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ITEC 1301 project


  • 1. Sock Le Blue Restaurant Tablet Upgrade Selection AnalysisOur research confirms the Apple i-Pad tobe the frontrunner in touchscreentechnology for Speed andSock Le Blue restaurant is in need ofa POS system upgrade to address Usabilityissues inherent in the older Windowsbased system such as speed andusability. The owner is veryenamored by the Apple I-pad andwould like to purchase it but wantsan outside analysis to compare it vsits competitors..

2. Situational Analysis Sock Le Blue restaurant is The main criteriain need of a POS systemprovided by the owner ofupgrade to address issuesSock Le Blue areinherent in the olderWindows based system Speedsuch as speed andusability. The owner is Usabilityvery enamored by the Wow factorApple I-pad and wouldlike to purchase it butwants an outside analysisto compare it vs itscompetitors. 3. Strength Apple mobile devicessince 19831 High speed2 Best in class usability 3 Has a restaurantapplication 4 4. Weakness Cost to initiate project 5 No in house repairs6 No multi-tasking7 Id consolidation policy8 Learning curve for nonApple users9 No removable battery 7 5. Opportunity Apples market share Multiple Platformsgoing to touch screens 10 TSP market growthmeans that there will beless of a learning curvefor future employees 6. Threats Potential health risk 14 Hackers and Mal-wear12 Apples environmentalrecord 11 Data Safety 12 Windows 7 13 7. Recommendations The purchase of Apple I Pads3. Sock Le Blue currently does not have in-house repair of our equipmentshould be adopted by the therefore this weakness does not Sock Le Blue Restaurant negatively effect the company. 4. There is a general culture against multi-tasking within the organization and there is a profound reluctance to use1. Although Apple has a poor cost benefit analysis therefore theseenvironmental record our company doesweaknesses pose little threat.not adhere to or market environmentalstandards. The Sock Le Blue policy is nottake steps to mitigate the risk of stolendata, therefore there is no need notworry about the threats of hackers orunsafe data storage.2. There is no direct cost associated withemployee health because do not offerhealth insurance therefore that threat isalso of low risk. 8. Bibliography iPoison + iWaste. (2007, May 2). Retrieved 11 12, 2011, fromGreen Peace: Digital Dining . (2011, 11 12). Retrieved 11 21, 2011 , fromDigital Dining : Apple. (2010, January 22). Apple. Retrieved 11 21, 2011, fromApple: Apple. (2011, 11 1). Apple. Retrieved 11 12, 2011, fromApple: Edner, S. C. (2010). Human Interface Design . Heildelberg:Springer Berlin . Epps, S. (2011, August 29). Amazon Will Be Tablet ProductStrategists New Frenemy. Forester Research, pp. 34-45. Hargreaves, S. (2006, October 20). Hackers look to crack Mac.CNN , p. 1. Jun, T. L. (2011, 1 16). Customers with multiple Apple IDsfrustrated by Apples "no consolidation" policy. Retrieved 1112, 2011, from Lee, D. (2011). The State of the Touch-Screen Panel Market in2011. Los Angeles: Information Displays . Moore, C. (2010, June 25). gigaom. Retrieved 1121, 2011, from The Potential Health Risks of MultitouchDevices: Morrissey, S. (2010). History of Apple Mobile Devices. NewYork: Apress. Schroeder, S. (2011, 11 16). Mashable Business . Retrieved 1121, 2011, from Apple Factories have Polution problems : Trautschold, M. (2011). Multitasking and Mute/Lock Switch.In G. Mazo, iPad 2 Made Simple (pp. 217-222). New York:Apress. Young, M. J. (2009, may 9). A learning Curve for Apple. AsianTimes , pp. 1-5 .