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  1. 1. HOME i. ii-~11 mi 371 TM,IT K T1 ilfii -1i. ',li fiI, 'v". VF1iLiFTEYU SOLAR You receive the cash and wave goodbye to all the maintenance bills! Get in touch and let us know a few details about your Solar PV system. We prepare the transfer documention for you to SignStart the process now by completing this simple form and we will callyou back at a time that suits you.
  2. 2. HOME WI-IATWEDO OONTACTgarMAKE SELLING HOUSES WITH SOLAR EASIER & MORE PROFITABLEWe understand through market research and Estate Agent feedback how difcult selling properties with a Solar PV installation can be,NOT ANY MORE! Vie can offer your clients up to 12,000 tax free for their Solar installations providing they receive a Feed in Tariff and in doing so guaranteeing a maintenance and repair contract for the remainder of the term making bonowing easier. This incentive can also be used to add value to the potential buyer who will either have the option to sell,or the knowledge that the system will be maintained at no cost. ONCE THE SOLAR PV SYSTEM IS SOLD THE HOUSE OWNER CONTINUES TO USE FREE ELECTRICITYMURE Ni OR? /lAli()N 0 250 Commission 0 Preferred LendersFor every sale that you introduce we will pay Ne can share with you details of LendersY0" 250 * VAT 0'1?(he Sale mPl9Ie5- more comfortable dealing with Solar PV properties. LoamrnorcO
  3. 3. CALL us Now ON oa45a .523 723 n OFIT SellerHOME WHAT WE DO FAQ GET IN TOUCH BLOG COMMERCIAL16000 Wegiveyournoney Welookafterthes - We will give you a lump sum for your Solar PV system provided that you are Once we have purchased your system it is in our b Omine "receiving a feed in tariff.the system is in tip top condition at alltimes.all maintenance is taken care of and all parts replaced as required at no cost to you. You keep getting free electricity You could use EVEN MORE Free electricity Despite the system being sold,and you not being liable for any servicing or Most customers chose our optional home Storage Battery System as it maintenance you will still receive the electricity generated at no additional provides greater value giving them the benefit of FREE electricity at night cost.possibly becoming completely self reliant! That's what we do in a nutshelL get in touch now to receive a tax free cash lump sum and pass on the liability of your system. 0 1016 FIT SELLER |PART OF GAIA GROLI- LK POWERED BY VINDICOAddress Fit Seller.Part V Scarlets.Par:Pemberton.Llanelli.Sir 63!.SAM 9UZ |Tel:0845 86160") |Email:[email protected], i:o, uk
  4. 4. CALL US NOW ON 08458 623 723FIT SellerHOME WHAT WE DO FAQ GET IN TOUCH BLOG COMMERCIALWe are always pleased to speak to new customers and help you release the cash tied up in your solar install You can use the live chat during business hours orcallus on 08458 623 723.If it's out of hours please use the fonn below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Your Number (required)Domestic or CommercialDomesticPrefered time of Contact AM0 2016 FIT SELLER |PART OF GAIA GROUP UK I POWERED BY VINDICOAddress:Fit Seller.Part V Scarlets.Par:Pembertnn.Llanelli.Sir Sir.SAM 9UZ |Tel:0345 36160") |Email:[email protected] i:o. uk
  5. 5. FITHOME WHAT WE DO FAQ GET IN TOUCHCommercialtn busrness hnancrat pr rorrtres (ah (hange Gurckty That:why we made FIT Setter wth the sote rdea of provrdrng a way to retea: e caprta tred up rn srnatt and rhedrunr srzed Soiar PV rnstattatron: There has Long been a market tortradraq very targe and utrtrt;state Sotar PV assets We thought owners of srnatter sgstents shoutd enroy the sanre ex b trty rn exrtrng therr rwestment when they (noose trcoutd be to restrutture borromrrq tree up workrrrg Caprtat.or rust have a trttte more stark rrr the batante sheet FtT Setter can hetp As wet as reteasrng the caprtat you keep gettrng att the generated etectr rcrtyyor.can use freeAt FTT Setter we have matte the DTOCESS of drsposrng of Sotar PV assets s mute and strarghtrcrwartt Tett us a trttte about the system the rnstatted (apa(rt= ,. and the FIT rate We (run(h the numbers and grve you a pr TCE After we take care of at the tegat transfers we rnspect the system,ht our 'rrorrtor rng equ pment pay you and then take care or the system for the terrrr of the agreement removrrrg futare n'rarntena'retrabrtrty from your balance sheetYou coutd even use some of the reteasett taprtat to add a battery storage systern to the Sotar PV systerr" to make even better use ofyour free etettrrtrty Th 5 rs rdeat for busrnesses that have found therr energy use pattern doesnt make best use of the Sotar PVOur srmpte speedy process rs atso usefutwhen a busrness has farted or rs rn drffrcutty Reatrsrng the vatue of a Sotar PV asset rn the event of an rnsotvency sate (an be trrcky Dorng rt qu= (r