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FOSTER in MEDFostering Solar Technology in the Mediterranean AreaSummary

1- FOSTEr in MED in the ENPI CBC Programme

2- The FOSTEr in MED Project:ObjectivesMain DataPartnersResults

1- FOSTEr in MED in the ENPI CBC Program

The multilateral cross-border cooperation "Mediterranean Sea Basin Program" is part of the new European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and of its financing instrument European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) for the 2007-2013 period.

It aims at reinforcing cooperation between the European Union (EU) and partner countries regions placed along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

110 million people76 regions 14 countries 1- FOSTEr in MED in the ENPI CBC Program

1- FOSTEr in MED in the ENPI CBC ProgramPriorities:

Topic 3: Solar Energy2- The FOSTEr in MED Project: Objectives

Transfer know-how and technical competences regarding the solar energy innovative field

to the target groups (private sector & civil society level) 2- The FOSTEr in MED Project: Main data

Duration: 36 months (01.12.2012-30.11.2015)

Budget: 4,5 Million Euros

Target groups: Private sector (PV sector SMEs) ,Citizens, local administrators

Countries involved: Italy, Spain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia 2- The FOSTEr in MED Project: Partners

2- The FOSTEr in MED Project: ResultsWP1- Management and CoordinationSix month and annual reportsWP2- Communication1 Communication and visibility plan: 3 Conferences: Launch Conference in Cagliari; Intermediate conference in Cagliari; Final conference in Barcelona. 1 Web site: annual work plan Promotional/informational material36 Newsletters 216 Press releases

2- The FOSTEr in MED Project: ResultsWP3- Capitalization: improve the effects of the project and to create an added value for other projects implemented in the solar field, by developing synergies among projects. 1 Capitalization plan2 Networking conferences6 info points established3 Annual work plan reports


CCIT2- The FOSTEr in MED Project: ResultsWP4- Context Analysis: Assessment of solar energy technical knowledge, its development, its technological and social trends and the local regulation standards in the Mediterranean area.

2 Survey instruments (questionnaire and interview models)60 In-depth interviews600 questionnaire1 Qualitative analysis report

2- The FOSTEr in MED Project: Results

WP5-Territorial Animation: Promotional events for local citizens and students focused on solar PV issues and also workshop for local administrators.

3500 students of 60 schools informed about solar energy and applied technologies (students seminars)350 citizens informed about solar energy and applied technologies (citizens seminars)6 policy papers1 workshop for local administrators

2- The FOSTEr in MED Project: Results

WP6- Competences transfer: The TSC of 14 experts will provide some guidelines for the pilot projects (on new solar PV technologies and architectonic integration of solar plants in existing buildings and new ones)and guidelines for the training paths which will impact on three groups: Installers (mainly SMEs),Designers (architects and engineers)University students

18 Training paths1 guidelines document6 seminars:- 180 designers trained- 120 installers trained- 150 University students trained

2- The FOSTEr in MED Project: ResultsWP7-Pilot projects:5 Solar PV plants will be installed in 5 out 6 regions involved. Public buildings will be selected in order to test different technologies and innovative architectural integration solutions.

Chamber of Commerce-Egypt Industrial Research Institut - Lebanon

University Jordan- Aqaba

Chamber of Commerce -Tunis

Region Autonomous Sardinia2- The FOSTEr in MED Project: Results

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