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  2. 2. ABSTRACT: Energy resources are exhausting day-by-day. Now its very difficult to find new energy resources. But if we make effective use of renewable energy resources we can definitely decrease the rate of utilization of non-renewable energy resources. Some of these renewable energy resources are sunlight, wind and heat. In this we would present you a new way of generating electricity from nature. The energy system that we are going to explain is solar botanic renewable energy system. Hydro energy-wind energy -solar parabolic energy-solar panel arrays-Bio fuels are all renewable energy applications. Expensive manufacturing High installation costs High maintenance Land spill Visual Pollution Environmental dangers Visual and Noise Pollutions Decrease in property and land value Building regulations With new technologies available today we are addressing the above problems and provide a new and innovative solutions, that is cost effective and triple efficient In this we can see how we can use todays technology in a more responsible and efficient way without causing our planet more stress! This is one of the green energy systems. By using the nanotechnology and photothermovoltaic we can we can produce electric power which can be used for charging of cars and other home appliances.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Solar Botanic will introduce artificial trees that make use of renewable energy from the sun and wind, they are an efficient clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar radiation and wind energy. Here at Solar Botanic, weve amassed a wealth of information relating to Solar Botanic Trees and Nanoleaves and the field of photovoltaic thermo voltaic and piezovoltaic technology. You will be amazed how efficient our Trees are, how they make use of light, heat and wind and turn it into useable electricity for your home or car. Biomimicry The Art of Mimicking Natures Flawless Design In this biomimicry concept our trees are fitted with Nanoleaves, a combination of Nano photovoltaic- Nanothermovoltaic and Nanopiezo generators converting light, heat and wind energy into green electricity. Our Nanoleaves convert the complete solar spectrum converting visible light, infrared and UV in combination with piezo electric generators that convert wind energy into electricity providing you with efficient, cost effective and aesthetic solutions, providing maximum electric power. The area of combined photothermovoltaic with piezovoltaic is concerned primarily with converting sunlight and wind energy into electricity. This task is accomplished through the use of natures design, artificial trees shrubs, plants and flowers all equipped with nanoleaf technology PV cells. For Homes Drastically lower your electric bill and add lasting value to your home. Solar Botanic residential solutions offer up to 50% more power than conventional solar systems, and our Green trees and shrubs blend in beautifully with your environment. For Businesses Take control of your energy costs, a natural solution to solve your rising electricity rates and reduce the impact on our environment. With government incentives and tax credits now widely available, a Solar Botanic power tree system is a financially sound investment that can pay dividends long into the future. Large Commercial for Urban and Rural applications solar products, Solar Botanic is the right choice for your City, Neighbourhood, or
  4. 4. large-scale With solid performance and the highest-efficiency green energy project. Solar Botanic solar systems can be deployed on ground, roof, or parking structures. Broad Leaf trees- These species can provide between 3500kWh and 7000kWh per year. They offer an abundance of added value: providing shade, cooling the air, green ambiance and much more. Installation is quick. The trees are durable and natural looking, to fit any environment. Also, they are flexible, similar to an original tree, and well secured to the ground with our Octopus root system. Ever green trees- These species can provide between 2500kWh and 7000kWh per year. They can be placed as single trees or to fence garden properties. Also for mountainous regions and hill sides, very good noise and sound abatement. Shrubs, Plants, Roof, Wall and Fencing- A wide range of shrubs for all your electrical needs. Our SolarBotanic Nanoleaf roof Carpets can be installed in minutes on any roof design, various leaf and vegetation designs available. Our SolarBotanic Wall carpets, easy to apply, you can cover unsightly walls, or apply it as fencing and generate electricity, creating a natural ambiance in a matter of minutes. Various leaf design available, We have energy solutions for the future. Our products come with a guaranteed international quality control and assurance specification. Power Trees & Shrubs Discover why our Trees and plants are so much more than other renewable energy systems. Depending on size and location, a tree can produce between 2000 and 12,000 kWh per year. Smart solutions Let SolarBotanics comprehensive application portfolio help you to find the best place for your trees, greater productivity and better scenic values. Urban & Rural applications Increase the green awareness in your city, help to reduce global warming, bring energy closer to home, recharge your car and power your home.
  5. 5. Latest nanotechnology for our leaves The Nanoleaf is a combination of high Tec materials brought together in a leaf design to convert all 3 energy sources; Light, Heat and Wind into electricity, our trees are a quantum source of power and an excellent electricity provider. Solar Botanic products will be multifunctional, efficient, renewable energy systems. Within our collection, you'll find a host of special options and features designed to bring energy efficiency and beauty to your home. Solar Botanic products will be top-quality multi energy collectors with maximum power output day and night that are installed by our contractors. The SolarBotanic energy trees range from 2.000 to 12.000 kWh per year power output, so you can find the right tree, shrub or plants with the right features at the right price. This unique and efficient product that will make use of natures perfect design features will be sold exclusively by SolarBotanic and officially appointed dealers only. Products will be available in broadleaf and needle trees, shrubs, flowering plants and water based plants, each includes specific features and options for a true natural product, and are specially designed for maximum energy efficiency in every climate. Designed according to nature, that allows this product to be installed within cities, rural communities, and places of natural beauty and island communities, for use in new and existing residential projects without causing a negative impact. Each product with its unique features is designed to be well-matched with certain types of local scenery. SolarBotanic products are designed and engineered for use in all areas and to withstand extreme weather conditions, they will comply with safety regulationsthat vary from area to area. Every SolarBotanic product is engineered for superior performance, maximum power efficiency and long-lasting beauty. Nanoleaves Sun, wind, water, earth and life touch our living senses immediately always, everywhere and without any intervention of reason. They simply are there in their unmatched variety, moving us, our moods, memories, imaginations, intensions and plans. To capitalize on the wealth of designs and processes found in nature, engineering and technology gave us the ingredients, creative thinking, and unique solutions made it possible to bring all this together into a natural looking leaf - the Nanoleaf. To complete the tree for multi energy exploitation, the petiole twigs and branches are incorporated with Nano piezo-electric elements. A Nanoleaf is thin like a natural leaf, when outside forces, like the wind pushes the Nanoleaf back and forth,
  6. 6. mechanical stresses appear in the petiole, twig and branches. When thousands of Nanoleaves flap back and forth due to wind, millions and millions of Pico watts are generated, the stronger the wind, the more energy is generated. Our Nanoleaves only reflect a small part of the sunlight that strikes them, mostly the green light, and the rest of the spectrum is efficiently converted into electricity. Besides converting the visible spectrum of light, our Nanoleaves also convert the invisible light, known as infrared light or radiation, we can't see it, but we can feel it - it's warm - that's why we call it radiation. Due to the unique combination of photovoltaic and thermovoltaic in our Nanoleaves it converts this thermal radiation into electricity, even hours after the sun has set. The more wind there is,the more Nanoleaves are moved. Wind that is moving thousands of Nanoleaves in a tree canopy are causing mechanical strain in the petiole, twigs and branches. Nano piezo-electric elements incorporated in the petiole twigs and branches are the tiny Nano piezo- electric elements that will generate millions and millions of Pico watts as these thousands of Nanoleaves flap back and forth due to wind. The stronger the wind, the higher the "flap" frequency, and therefore the larger the watts generated in the petiole, twigs and branches. With the progress in nano technology, the photovoltaic, thermovoltaic and piezo electric materials are becoming more efficient and combined in one system it will give our products more efficiency and we believe that soon, Solar Botanic will be a mainstream green energy provider, more reliable/cheaper and above all better looking. PIEZO ELECTRIC ENERGY GEN