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<ul><li><p>Software ProjectManagement -General InformationAdolfo Villafiorita</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 2</p><p>Exam One compulsory:</p><p> written exam: [0, +31] points(scoring system based on progressive degradation from correct tonot even close)</p><p> One of these three optional (grades sum to written exam, youchoose what to do):</p><p> Review/Essay/Mini-dev. project: [0, +2] points Development project: [0, +3] points Interview: [-3, +3] points</p><p> 30L is equal to written exam &gt;= 30 or (written exam = 30 andinterview)</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 3</p><p>Timetable Schedule</p><p> Tuesday 14:10-16:00 Wednesday 09:10-11.00</p><p> Course: Total of 48 hours between Sep 14 and Dec 16 Keep track of schedule on the SPM website</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 4</p><p>... and other info extraction at the beginning of the course, anonymous</p><p>questionnaire about initial know-how andexpectations about the course</p><p> near the end of the course, anonymousquestionnaire about the technical content of thecourse</p><p> live in parallel with that of the University (coursesatisfaction)</p><p> used to tune content and material to students'needs in future editions of the course</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 5</p><p>Software Project ManagementAdolfo VillafioritaIntroduction to Software ProjectManagementCRC Press</p><p>Many other books on specific topics(agile development, managing ITprojects, rapid development) with hintsand practical suggestions</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 6</p><p>Some other references Robert K. Wysocki </p><p>Effective Project Management:Traditional, Agile, ExtremeWiley</p><p> Rory BurkeProject Management -Planning and Control TechniquesWiley</p><p> Various AuthorsA guide to the ProjectManagement Body of Knowledge</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 8</p><p>Web Presence</p><p>Should you need material,explanations,</p><p>dont be shy and ask!</p><p> Material:</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 9</p><p>Contacts Adolfo Villafiorita</p><p> e-mail: web:, Phone: 0461 314311</p><p></p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 10</p><p>Getting in touch In order of preference:</p><p> Right after the lesson By e-mail By appointment</p><p>showing up doesnt work</p><p>consider one week betweenrequest and actual meeting</p><p></p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 12</p><p>Who am I and where I work Head of Unit of at FBK Mission: using ICTs to foster social and</p><p>economic development Application Areas:</p><p> Food and Food DonationsEducation, Sharing Economy</p><p> Theses available</p></li><li><p>Structure of theCourse</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 14</p><p>Software Project Management The course is an introduction to project management</p><p>techniques (and tools), focusing on challenges posedby software development projects</p><p> After the software crisis software development andproject management developed as independentdisciplines</p><p> However, today both disciplines take and give to theother</p><p> Software Project management is an emergingdiscipline focused on looking at software developmentmainly from an organizational/managerial point of view</p><p></p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 15</p><p>Software Engineering teachesyou how to build a system andhow you can control complexity.</p><p>Software Engineering identifies toolsand techniques that have to be usedwhen developing a software system.The discipline also suggests thebest way to organize softwaredevelopment activities.</p><p>Software Development Most (but not all) the actual work isdeveloping software</p><p>The actual work is carried out inaccordance to what defined in the plansand using the best software engineeringtechniques for the task at hand</p><p>Project Management identifieswhat you want to achieve andhow you can achieve it.</p><p>Most of the techniques and tools arethere to control complexity, by defininggoals, organizing work, managingexpectations.The discipline sometimes also suggeststools and techniques that can be usedwhen developing software.</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 16</p><p>Initiating Planning Executing Controlling ClosingIntegration Develop Project</p><p>Charter; DevelopPreliminary ProjectScope</p><p>Develop ProjectManagement Plan</p><p>Monitor and ControlProject Work;Integrated ChangeControl</p><p>Close Project</p><p>Scope Scope Planning; ScopeDefinition; Create WBS</p><p>Scope Verification;Scope Control</p><p>Time Activity Definition,Activity Sequencing;Activity ResourceEstimating; ScheduleDevelopment </p><p>Schedule Control</p><p>Cost Cost Estimating; CostBudgeting</p><p>Cost Control</p><p>Quality Quality Planning Perform QualityAssurance</p><p>Perform QualityControl </p><p>Human Resources Human ResourcePlanning; Staffacquisition</p><p>Develop Project Team;Manage Project Team</p><p>Communications CommunicationPlanning</p><p>InformationDistribution</p><p>PerformanceReporting</p><p>Manage Stakeholders</p><p>Risks Risk ManagementPlanning; RiskIdentification;Qualitative and/orQuantitative RiskAnalysis; RiskResponse Planning </p><p>Risk Monitoring andControl</p><p>Procurement Plan Purchase andAcquisitions; PlanContracting</p><p>Request SellerResponses; SelectSellers; ContractAdministration</p><p>Contract Closure</p><p>PMBOK (V3) and Topics Covered</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 17</p><p>Some things you will learn Selecting what projects to start (if you can choose) Planning a project, using WBS, Gantt, and PERT charts Estimating software projects using algorithmic (FP,</p><p>COCOMO, ) and non-algorithmic techniques Managing risks and monitoring your plan Monitoring progress in time and cost Earned Value Analysis Being agile Managing people, managing yourself</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 18</p><p>A final consideration Becoming really proficient in any discipline requires a mix</p><p>of inclination, technical proficiency, experience, ... Of these, we can learn only the techniques (inclination we</p><p>are probably born with; experience we get along the way) You can maybe get along with inclination, luck, or</p><p>experience alone So why learning the techniques?</p><p> They provide you with the tools to do your best in any situation They provide a reference baseline to work with (going by the</p><p>book is more often than not a good idea) IMO, they are essential to become champions</p></li><li><p>adolfo villafiorita - 19</p><p>Organizations and StandardsTo encourage the profession and</p><p>promote standards</p><p> PMI/PMBOK - Project Management Body of Knowledge (USA) AXELOS/PRINCE2 - Projects in a Controlled Environment (UK)</p><p> International Project Managers Association (IPMA) Association for Project Management (UK)</p><p> Various public bodies (NASA/ESA/)</p><p>Slide 1ExamTimetableSlide 4Software Project ManagementSlide 6Web PresenceContactsGetting in touchWho am I and where I workSlide 13Slide 14Slide 15Slide 16Some things you will learnA final considerationOrganizations and Standards</p></li></ul>