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La ultima tecnologia en luces LED solares.


<ul><li> 1. Leading the way!GLOBAL GREEN SOURCINGSOLAR STREET LEED</li></ul> <p> 2. SOLAR STREET LEED LIGHTSGLOBAL GREEN SOURCING globalgreensourcing@gmail.comGGSSG-SL-100 GGSSS-100 GGSSS-200SpecificationIlluminant F270mm~600mm(Custom-Made)Solar Panel Crystalline SiliconeSolar Panel Crystalline SiliconeSolar Panels: 9V/8W polycrystalline silicon20-40 Battery 15 W BatteryNickel-hydrogen Battery: 1.2VSuper brightness LED lightWorking time 6-8 hours after gettingLight Source: 106 bright LED, Yellow, Green, Red Working time 6-8 hours after getting full charge by sunshine and can workBrightness: 700MCD full charge by sunshine and can workfor 2-3 rainy daysRechargeable Battery: 6V/20AH maintenance free for 2-3 rainy daysHeight 3,5 mtslead-acid batteryHeight 3.0 -3,5 mts Maintenance freeController: Solar energy digital programming Maintenance freecontrollerWorking Hours: Sunlight charge (saturation)working for 10~15 consecutive rainy dayNet Weight: 350 GLight Body: Aluminum Alloy CastingsBattery Service Time: Over 3 years 3. SOLAR STREET LEED LIGHTSGLOBAL GREEN Solar Powered LED Area LED Explosion Proof LEDLighting 100 Watts Z2 Solar Street LightingSpecification Luminaries utilize High Power white LEDs with superior thermal IQ LED Roadway Lighting Technologymanagement design. These extremely durable fixtures are waterproof Solar LED Lighting, Feature an ultra high efficiency luminaries incorporate a and designed for multiple applications including indoor and, polished specular reflector to maximize the lighting Luminaries are supplied fully assembled &amp; ready for either retrofit or intensity and coverage area. new installations.SYSTEM OPERATION. Luminaries produce high quality white light @ 5500K color temperature The system converts the suns energy into electricity and stores it to provide which greatly enhances the nighttime visibility, color rendition &amp; up to twelve hours of light plus three days worth of backup energy.Scotopic (nighttime) visibility of the human eye. Activation Switch On/Off: A microprocessor automates the functions of the Luminaries utilize High Power white LEDs with superior thermal system automatically activates form sunset to sunrise; has a timer, regulatingmanagement design. These extremely durable fixtures are waterproofthe hours the light stays on; also regulates the battery, preventing and designed for multiple applications including indoor and outdoor.overcharging and protecting against discharging. Luminaries are supplied fully assembled &amp; ready for either retrofit or Temperature of work environment: Optimal Ambient -20 to +25 C (-4 to 77 new installations. F) Maximum Ambient Temperature -40 to +80 C (-40 to 176 F) 4. SOLAR TRAFIC LIGHTSGLOBAL GREEN SOURCINGglobalgreensourcing@gmail.comSolar Powered Self Contained Solar Speed Alert Trailer Radar &amp; Display 4Accurate speed detection using quality system integrity foroptimal customer reliability.SpecificationEighteen day autonomy enables prolonged use without sun formaximum dependability. Solar Powered Self Contained Radar &amp; Display 2 Heads A Weather Resistant 14 Inch, High Intensity, LED Speed Unit designed for easy apparatus set-up and minimal Display with Built In Radar, and SPDC solar power units. 3 preparation time.days worth of Backup energy for cloudy days, You canincrease to 7 days by adding the plug in. Lockable utility compartments provide large sign storage area.Retractable tongue reduces possibility of theft and minimizes new installations. product loss.Optional alarm system to reduce theft.Optional traffic classifier provides additional data gatheringfunction. 