. 20. SGP SOLUTION Solar PV plant requires almost Zero Maintenance Onlypanelcleaningeverymonth 21. SGP SOLUTION Silent and unlimited source of Power back up ZERO Pollution ZERO Noise 22. SGP SOLUTION Freedom from government fuel hike decisions. Advantage of government Subsidy on Solar power of 50-60% And various Tax Benefits 23. SGP SOLUTION Your Petrol pump canopy space is effectively utilized Adds beauty and aesthetics to your canopy top 24. SGP SOLUTION Makes you a Responsible Indian citizen Makes you a part of Global Climate change reversal initiative 25. WHY TODAY IS THE RIGHT TIME Electricity and Diesel to rise highly Set an example Govt . Providing 50- 90 % subsidies on Solar PVs and Various tax benefits Govt. to make it compulsory on public buildings very soon Electricity and diesel generation prices are bound to rise in future whereas cost of electricity from PV panel is going to reduce Set a Leading example in your region/ competition /neighbourhoo d before it becomes compulsory or common Reduced Subsidies in future In near future when govt. targets are met it will reduce or rule out subsidies in most of states Govt. Support JNNSM and Solar policies 26. It will make financial sense for 45,000 Indian petrol pumps to go solar by 2013. 27. Solar is abundant. UNLIMITED SOURCE Wind Natural Gas Petroleum Uranium Coal Solar World Energy Use Bio, hydro, wave, geo The worlds energy resources 28. Solar is on full blast when the most of the power cuts happen i.e. during after noon THE SGP SOLAR SOLUTION FOR PETROL PUMPS Makesthepower backup economical Givesupto 6 hrs of backup 29. Today 5-6 /kWh ? The Future THE SGP PROGRAM BY CO2BIN Helps Petrol Pumps control costs. Rs 45 per L Today 2020 Rs 76 per L 2017 Rs 96 per L 30. CO2BIN Endorses solar today For a Happier Tomorrow 31. GO SOLAR WITH SGP What are you waiting for? 32. GO SOLAR WITH SGP PROGRAM Get a free custom quote for your petrol pump. +919557108321 +919557647178 on Twitter: CO2BIN Energy Solutions on Facebook: CO2BIN Energy Solutions </p>


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