5. SOLAR TRAFIC LIGHTSGLOBAL GREEN SOURCINGglobalgreensourcing@gmail.com24/7 Flashing Beacon Solar Traffic Signal8 inches RED DOTZ4 Light PortableSpecification 24-Hour Solar LED Warning Flashers 24/7 Flasher will flash 24 Hours 365 days per Year. Dot Standard Designed for Zone 4 Solar SchoolIQ Traffic Control stand-alone traffic lights timer controls Zone Flasher LED Red 12" Dot Standard Designed for Zone 4 the lighting sequence at fixed intervals. They can also beApplications:activated by radar sensors. Sets of traffic lights are usually -24-Hour Flashing Beacon Systems radio linked together, insuring wire-less communication -School Zone Flashing Beacon Systems with Programmable between the lights. A master traffic light connected to a Time Controlcomputerized controller/sequencer synchronizes and -Speed Awareness Displays controls the slave units-Firehouse Entrance / Exit Warning Beacons -Intersection / Crosswalk WarningIt consists of 4 sets of 200mm slim LED traffic signal lights, -Work Zonesalso can change to two direction according to customer -Sharp Curve Warning requirements (LED signal modules not more than 4 each -Factory/Plant/Facility Entrance Warningdirection) Dot Standard Designed for Zone 4-Railroad warning -Ice on bridge warning -Low water crossing 6. SOLAR SPOTLIGHT GLOBAL GREEN SOURCING globalgreensourcing@gmail.comGGSSG-0116T-ASG GGSSG-0045N-SSWSpecificationMajor Material: Polished Color Stainless SteelMajor Material: Stainless Steel Finish Color Aluminum AlloyBulb type:1Pc 0.3W White Color LEDBulb type:3Pcs White Color LEDBattery:2Pcs AA Size 800mAh 1.2V Ni-MHBattery:2Pcs AA Size 600mA Ni-CdStep mountingGround Stake mountingSolar Panel:0.5WFeatures: Features:1. High class aluminum construction 1.5 tiers pagoda design2. 3 strong Leeds for actual spot lighting2.long lamp diffuser gives more lightProduct Package Specification: Color Box, Size: 21.00 X 3.High class feeling15.00 X 16.50 cm. Product Package Specification: Color Box, Size: 17.50 XMaster Package Specification: Carton, 4 PCS / Master17.50 X 61.00 cm.Carton, Size: 32.20 X 23.00 X 36.70 cm., G.W: 3.7KGSMaster Package Specification: Brown Carton, Size: 36.50X 37.00 X 63.00 cm., 4 Color Box / Brown Carton, G.W:7.50KGS 7. SOLAR SPOTLIGHT GLOBAL GREEN SOURCINGglobalgreensourcing@gmail.comGGSSG-0431CP-ABRGGSSG-005A-IBKSpecificationMajor Material: Bronze Color Aluminum AlloyBulb type:1Pc 0.3W/f10 Cold White Color LED Name: Solar Powered Garden LampBattery:3Pcs AA Size 600mAh 1.2V Ni-CdMajor Material: Black Color SteelGround stake mounting Bulb type:12Pcs Warm White Color LEDSolar Panel:0.42W Battery:1Pc AA Size 3600mAh 3.6V NI-MHFeatures: 1.2 Meters High mounting1.PIR SENSORSolar Panel:3W2.POWER LED Product Package Specification: Brown Mail Box, Size:3.WARM WHITE COLOR LIGHT126.50 X 35.50 X 36.50 cm.Master Package Specification: Brown Mail Box, Size:Product Package Specification: Color Box, Size: 43.40 X 126.50 X 35.50 X 36.50 cm,10.40 X 11.90 cm. 1 Brown Mail Box / Brown Mail Box arton, G.W:Master Package Specification: Brown Carton, Size: 45.00 7.50KGSX 43.00 X 38.20 cm., 12 Color Box / Brown Carton, G.W:6.30KGS 8. SOLAR SECURITY LIGHTGLOBAL GREEN SOURCINGglobalgreensourcing@gmail.comGGSSG-0114-PBK-9WGGSSG-0114-PBK-9WSpecificationSolar Security Light with PIR SensorName: Solar light with LED Major Material: Black Color Plasticwith PIR sensor and lighting Bulb type:9Pcs White Color LED sensor Major Material: Black Color Plastic Bulb type:45Pcs White Color LED 9. Leading the way!GLOBAL GREEN SOURCINGHablamos </p>